The Change of The Summer

Jessica was having a regular summer as alway till Jeremy poped in her life. She never would of thought it would be this way and shein now stuck with a big dicission. Does she go with it? Maybe even go off alone. Who knows.


1. The Beggining


The summer is beginning and Jessica is waking up in her room. She relizes it is 12'oclock. "The first time sleeping in and it feels great." She says with a smile in her pillow. Jessica is on the path to her senior junior year in highschool. She been through alot. Parents divorced and moved to four different placesin the past six months. She had alot on her mind and didn't know how to deal with her emotions. Jessica gets up and gets ready for her first day of summer. She is home alone. she lives with her mom in a appartment buliding. She goes down stairs and gets breakfast. After eating she gets dressed and checks her e-mail. As she scrolls through all the college e-mails and un wanted ads. She sees a message from her friend Chelsea.

Hey girl I Know it is the beginning of summer and you probably don't want to hear this. But I know this guy you should meet. His name is Jeremy. You already got something in common your names begin with a "J". Message me back when you wake up.

Loves you lots

~ Chelsea  

"Oh course who wouldn't know Chelsea, match maker. She never gives up." Jessica said with a smile. She goes to write a message back. But heard her phone go off in her room. She runs up stairs grabs her phoneand sees the number is unknown. Jessica is confused. But reads it.

Hey.... umm this is Jeremy. I was told this is Jessica's number. Uh Chelsea Told me to text you. Just text me when you get this. Bye.

" Chelsea, How she never gives up." After reading the message and getting dressed Jessica decided to go to Chelsea's house. They hang out all the time. They are practicly sisters. Jessica goes to the door and just lets herself in. While being quiet she pounces on Chelsea in her bed. "And you." She says to Chelsea as she is sitting on her hip. "Trying to hoock me up with a guy I see. He texted me."

"Did you text back? He really is a nice guy." Chelsea say a bit out of breath.

"No I didn't. He may be nice through text. But you know how I am. I have to meet someone. I got to know them persnoaly before I decide to date them." Jessica says as she Climbs off of Chelsea's hip.

"But by this rate you will never get anyone. You don'tlike meeting new people. YOu knw how you get nervis. "

"I know. But I have my moments." Chelsea chuckels.

"You? Have a moment where you won't chicken out." Chelsea laughs "That's funny. You should be a comedian." Chelsea says with sarcasim.

"I will I swear. Just let me meet him and I will be the one to talk first." Jessica says with determination.

"Ok. If your so.... cofident be ready.''

"Be ready? Ready for what?" Jessica says oh so curisly.

"Jeremy. He will be over in ten minutes. He drives so maybe sooner." Chelsea says as she runs to hall.

"Chelsea!!!" Jessica says as she is running behind her.


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