Summer Love

Ruby has been bullied for many years and has had no friends. She begged her mum for years if they could move somewhere else. When she moves she finds some new neighbors.... Find out when you read it! (One Direction are not famous yet.)


1. Happiness

Ruby's POV: Another horrible day at school. I have been bullied for many years at my school. I have been called fat and ugly many times. Im so sick and tired of it. Plus i have no friends. I walked through my door to my house. "Hi Honey." My mum said and smiled. Why was she smiling at me? "Why the smile?" I asked her and put my bag down own the floor next to the shoe storage. "I have a suprise for you." She said and took me into the living room. When i walked into our living room their was all these brown boxes with our things in them. "Oh My Gosh!! Are you serious mum are we really moving???" I asked and kept smiling. That was the first time i smiled in a very long time. "Yes Honey!!!!" She said. I couldnt believe we were moving. I begged her for many years because i had no friends and being bullied and all. Im so glad that i could finally get away from them.Plus today was my last day of 12th grade. I was 15 and it was now summer! A perfect time to move. I screamed. "Where are we moving?" I asked. Right now we lived in Scotland. "All the way to the USA!" She said and smiled. I laughed and smiled. "Where abouts?" I asked and smiled. I love the feeling of being able to actually smile. All the bullies went out of my mind. "South Carolina!" She said. "Oh My Gosh im so happy." I said. "Go pack then." She said and smiled. I walked up our wooden stairs and went into my room. I couldnt believe we were moving to the USA. In south carolina. The beautiful mrytle beach was there. I couldnt wait. I got into my room and packed everything that wasnt already packed. My mum must of packed most things. My dad and my mum just got devorced and it was even harder for me. I packed everything then went downstairs again. We didnt have much so it was easy for us to pack everything. "When do we leave?" I asked my mum. She was drinking tea in the kitchen. "In about an hour." She said. "Really? that quick? yes." I said and smiled. I just dreamt about everything that could happen. New friends. I was so happy. *1 HOUR LATER* "Lets go Ruby." My mum shouted from downstairs. I just got my suitcase and went downstairs. Everything was packed into our car and we drove to the airport. We went through security and got onto the plane. I watched alot of movies since the flight was like 10 hours long. I also listened to some songs by taylor swift. I loved music and i listened to it when i was down from the bullies. I fell asleep. *10 hours later* "The flight is now landing." I heard a flight attendent say from the front of the plane. I put on my seatbelt and packed everything i took out of my bag on the flight. We then landed. "Did you sleep well Honey?" My mum asked and smiled. "Best sleep ever" I said and smiled. we got off the plane. My mum got us a taxi to our new house. When we got to our house i saw a car parked outside and our house was really big. It was a cream colour. "How does it look?" My mum asked me. "Amazing if you ask me." i said and laughed. I couldnt wait to get out of the taxi and go inside. But ofcourse we had to bring our bags inside first. I was really tired from the flight. I could tell mum was too. She was nearly asleep. The taxi stopped. "Mum you go inside and have a rest. Ill unpack. I said and smiled. Our house was brand new so it already had furniture inside of it. "Thanks honey i love you." She said and kissed me on the cheek. Im so glad i have mum as my one and only friend. We got out of the car. My mum payed the driver and went inside. I went to the back of the taxi and tried to take a bag out. I pulled most of it out but it was so heavy. I pulled it out again but tried so hard i fell backwards. Someone catched me. Probobly mum. I turned around to see who it was. It was a boy who looked my age and he had blond hair and blue eyes. "Whoa Thanks." i said and smiled. "No problem, I wouldnt want you to fall." He said in a cute irish accent and he smiled at me. "Im Ruby and i just moved from scotland." I said and smiled. "Cool Im Niall." He said. "Do you need any help?" He asked me. "That would be great." I said and smiled at him. That was like the first time a boy spoke to me. He looked cute and he was very kind. We both took the suitcases out and took them inside. He helped me unpack too. He was very nice. "Do you want to come over and talk?" He asked me and smiled his cute smile. "Um i would love too." I said and smiled. My mum was still sleeping so i left her a note. "Hiya mum when i was unpacking i met a new friend and i went to his house, ill be back before midnight." It read. It was 5 oclock now. Niall opened the door for me like a gentleman and lead me to his house. We talked as we walked there. "Here we are." Niall said and pointed to his house. It was a block away from mine and behind it was the beach. "Its so beautiful and the beach is amazing." I said in shock. We both went inside. "Oh yea i also live with my four best friends Liam, Harry, Louis, And Zayn." He said and looked at me. Then i saw some people come down the stairs. That must be them. One had a quiff another with curly hair, another one with a striped shirt, and another one with a plaid shirt and a buzz cut. The one with curly hair smiled at me. "Boys this is Ruby, She just moved across the street from Scotland." Niall said and smiled at me. "Hello" They all said. "Hi." I said and waved at them. Then they all went back to what they were doing. Niall went into the living room and turned on the TV and patted a seat on the sofa next to him for me to sit. I went over and sat next to him. "So why did you move here?" He asked me. Then i remembered why we did move. All the bullies. All the memories came flooding back. Tears streamed down my face and i put my head in my hands. "Oh My Gosh are you okay Ruby what happened?" Niall asked me. I needed to forget about them for now and actually have a good time for once. I took my head out of my hands and looked at Niall. He had a suprised look on his face and hugged me. I knew i only met him but he was really nice and i felt like i new him forever. I hugged him back and stopped crying. I got out from the hug and looked at him. "The reason i moved here is because in scotland i had no friends and i got bullied everyday with people saying i was ugly and fat and stupid." I said and sniffled. "Im so sorry." Niall said and looked in my eyes. His eyes were beautiful and blue. I looked into his eyes. "Its okay" I said and sniffled again. " I know we only met but your none of those things the bullies called you." he said and smiled at me. "Thanks Niall." I said and smiled back at him. I then kissed him on the cheek. I seriously felt like i knew him forever. He then blushed and smiled. "Do you wanna watch a movie?" He asked me breaking the cute awkward moment. "Yes please." I said and smiled. Just then The curly one came out again. "Hi Im Harry can i watch the movie with you?" He asked me and Niall. "Ofcourse." Niall said. "Hi im Ruby." I said and he smiled at me. We watched a scary movie and i got so scared i hid my head on Nialls chest. He hugged me also. Harry hugged Niall too. :) "Okay i think thats enough scariness for tonight." Niall said and laughed. I laughed. "I agree" I said. "Where is your bathroom?" I asked Niall. He showed me the way, "Thanks" I Said and went into the bathroom. Niall's POV: Ruby went into the bathroom so i decided i would work on a new song for my guitar. I went in my room and picked up my guitar. I decided it should be a love song. I started to sing some lyrics and figure out if they worked. "Your hand fits in mine like its just made for me." I sang. Its perfect.

