17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


8. Chapter 8


Natalie’s POV

I heard footsteps coming towards me. Who was it? Maybe is Niall. He is the only one who knows I’m here, right? But why would he come back to me? Maybe to warn me! No, no no, Natalie! He is not kind; he is just like the others. He said it to the others that I’m here. The sound came closer, I froze. I could barely breathe. I closed my eyes. It stopped.

‘’Come on, Haz. She is not here. We’ve seen everywhere. Come on, buddy.’’ Niall said. Oh my god, its Harry! I heard someone sigh and someone walking.

No no no no no!!!


I snezzed.

Really? Now? From all these moments, I sneeze now? My goodness god.

Thank you sneeze, now I’m about to die.

Everything got silence. Did they hear it? Of course they did. I mean, they’re not deaf or something.

‘’Did you hear that?’’ Harry asked.

‘’No, what?’’ Liam asked back.

‘’It came from over there.’’ Harry said.

‘’Harry, come on. We don’t have much time.’’ Niall said. Harry didn’t say anything back.

Footsteps, footsteps, footsteps…face.

Harry. Harry Styles. I’m so dying soon.

Suprisely, he didn’t say or do anything. He stared at me. I stared back.

‘’What have we here?’’ He said and the boys came. I stood up and tried to run away. But, they surrounded me and Zayn held my arms back.

 ‘’Let her go.’’ Harry said to Zayn and he let go.

‘’She is not going to run again, are you, Natalie?’’ He said.

‘’What do you want?!’’ I yelled at him.

‘’Nat, you know what I want. Stop acting stupid.’’ He said. Nat. He called me Nat. Is that good or bad?

‘’No, I don’t!’’ I said back. Seriously, I don’t have a clue. Before he could say anything else. Niall stepped in.

‘’Can we go now? ‘’ He said. I looked at him, he looked back. Ohhh, those heavenly, ocean blue ey—NO NATALIE!

Harry looked at him. Confused.

‘’Why do you want to do?’’ He asked and all the boys looked at Niall.

‘’Because I don’t fuckings want to be here anymore! Someone is going to come here, sooner or later, so have your chit chat later.’’ Niall said. His accent was 100% more hot when he was angry. OMG! Seriously, Nat?

‘’Boys!’’ He yelled.  Zayn came to me and lifted me up over his shoulder. I fought back, kicked him and screamed. He was too strong.

‘’You bastard! Bring me down! Now!’’ I screamed while kicking Zayn’s leg. He was calm. Wow, if someone did that to me, I would’ve slapped them. He just carried me out of the building.  Louis was in front of us, he was kind of checking that everything’s alright. Liam went out already. Where were Niall and Harry?

Harry’s POV

There she was. Right in front of me. I didn’t do anything but to stare at her. She looked scared. No, she looked terrified.  No, Harry. Remember why you’re here.

‘’Guys!’’ I yelled.

They boys came and did what we agreed on. Zayn was going to bare her, because he was the strongest one. Louis was going to walk in front of them, to check if everything was okay. Liam did the same, but he walked behind them.

‘’Hey, Niall!’’ I yelled after him.

‘’Yeah, mate?’’Niall said and turned to me. I handed him my car keys.

‘’Why? You were supposed to drive her. To make sure that she don’t escape.’’ He asked. Yeah, its true. I was going to drive her back. But, I couldn’t. It was too much. Half of me was still in love with her, the other half was pissed at her. So, Niall could drive her.

‘’I’ll go with Louis, I trust her with you, Niall.’’ I said looked him in the eyes. Niall was the warmed hearted in the group. I mean, he didn’t do a thing to Natalie. I wonder why, but same shit.

Natalie’s POV

‘’You idiot! Let me down! I mean it!’’ I yelled to Zayn while we got down the stairs.

‘’Could you be quiet?’’ He said to me.

‘’If you let me down!’’ I yelled back.

‘’Never.’’ He said.

‘’Then I’ll never stop screaming!’’ I said and screamed more and more.

The librarian came out of the building and saw us. The boys stopped and I kicked Zayn right in ‘’you know where’’ and he fell in the ground. Yes! This is my chance! I ran away before Liam or Louis could catch me. I ran across school, I would have run back, but Harry and Niall would probably be there. I had no clue where I was going. It was the same as last time when I escaped. But this time, less afraid.

Someone was running behind me. Yelling my name. Wait a minute. I turn around.


With Harry. 

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