17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


9. Chapter 9


Eva? Why is Eva here? Or more importantly, why was she with Harry?

I saw Niall, Liam and Louis behind Harry. Before I wondered where Zayn was, I felt two strong arms around me. I didn't fight against him this time, all I could think about was Eva.

''You should hit me harder next time, babe.'' Zayn said to my ear.

I looked over Eva again. She had the same clothes she had today. So maybe she waited for me in front of the school and Harry found her. Yeah, that sounds convincing ..

But, that doesn't explain why Harry isn't holding her in the same way Zayn is holding me. Harry is standing right beside her, and she is not even worried that he is standing right beside her. Okay now my theory doesn't make sense.

''Natalie, I'm so sorry.'' she said. Sorry? Why was she sorry? I looked over the boys. 

She were on their side.

My best friend where in their side, my enemies side.

''Natalie, they'll not hurt you!'' she continued when she saw that I understood what was going on.

How does she know that? She knows what they did to me, and now she is telling me that they won't hurt me? 

How do I know if she won't hurt me?

She betrayed me.

My bestfriend betrayed me...

Tears streamed down my face. I didn't care about the boys anymore. 

''Natalie, please. I promise, they won't hurt you. Just give them what they want and they will go.'' 

Do I even know what they want?!

''Nat..'' she stared and came towards me.

''Okay, stop with this chat, and give us the damn box.'' Harry said and dragged Eva back to him.

''I don't fuckings know what you want!!'' I yelled.

''Language, woman.'' Liam said.

''Stop with the bullshit and give us it.'' Louis said. 

''Natalie, please. Just do it.'' Eva said.

''You better listen to your little bestie here, babe.'' Harry said smiling. 

''I don't know!! Don't you undersand?! I don't know where the damn this is! I don't even know what it is! I don't have it!'' I yelled again.

They looked at each other with a ''what the fuck is she talking about?'' look.

''Guys, she doesn't know. Lets just go before someone comes.'' Niall said.

I didn't even notice him much. He was quiet most of the time and now he wants to go?

Harry looked back at him.

''What the fuck is wrong with you? I won't leave without that damn thing!'' He said.

He turned around to me.

''And if it means I have do it all over again, I will.'' He said and started to go back to the car. 
Zayn took me over his shoulder and Louis took Eva.

We went back to the car.

I sat in. I didn't try to escape. What is the reason to escape when they'll find me again?

''And if it means I have do it all over again, I will.'' 

All the memories came back to me.

The long nigths..

The cuts...



The pain...

I cried once again.

They will do it again....to me.

Suddently somone opened the car door.


There was something about this guy.

He wasn't like the others, he didn't harm me at all, but he was with the others, so that doesn't make him any better than them.

Niall's POV

''Harry wait!'' I yelled after Harry. He stopped and looked at me.

''What did you mean by ''I will do it again?'' Didn't we agree that we were not going to do it again?'' I asked him. I won't let that happen, ever again.

''Yeah, I know. But, if I have to, I will, Niall. Don't worry, I got this.'' He said and smiled.

''But, Harry. Did you forget that we are world famous? If someone finds out about this, we're all screwed, like really.'' I said. 

''Like I said, I got this.'' He said once again and went to Louis' car. 

 I went back to my car. She was there, crying. 

I couldn't bare this anymore, I just wanted to hug her and comfort her, but I knew I couldn't.

She looked at me. She wasn't afarid. Thats one of the things I love about her, she wasn't afarid of me like she was with the others. Thats good thing, I guess.

I tried to help her though.

I send her text message and I pretented that I didn't see her when I found her at school, but she didn't listen to me.

I sighed. 

She noticed and looked at me.

I held my eyes on the road.

''Thanks.'' She whisperd.

''For?'' I asked.

''For helping me. Or at least tryed.''  

Is she a mind reader or something?!

''Welcome, it didn't brought you very far, did it?'' I said.

''No, but thanks anyways.'' She said and looked away from me.

We were quiet for the rest of the car trip. She fell asleep eventually. 

She looked so peaceful and so beautiful.

Niall, shut the fuck up!

No, you shut up!

I'm your freaking brain, you dumb ass!

Just shut up!

Or else?

I'll  beat you up!

It will be enterting to beat yourself up!


I really need to stop talking to myself.

I kept driving and thought about that night. I still remember it, even though I want to forget it.