Ruby's POV:

I just came out of the bathroom and i heard someone singing. "Your hand fits in mine like its just made for me." They sang. I walked next to the door and knocked on it. It was Niall. "Oh sorry Niall" I said. "Its fine i was just writing a song," He said and smiled. "I didnt know you could sing! You sing incredibly." I said and smiled back. "Thanks Ruby." He said. "Hey guys do you wanna go to the beach for a while?" Liam said and walked up to us. " That sounds good to me." I said. "Yep." Niall said too. "Okay lets go boys." Liam said and then Louis and Zayn came. "Ill meet you all at the beach im gonna get my swinsuit." I said. "Ill come with you. for safety.." Niall said. "You dont have too Niall. im fine." I said and smiled. "No its fine," He said and followed me. He was really sweet. For safety! Aw how cute :) We both walked to my house. I opened the door and went up to my room. "Okay im gonna change." I told Niall and went into the bathroom.

Niall's POV:

Ruby went into her bathroom. I looked in one of her draws that we unpacked together and took out a piece of paper. I took a pen and wrote on it. "Hey Ruby Its me Niall here! I just wanna say your welcome to come to our house any time! heres my number: 1234678964." I wrote on the paper. I then placed in on her side table under her lamp so when she came home tonight she would see it. She then came out. "Im ready." She said and smiled. She was wearing a red and white Polka Dot bikini. "Woah, Oh i mean okay im ready too." I said and awkwardly smiled. Why on earth did those bullies call her fat and ugly. She was beautiful. I guess the stupid bullies didnt see that. We both walked outside and i closed the door behind us. "So do you like the beach?" I asked her. "I havent been that many times but i find them relaxing and fun." She said. "Yea me too." I said and smiled at her. We then arrived at the beach. The sun was set and the sky was pink and orange. It was beautiful. The waves were low and there werent that many people here. The sand looked beautiful in the glow of the sun. "Wow its so beautiful." She said and smiled and looked at the sky. "I know." I said and grabbed her hand and took her to where the other boys were.  "Hey boys were here!" I shouted and Louis looked at us. We went over to where they were and sat down on a beach towel.

Rubdy's POV:

The sky was beautiful and glowy. The sun was set and i was having a great time with the boys so far. "Hey guys." Liam said as we walked up to them and sat on the beach towel. I put on my sunglasses raybans ofcourse and started to sunbathe. The sun was a perfect glow and wasnt to bright. Louis and Liam were playing beach ball together and Zayn was rooting them on. Harry and Niall and me  were just sitting on the towels and sunbathing.  The waves came up to us and spalshed us a little bit. but the water was nice and warm.. This day was perfect and i didnt want it to end. "Hey Niall i love the beach." I said and looked at Niall. "haha why?" He said and laughed. "Its just so beautiful and scenic and romantic." I said romantic very quietly because i didnt want him to know lol. "It really is beautiful. and you know what else is?" He asked me. "What Niall?" I asked him with a confused look. "Harrys curls?" I said and laughed. "No im talking about you. Your beautiful." Niall told me and winked. I blushed and turned red. "Oh your just saying that." I said and looked at the ground. 

Nialls POV:


"Im not just saying that Ruby." I said and i started to sing. "Your insecure,dont know what for, your turning heads when you walk through the do or or. Dont need makeup to cover up being the way that you are is enough, everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but you,baby you light up my world like nobody else the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed but when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell you dont know oh oh you dont know your beautiful oh oh thats what makes you beautiful." I finsished and smiled at her.

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