What he don't know won't hurt him.

One Direction...
Take me home is out...
World tour coming up...
Secrets revealed...
and is all happening way to fast for him...
what can he do?
act like he doesn't know her...
forget about that night...


1. Litwe twhings


"Happy Birthday Aiden!" I heard my best friend said to my son as soon as I opened the door of my house. She was holding a big gift bag making me shake my head smiling at her. 

"Sarah what is that?" I said pointing at the bag.

"A gift duh dummy! Now give him to me." She said taking Aiden from my arms. 

"You didn't have to get him anything. You are always buying him stuffs." I said closing the door.

"I know but it's his birthday Alyjha!" She said playing with Aiden on the floor. Her long black hair in a messy bun only wearing some yoga pants and a jacket with some black boots. Who would think she is one of the best lawyers in New York. 

"You spoil him WAY too much" I said sitting in the sofa turning the TV on.

"Well what do you guys have plan for today anyways?" She asked sitting down by me.

"I don't know, I was thinking going to the city with my best friend and y son then maybe a little cupcake for the birthday boy?" I said smiling at her, knowing her answer.

"Shopping!!!!" She said doing a very embarrassing dance. I heard familiar voice coming from the TV.

"Ugh! We can't go to the city today. That one direction band is on the Today show and the city is packed!" She said while looking at the TV. I took a deep breath while looking at the TV. Calm down, calm down, calm down.

"Are you alright?" Sarah asked me poking me.

"Oh Yes I'm fine, just they are really good looking." I said winking at her.

"I know they are" She said while looking at the boys who were about to sing a new song.

"Come here Aiden" I said picking him up from where he was playing with his toys. He looked at me and smiled. That smile that could melt anyone. Just ask Sarah over there. 

"He starting to look so much like you." Sarah said looking at me.

"I know, he is getting so big" I said hugging my now 2 year old son. Time does really flies by. I still can remember when I found out i was pregnant. Okay let's not think about it. I heard the music start playing as me and Sarah looked at the TV. 


Your hand fits in mine 
Like it's made just for me 
But bear this in mind 
It was meant to be 
And I'm joining up the dots 
With the freckles on your cheeks 
And it all makes sense to me 



I know you've never loved 
The crinkles by your eyes when you smile 
You've never loved 
Your stomach or your thighs 
The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine 

[Zayn + Liam]

But I'll love them endlessly 
I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth 
But if I do, 
It's you, 
Oh it's you, 
They add up to 
I'm in love with you, 
And all these little things 


You can't go to bed, 
Without a cup of tea, 
And maybe that's the reason why you talk in your sleep 
And all those conversations 
Are the secrets that I keep 
Though it makes no sense to me 
[ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/o/one+direction/little+things_21048236.html ] 

I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape 
You never want to know how much you weigh 
You still have to squeeze into your jeans 

"Wow" I heard sarah said.

[Harry + Niall]

But you're perfect to me 
I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth 
But if it's true, 
It's you, 
It's you, 
They add up to 
I'm in love with you, 
And all these little things 


You'll never love yourself 
Half as much as I love you 
You'll never treat yourself right, darlin' 
But I want you to, 
If I let you know, I'm here for you, 
Maybe you'll love yourself, 
Like I love you 


And I've just let these little things slip out of my mouth, 
Cause it's you, 
Oh it's you, 
It's you, 
They add up to 
And I'm in love with you, 
And all these little things, 


I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth, 
But if it's true, 
It's you, 
It's you, 
They add up to, 
I'm in love with you, 
And all your little things


I could feel the tears forming in my eyes. I looked down at my son now sleeping in my arms.

"How the hell did he fall asleep so damn fast! It takes you forever to put him to sleep" Sarah said looking at him too. 

"I don't know..." I said looking at her.

"Well now you can go and get change so we can atleast try and go to some stores." Sarah said.

"Okay I'll be back in a second." I said as I walked to my room and put Aiden in his crib. Opening my closet looking for something to wear, I noticed a box sitting at the very back of my closet, close to where y suitcases. I knew what was inside and I didn't have to see what was inside to remember everything that was in that box. I grabbed some yoga pants a hoodie and a pair of boots when i heard a knock on my door.

"Come in" I said as low as I could manage trying not to wake up AIiden.

"Do you want me to get him dress?" Sarah asked me and i nooded.

"Yeah, I'll get you some clothes." I said walking to Aiden's room. I grabbed some grey jeans, a Light blue shirt his tan jacket and his new blue and tan Sperrys. I grabbed a blue scarf so he wouldn't get sick and walked back to my room.

"Here" I said giving Sarah the clothe while i got dressed. I sat down thinking about what would i do if i ever see him in person again. I started doing my make up when i heard Aiden start to cry.

"Hey it's okay babe mommy is here" I said walking towards him. 

"Litwe twhings" Aiden said making me and Sarah look at him with our mouth open. 

"Did he just talk??!!!" Sarah said.

"Omg! can you say it again?" I said looking at Aiden.

"Litwe twhings" He said again as he started to cry again.

"I think he meant little things as that boyband's song?" Sarah said looking for her phone. I couldn't move. I just sat there looking at my son as he cried and cried. I heard the music and Aiden did too as he stop crying.

"He really like this song" Sarah said looking at me.

"Yes he does" I said still looking at Aiden. 

"Are you okay Alyhja?" Sarah asked me.

"Yes, lets go." I said picking Aiden from my bed.

"Okay your car or mine?" Sarah asked as we walked to the living room.

"Mine, I don't want to change the cars eat." I said smiling.

"You are so lazy sometimes" She said laughing. I grabbed my purse and walked out to the freezing weather.

