What he don't know won't hurt him.

One Direction...
Take me home is out...
World tour coming up...
Secrets revealed...
and is all happening way to fast for him...
what can he do?
act like he doesn't know her...
forget about that night...


3. Dressing room.

" and all your little things" the boys ended their song. Sarah, Paul and me applauded. 

"They sound so much better live don't they?" Sarah said smiling at me. I just nodded. If she only knew that i had listen to them live so many times.

"So?" Louis said walking towards us with the rest of the boys.

"Amazing" I said loud enough for them to hear. I looked at Aiden who was sleeping in my arms.

"Oh little guys fell asleep." Niall said pointing at Aiden.

"I know, he loves to go to sleep to that song" I said touching his forehead. I notice how hot he was.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked sounding worried.

"He has a fever" I said looking around for his back pack.

"Hey Liam would you mind giving me that bag right there" I said pointing at the bag.

"This one?" He said handing me the bag.

"Yes thank you" I said looking for the thermometer.

"You can go to my dressing room if you want" Harry said looking at me.

"Yes please." I said standing up. I saw Harry grab Aiden's bag pack.

"Is this was" He said as I follow him down a hallway. He stopped infront of a door with his name on it and he opened leading me inside.

"Thank you Harry" I said placing Aiden in one of the couches.

"No problem. I'll be in the bathroom getting dress" He said disappearing into the bathroom.

"Aiden baby wake up" I said to Aiden trying to wake him up. He started crying as soon as he did.

"Hey hey hey baby im here. You are not feeling well aren't you?" I said holding him closed to my chest.

"I know you don't like medicine but you have to take it okay Aiden?" I said as I looked for the tylenol. I heard the bathroom door open and there he was looking good as always with his tight jeans, white shirt and his famous converse.

"You look nice" I said smiling at him going back to the medicine.

"well thank you" He said sitting by Aiden's head.

"You need help?" He asked me.

"Could you please fill this little thing with this medicine?" I asked him giving him the stuffs.

"Of course" He said.

"Come here baby" I said sitting Aiden in my lap. I looked at Harry who was filling the little tub with medicine.

"Here is this enough?" He asked.

"Yes thank you" I said taking the tube from him.

"Ok Aiden open big" I said smiling at him. He opened till he tasted the medicine he started moving it away from his lips.

"No no you have to drink it baby" I said trying to get a hold of his face without hurting him.

"Hey come here little lad" Harry said taking him from my lap.

"No harry he is going to get your" I started saying when Aiden buried his face into Harry's chest.

"shirt dirty" i finished my sentence shaking my head in disapproval.

"It's okay, I have another shirt. Now Aiden you have to listen to your mum." He said rubbing Aiden's back. I could feel tears in my eyes. I heard Harry singing a song I though I would never hear it again. I looked at him. He gesture me to give him the tube and I did as I was told. I was sitting there watching as Harry Styles gave his own son medicine and he didn't even knew about it.

"There we go" He said giving me the tube back now empty. I mouthed a thank you smiling at him.

"Now you want some milk baby" I said looking at Aiden.

"Can I feed him?" I heard Harry asked me making me look at him.

"Harry you have to change your shirt" I said grabbing a bottle from inside the bag.

"Oh right" He said looking at the clock in the wall.

"Here give him to me." I said grabbing Aiden from him. I started to feed Aiden as Harry took off his shirt. Revealing his muscular back.

"Wow" I said looking away when I saw Harry looked at me with a big grind on his face.

"So where are you from?" He asked me while fixing his shirt. Acting like I didn't say anything.

"I'm from Puerto Rico" I said looking at Aiden.

"Nice, I been there before" He said coming to sit in the couch. I know i thought to myself.

"Oh really? That's nice" I said realising Aiden was now finished with his bottle.

"He sleeps alot doesn't he?" Harry asked me looking at Aiden sleeping in my arms.

"He been sleeping alot lately but its because he is sick" I said placing him in the couch.

"You can leave him here while we finish performing" He said walking towards the door.

"No, I prefer stay here with him, if that is okay with you" I said.

"Yeah, no problem. But you are going to miss the show." He said looking a little upset. i looked at him knowing he was right but i couldn't leave Aiden here alone.

"What about I give you tickets for our concert tonight at Madison Square garden?" He said smiling.

"Oh that would be nice of you" I said looking at Harry.

"Okay I'll see you in a couple of minutes" He said walking out of the room. I looked around not knowing what I could do. I saw some magazines in the table besides the couch and I grabbed one. I could hear the boys starting to sing making me smile i closed my eyes enjoying the feeling I used to get every time I hear them perform a feeling I haven't felt in so long and that I didn't know I missed so much. I could feel myself feeling tierd when i hear a phone, I'm guessing it was Harry since it was coming from the pants he was wearing earlier.

"Shit!" I said remembering Aiden was sleeping. I stood up grabbing his pants looking for the phone. I finally found it when it stopped ringing. Harry's mom was calling him.

 I wonder if he still had the same passcode. I typed 2202 and was shocked when it unlocked but what really shocked me was his picture background. It was me, well what I used to look like. My short blonde hair that I used to hate. Those blue eyes and that smile. That smile I wasn't sure I could get back. I keep looking from his phone to the mirror infront of me but what I saw scared me. There were two completely different persons. I stayed like this until I heard the door opened.

"Ummm....Are you alright?" I heard Harry asked but I couldn't look. Why did he had that picture of me as his background.

"Is that my mobile?" He said realizing I was holding his cellphone.

"Oh yeah I'm sorry. It was ringing and I didn't want to wake up Aiden" I said giving him his phone back.

"Oh it's okay. He said smiling at me. No don't ask, just forget it.

"I'm sorry I'm asking this but is that your girlfriend? The girl on your background" I asked. Why did you just asked that.

"Oh she was. We broke up" He said looking at his phone.

'Oh I'm sorry" I said looking away from him.

"It's alright" He said but something in his eyes changed. I grabbed my phone not wanting to look at his face.

"Aye Harry...Oh what happend?" Louis said noticing Harry's face. Louis walk up to him and looked over harry's shoulder and his face fell.

"Mate how many times, have I told you? Forget about her, she left she doesn't deserve you" I heard Louis said making me look at them. What? Are you serious? now it was all my fault?

"Oh sorry, is he feeling better" Louis said noticing I was here. I couldn't talk I was just so mad at what he has just said. I couldn't look away from Louis's face.

"Are you alright?" He asked me when I didn't say anything. I picked up Aiden and grabbed his bag.

"Where are you going?" Harry asked me. They looked at each other.

"Home" I said walking out the room. How could Louis said something like that? He used to be my best friend!

"Wait!" I heard Harry yelled.

"Just leave me alone okay?" I said not looking at him.

"What has gotten into you woman?" He said making me stop and look at him. I noticed Louis at the door.

"Nothing just, I need to take Aiden home before he wakes up" I said looking at him then at Louis. I looked at them one last time before I start walking away from them. I knew they would be upset I left but I never knew how upset they were, I left because I thought it was the best thing for everyone but maybe just maybe I was wrong.

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