The Change of The Summer

Jessica was having a regular summer as alway till Jeremy poped in her life. She never would of thought it would be this way and shein now stuck with a big dicission. Does she go with it? Maybe even go off alone. Who knows.


2. When They First Met

Jessica's Thoughts..

This is th first time I am meeting a guy who I don't know any history on. He could be a jerk. He could not like me. He could be judgemental. I'm so nurvous. What do I say? What do I do. Do I hug him, shake hands? I don't know what I will do. But Lets see how it goes.

Jessica's P.O.V

I'm sitting on the couch as Chelsea is getting Jeremy on the porch. As I sit here I and just messing with my fingers in my necklec. I Hear Chelsea coming in. But I don't quite hear what is being said. Chelsea and Jeremy walks in as I look up. I probably look like a ghost. "Hi, I'm Jessica." I say nurvously.

"Hello, I'm Jeremy." He doesn't sound any more cofident as me. After we both said hello it was silent for about what seemed hours.

"Well this is nice. Jeremy sit next to Jessica as I go and call my mom." Chelsea leaves as she has her eyes glued on me and Jeremy as if we were going to hold hands.

"I'm sorry about her she is a bit....... controling. She wants us to get together." I say with the amount of cofidenct left in me.

" Its ok. I understand. I just met her a week ago she was with my friend and she asked if I was single. I said yes and she freaked. I was kinda scared." Jeremy speaks with caution.

"Yeah she does that. She been trying to get me a boyfriend since freshmen year. I always wondered why she was crazy. About me getting a boyfriend anyway." I spoke this time more cofidently. I didn'tt feel as nervious this time.

"Yeah, She been talking about you and how we should date, But  don't like to rush into things like that." Jeremy spoke to meas if we been friends forever. He made me feel alright. Like I didn'tneed to worry. Minutes passed and Chelsea came back. She had a dissaponted look on her face. Like we were suppose to be in each others lap by now. 

"Hey guys this is sad for me to say. But you guys got to leave my mom told me no visiters." She spoke a bit upset. So Jeremy and I gave her a hug said our goodbyes and left. Once we got outside to the sidewalk we had no clue what to do.

"So what do we do now?" Jeremy said with a bit of a laugh.

"I have no Idea. You want to come to my house and play video games, watch a move." I said relizing i sound desprate "I mean if you want to." I said with less desperation. 

"Sure. I like all those things," Jeremy says with a smile.

"Alright. My house is this way if we walk through the back streets we should get there in...."

"How about we take my car and take the main streets." He says cutting me off with a smile.

"That would be quicker wouldn't it." I say and laugh. We both laughed a bit as we got in the car. I told him where I lived and we went in my appartmet. The car ride was a bit akward we didn't say much to each other. Other then me telling him where I lived. But when we got inside that's when all the conversations started. We sat and played Left For Dead. Then watched tv. It wasn't till Later that night I relized the time. 3:00 am and Jeremy was sleeping. I layed him down the rest of the way. He was laying on the arm of the couch. He shockingly didn't wake up. So I places a pillow under his head and a blaket on him. I went to my room got ready for bed. Then looked to the living room to see Jeremy still on the couch. He was knocked out so I went to bed.   

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