17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


7. Chapter 7


So this is it. Doing all over again. I sighed and went out of the car. Same did Harry. Liam and Louis came out of one car and Zayn of his. We looked at each other and nodded, knowing what we were about to do.

We headed to the library. We knew she was here, we were spoied on her for weeks now. We knew every step she took.

 ‘’Hey, you.’’ Harry said and knocked on the drill. The librarian stood quickly up.

‘’What can I help you with, sir?’’ She said.

‘’Have you seen girl with long brown hair, middles high and with green eyes?’’ Harry asked her. Wow, he still remembers every single detail about her, why wouldn’t he? I wouldn’t, I didn’t.

‘’No, sir. I mean, there are many who step by here every day, so I---‘’ She said, but Harry stopped her. He raises his hand and took a step closer to her.

‘’Look, I don’t really care. Just tell me where to find her. I know she is here somewhere.’’ He said. She said the same thing over again and Harry got pissed off. He took her neck against the wall and I stopped him.

‘’Harry, stop. Lets just find her and get the hell out of here.’’ I said. He looked at me and let her go.

‘’Miss, is there any other way out of here except from the main doors?’’ I ask, trying to calm her down.

‘’The school stairs, it leads you to the school.’’ She said and pointed. Harry quickly went up the stairs and the boys followed. I thanked her and followed the boys.

‘’Louis, Zayn, go up to the north base. Liam, Niall, go to the south base, and I’ll go and look in the basement. Let’s find that bitch.’’ Harry said and we did what he said. I pray that we don’t find her, especially not by Harry.

After five minutes of looking for her, we didn’t find anything. That’s a good thing, right? Maybe she is out of town and hiding somewhere. No, probably not. If she set a food out of this building, we would have known by now. She didn’t. As far as we know, she was here since the morning. She must be here somewhere, maybe the boys found her? Maybe Harry found her? Oh no, not Harry.

‘’Haz, check that room and we’re off.’’ Liam said and I did.

I opened the door, nothing. I was about to go out of the classroom, but then I heard someone breathing. I followed the sound and to my surprise, I saw her. She was sitting on the ground, afraid, not knowing what to do. I didn’t know what to do! Part of me was glad that I saw her, but the other part was not. Thinking about what will happen now that we found her. We just stared at each other’s eyes. Not saying a one single word.

‘’Did you find anything?!’’ Liam yelled. Without even thinking, I said..

‘’No.’’ What? Why did I lie? Even though I love her, I can’t lie to my boys.

‘’Oh okay, maybe the boys found something.’’ He yelled back. I still stared at Natalie. She moved her lip. I think she was trying to say; Thank you. I didn’t respond and just walked away from her. The moment I stepped out of the classroom, the lads came. They were normal, but Harry in the other hand, was pissed off when he saw that we didn’t find her.

‘’That girl is really smart.’’ Louis said.

‘’Maybe we shouldn’t have texted her.’’ Liam said.

‘’Yeah. She ran away before we got here.’’ Zayn said.

‘’Can we go now? We’ve been doing this all day, and I’m tired.’’ I said and the boys agreed.  Yay! They were on my side, we can go now!

‘’Boys, shut up. She is not smart, she didn’t ran away and she is defiantly here somewhere.’’ Harry said. No!

‘’Why didn’t we find her then?’’ Zayn said.

‘’We are overlooking something, I’m not sure what, but there is something wrong here.’’ He said looking around. This is not going to be good. Thought something is going to get worse? Oh yea, Harry walked in to the classroom Natalie was in.


I won't be posting chapters anymore, just recognized  that no one reads it, even if they do, they don't tell me what they think about it, so I assume that they don't like this :( I'm sorry. But, if I get ''likes'' and comments, I'll come back! But, in mean while, I'm off.

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