''I love you and I always will.'' He whispered to her.

''I love you too.''  She said and kissed him.

They were sitting by the fire and was cuddling.

It was in the middle of the night and I couldn't sleep.  All the boys were sleeping so  I walked down the staries and saw them.

She looked happy, he looked happy.

I didn't.

It hurt so much to see them like that. Yes, I loved her. I still do.

You're probably thinking; What the heck? You can't be in love with your bestfriend's girlfriend!''

Well, I'm.


I know she loves me too, she just don't want to admit it. I don't blame her. She has Harry and he has her.

I heard footsteps and I started to go back, but Natalie saw me.

She had her shorts on and her top on. Her curly chocolate hair layed beautiful behind her back.

''Hey.'' She said and smiled. Oh god, she is so beautiful.

''Hi.'' I said.

''Couldn't sleep?'' She asked.

''Nope, you?'' I asked pretending I didn't know what they were doing.

''Same.'' She said and I nodded and looked up at the celling.

Awkward silence...

''Niall, look. I know that you love me, and we both know it can't work out. I'm with Harry and its going to be like that.'' She said. I gotta admit, it hurts like hell.

''Nat, I know, but stop lying to yourself. I know you love me, just admit it.'' I said.

''Niall, I don't. I love Harry.'' She said looking down.

''Prove it.'' I said. She looked confused.

I came close to her. I looked right in her golden brown eyes. 

My lips were just inches from hers. She didn't pull back, she didn't move.

Closer ... and closer...

''Natalie, babe!'' Harry called from the kitchen.

Natalie stepped back.

''Harry, Niall. I choose Harry.'' she said and went to the kitchen.

I know what you're thinking; She doesn't love you, move on. Find another girl.' But, thats the problem, I can't. Its gotta be her. She is so beautiful, kind, lovely, funny and an angel. I won't let her go, never.

''No, please don't!' Natalie said, bringing be back from my thoughs. 

Was she talking in her sleep?

''Please stop, I beg you!'' She said. She is probably having a nightmare, but about what?

''Ahh! Harry! No!' She start screaming. 


''Niall, I lo-' she said and before she could say something, she woke up.

She was breathing heavy.

What was she about to say about me?

She looked at me and raised her eyebow.

''You okay?'' I asked her. 

''Yeah, why?'' She asked me.

''You talked in your sleep, so.'' I said.

''Oh god.'' She whisperd. 

''I-' she started, but my phope interupted her.

I took it up and it was Zayn.

''Yeah, mate?'' I said.

''Pull aside in 5 minutes and make sure the girl doesn't run away.'' he said.

''Why?'' I asked.

''I don't know. Harry is up to something.'' he said.

''Okay, see ya.'' I said and hang up. What was Harry up to? I won't let him hurt Natalie, I just won't.

Natalie's POV

''You talked in your sleep, so.'' he said.

''Oh god.'' I whispered. He heard all I said. Does he know? 

I had a nightmare about that night Harry was angry at me for something. I don't quite remember the reason, but I still remember how angry he was. Yes, I was about to say I love Niall, but not anymore. I don't love anyone anymore. 

''I -'' I started to say, but Niall's phone started to ring. He took it up.

''Yeah, mate?'' he said and his face changed. He kinda frowed.

''Why?'' He asked. Why what?

''Okay, see ya.'' He said. 

What was going on?

''Whats on?'' I asked.

''Don't leave by my side, okay?'' He said and pulled the car a side.

He went out of the car and went to my side. He opened the door and I went out. It was raining and it was windy. Welcome to England, babe.

Without thinking, I held Niall's hand, he looked at me and smiled a bit. 

''Remember, don't leave my side and don't mess up.'' he said and I nodded.

We walked to the others. 

We were on a bridge. There was no cars here, just us. Harry was standing with Eva at the egde of the bridge.  He was holding her, like Zayn held me.

''Natalie!'' She yelled. I looked up to Niall, he looked angry. Like really angry.

This is not going to be good...

....You hate me for stoping there, yeah I know. 


I know I haven't updated like for...ages, but I kinda didn't want to, because I thought it was pointless to do it. No one read this story so I gave up :(

Please ignore the grammar. I wrote this on my phone so autocorrect, scew you.

If I get 10 comments on this chapter, I will write chapter 10! 

- Iqbal xx 




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