"Oh god its freezing" I said covering Aiden a little bit more with his scarf.

"I know, Its like 47 degrees" Sarah said getting into the passenger seat. I put Aiden in his car seat and got into my car.

"So I guess we will be hearing this song alot hu?" Sarah said connecting her Iphone into the radio

"I guess so. It's a good song." I said as I got out of my drive way.

"Yes it is actually." She said looking at me.

"So how are you and Chris?" I asked her. Chris is a guy she meet at some meeting two months ago and they been going on dates.

"Good, I guess. I wouldn't know we haven't talk in like a week." She said looking out the window.

"Oh I'm sorry" I said feeling guilty. I been so caught up in everything going on in my life that i had forgotten to ask how they were.

"It's okay, he was a dick anyways." She said,

"HEY! baby in the back" I said looking at her laughing.

"Opps sorry!" She said looking at Aiden who was weaving at girls out the window.

"He is going to be a lady's man" Sarah said making me laugh.

"So you want to go eat something first?" I asked Sarah as we passed by the studios of the Today's show.

"Yes.Wow that's alot of people for 5 guys" She said rolling down the window.

"Hey are they done performing?" She asked a girl who was crying walking by the road.

"Yes" She said sobbing.

"Ohh okay thank you" Sarah said rolling up the window.

"Can't believe somebody would cry like that for five guys. I mean i bet they are just normal guys" She said changing the song.

"Well maybe they changed her life? I don't know" I said trying to sound calm but the truth is that my heart was beating so hard. Calm down ?

"True, hey do you want to stop there? I heard they have great food" Sarah said as I parked my car around the back of the restaurant. 

"Do you want me to bring the stroller?"Sarah asked me.

"Yes, we can just walk to the stores from here." I said picking Aiden up from his car seat.

"Are you hungry baby?" I asked him as I waited for Sarah to finish with the stroller. Aiden nodded as I kissed his forehead.

"Okay let's go!" Sarah said walking pas me.

"Do you think we can get cupcakes from that bakery down your house? They taste so good" Sarah asked me.

"Yeah I know their chocolate ones are so good" I said as we enter the restaurant.

"Table for two, please?" I asked the waiter who smiled at us.

"Yes, right this way." She said as we follow her to the back of the restaurant where there were no windows. It looks so intimate. I loved it.

"What would you guys want to drink?" The waitress asked us.

"I'll have water please" I said.

"I'll have the same thank you" Sarah said.

"Does this lovely baby wants anything to drink?" She said in a baby voice. Smiling at Aiden.

"Do you Aiden?" I asked him. He was just looking towards one of the tables close to ours.

"No he is okay thank you:" I said smiling at her. She smiled at him and walked away to get our drinks.

"What are you looking at Aiden?" I asked following his gaze. 

"Litwe twhings" He screamed pointing at the five boys sitting on the table. They all looked our way.

"Oh God that's them" Sarah said looking at them. I looked away trying to avoid their gaze.

'Aiden come here." I said utting him in his stroller.

"Litwe twhings mammy!!!!!" He keep screaming making everyone look our way.

"Shhhh. its okay baby. Sarah give me your phone" I said as Sarah gave me her phone. I looked for the song and turned the volue down a little.

"Here Aiden" I said giving him the phone. Thank God Sarah had that big case for it.

"Ummmm...I think one of them is coming this way." Sarah said making me look their way. 

"Hello there" Louis said smiling at us.

"Hi" I said trying not too look him directly in  his eyes.

"I heard this little guy likes our song" He said smiling at Aiden.

"Yes he loves it." Sarah said.

"It's a great song" I said smiling at him. 

"Thank You" He said looking at me. I looked at Aiden who was looking around. I saw how his lights light up when he saw Louis.

"Litwe twhings!" He said pointing at Louis.

"Oh hey!!" Louis said in a baby's voice making me smile.

"Can I hold him?" He asked me. I nodded picking Aiden up giving him to Louis.

"How are you little guy" He said bouncing him up and down.

"You are a directioner hu?" Louis said making me laugh. Aiden was just smiling at him touching Louis hair.

"I think he likes your hair too" Sarah said laughing at Aiden who was pulling Louis hair.

"Can you take a picture of us?" He asked me giving me his phone.

"Yeha" I said grabbing his phone from him.

"Smile Aiden" Louis said smiling his famous smile.

"Cats!" I said as Aiden smiled his beautiful smile. 

"Here" I said giving him his phone back.

"I'll take him now" I said taking Aiden from him. 

"Aye Louis the food is here" I hear some ones said.

"I'll be right there Niall" He said over his shoulder

"Well it was nice to meet you loves and you too Aiden" He said pinching Aiden's cheek.

"Nice to meet you too Louis" I said smiling at him.

"Oh by the way his first words was Little thing" I said smiling at him.

"NICE!" He said a little too loud.

"He is good looking" Sarah said looking at me.

"I know right!" I said looking at Aiden who was playing with my hair.

"One of them keep looking at you" Sarah said looking at theit table.

"What?" I said looking at her.

"One of them keeps looking at you and he been doing it since Aiden said little things" She said making me nerveous. I looked so different from two years ago. I was skinnier and taller my hair was longer and black. my eyes now brown from the contacts. It was impossible that one of them would recognize me so i took a deep breath and looked at their table. I saw Liam looking at me like he was trying to see through my skin. I smiled at him and waved, he blushed looking back at his plate.

"That's Liam I think that's his name" I said to Sarah. The waitress came back with our drinks and we order. I just wanted to get out this restaurant as soon as possible without Sarah noticing how nervous I was or any of the guys coming back to our table.


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