17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


5. Chapter 5


It was a picture…of me! Right here, right now. Me, sitting in the classroom and texting Eva. It was a text under the picture.

You believe me now?

Harry xx

Somehow, tears started to stream down my face for some reason. I didn’t do think, feel anything. Shit got real. I saw the teacher walking towards me, ehh why? Oh crap, my phone.

‘’Miss. Haville. You know the rules in this school, no texting. No matter what.’’ She said and I handed her my phone. Sorry, Mrs. My kidnapper just wanted to show me how I looked today by sending me a picture, not big deal.

 ‘’Two hours detestation for you, young lady.’’ She said and walked away.

‘’What? Oh, come on.’’ I yelled and lifted my arm up in the air. Two hours? You got to be kidding me now! The day was about to end and now she is telling me I’ll spend two more hours here? Well, burn that luck.

The bell rang and everybody ran out the door.

‘’Nat, what did you do? You were never caught with your phone.’’ She said.

‘’I don’t know, I didn’t see her.’’ I said standing up.

‘’You were looking right at her.’’ She said and crossed her arms. What a wonderful liar I’m.

‘’I meant, I saw her. I just didn’t think quite. I’m sorry.’’ I sighed.

She uncrossed her arms and gave me a hug.

‘’Its okay, you had a tired day.’’ She said. Why am I doing this to her? You’re protecting her. Yeah, that’s what you’re doing, protecting her. No need to feel bad about it.

‘’Now, do I need to slap someone to get detestation?’’ She said with a little smile. God I loved her. No gay way though.


‘’Thanks, but no. It’s okay. It’s a good place to sleep fast anyway.’’ I said.

She laughed and gave me another hug.

‘’If you need something, just call me, alright? Oh, wait, you can’t.’’ She teased me. I hit her arm playfully.

‘’I’ll call as soon as I get my phone back.’’ I said. She said okay and went out of the door. Oh, now what?

*Tick – tack – tick – tack*

The clock was ticking….eveeerryyyy slloooowwwlllyyy.

There was me, one boy wearing leather jacket, a girl who was talking on her nail polish and a normal boy sitting beside me. He was doing his homework, wow. I wonder why he even is here.

‘’Hey, what are you doing?’’ I asked not trying to be rude, just curious.

‘’Doing my homework.’’ He answered quietly.

‘’Why?’’ I asked.

‘’Well, that’s what you’re supposed to do, you know.’’ Oh geez, harsh.  

‘’Why are you even here?’’ I asked him. He looked a bit shy.

‘’I did someone else’s homework.’’ He whispered, but clearly I heard.  What did he mean?

‘’What do you mean?’’ I asked.

‘’I did my bullies’ homework.’’ He answered, this time a bit louder.  Oh, what still didn’t answer my question; why was he here? Doing someone others homework and get detestation? Nope.

‘’But, they should’ve gotten detestation, not you, right?’’ I was getting annoying by asking so many questions.  

‘’Because, the teacher noticed it, that it was the same answers. So, it was either me or him who copied. He threated me not to say anything, and I lied and said I copied his homework.’’ He said sadly. Wow.  That was, something. I hate bulling. I never got bullied and I never bullied someone. I don’t know how it is of course, but still, I know it’s horrible. I know a lot of people who committed suicide because of bulling. I’m always here for anyone who has problems, so I wanted to help him. I was about to say something to him, to feel him better or something, but the teacher stood up.

‘’You can go now, and remember, I don’t want to see you guys here again.’’ She said serious. I DON’T CARE! I JUST WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE! I stood up and grabbed my bag, but the teacher stopped me.

‘’Ah – ah, Miss. Haville. You must be here an hour.’’ She must be joking, she is joking! Well woman, your joke isn’t funny.

‘’Ha! Great to be here, now bye.’’ I said and tried to pass her by, but no. She held me back.

‘’Didn’t you hear what I said? Sit.’’ She said and I sat down my chair.

Can this day get any better? I sighed and looked outside the window. It was getting dark, great.

One hour, I can do that, right?

‘’Miss. Haville!’’ I heard a voice say. I quickly woke up from my sleep. I looked at the clock, one hour passed! Yes! I looked up to the teacher who was standing right in front of me.

‘’You can go now, but before you go, you’ve to take a trip down to the library and borrow a book.’’ I nodded and ran out of the class room. Glad to get out of that classroom.

I headed down to the library, there was no one there. I looked at the piece of paper the teacher gave me.

‘’Melted down’’

The book’s name.

I asked the librarian where I could find it and she showed me where. I thanked her and started looking for the book. While I was looking after the book, I saw tree black cars drove in the parking lot in front of the library. I immediately thought of them, I looked out the big window.

5 boys, One Direction. Coming towards the library. 



By the way, the part where I mentioned bulling, I wanted to tell you that I'm here for you!  Im a caring and loving person, so if you have a story to tell, I'm here! I won't judge, I'll listen :) 

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- Iqbal xx


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