17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


30. Chapter 30



Okay before you read this chaptah, I wanted to tell you I LOVE YOU, and we gonna get married one day okay?    Okay enjoy the chaptah sexy babess!! :)   

*Natalie's POV*  

''Hurry!'' Micheal yelled at me.

 ''Okay, okay, I'm trying!'' I yelled back.

  ''I don't want you to try! I want you to find it!'' He yelled back. Geez, how I wanted to hit him in the balls. I continued looking and I couldn't find it. My mind was telling me that I was near, I'm just overseeing something. I just don't know where I can find it though. I slowly went to the closet and opened it. I took out every single small box I could see, but it was not it.  

Now I don't have any clue where that box is.  

''Shit.'' I mumbled.  

''What? Why did you stop?'' He asked standing behind me. I didn't answer.   

''What is it?!'' He asked me once again and grabbed my hand and turned me around. I stared at his dark brown eyes, it looked scary as hell. I wonder how I look like right now, probably a lost dog or something. I swear I'm going to piss my pants soon. 

  ''Its not here.'' I whispered looking down.

Why is that piece of crap that important  anyways? Its just a box of papers of something bullshit I don't know. Something to do with the lads and their career  One of those papers where they sign to agree to shit. Why would Micheal want to have that shit anyways?  

''What? What do you mean its not here? Didn't we agree on you were going to bring it here?'' He said. 

''So why can't I find it then?'' I said trying to calm him down, that didn't work. He grabbed my hair and dragged it. I screamed of pain.   

''Let go of her!!'' I hear somebody yell. We both turned around to see who it was.

''Go away curly.'' Micheal said.

''No.'' Harry said and stepped forward. Micheal got more angry and took out the knife again.  

''Listen here boy, you need to shut the fuck up, or else your princess is gonna die. You don't want that, now do you?'' He threaten Harry.  

''I said, let.go.of.her.'' Harry said once again, but this time, it was harshly and clearly.   

''Alrighty then.'' Micheal said and took out a gun and replaced it on my head.  

''Now, what did you say?'' Micheal said with a smirk on his mouth.  

''I have it. Don't hurt her.'' Harry suddenly said.

What?! WHAT IS HE DOING?! I know he don't have it, is he saving my ass? Or does he really has it?  

''What?'' Micheal asked confused.  

''Natalie doesn't have the box, I do. I took it back.'' Harry said calmly.  

''I don't believe you.'' Micheal said. Okay what is going on??  

''Well, I do. I have it, I can show you, but first, you have to let Natalie go.'' Harry said.   

''I still don't believe you.'' Micheal said.  

''When Natalie brought the box here, I came to visit her. We spend 2 weeks in this house, don't you think I would find it sooner or later?'' Harry said.  


He knew? I didn't tell anyone about it except from Niall of course.   

He has it? So why would he kidnap me then? Twice!!

 I got so angry thatI wanted to hit him or something, but I couldn't even move!   

''Yeah, like you would do that to your girlfriend.'' Micheal said not believing him.

 ''She is not my girlfriend, she is nothing for me. All I care about is the box, not her. And now you can have it.'' Harry said coldly.  

I'm not gonna lie, that broke me into pieces.   

''So you don't care if I shot her right now?'' Micheal asked.  

''Well, if you do that, you won't get your box, now would you?'' Harry said back.  

I looked at Harry, stared him right in the eye. He looked back at me with a ''play along'' look. 


It got quiet for a moment.

  ''Okay, lets say like this, we fight. If I win, I will get the box and Natalie, but if you win, I will let you go.'' Micheal said and Harry nodded.  

Right then, they were in full fight session. Pushing, kicking, beating, yeah you name it! I just sat on the ground, crying. I've no idea what I could do. I stood up and started yelling 'stop' but that didn't work. They didn't even look at me. I looking around and found a vase. I took it and smashed it to the ground, hoping that they would stop.   

They didn't.  

They started trowing things at each other and I screamed on the top of my lungs.

They're either deaf or I'm just quiet.   

Yup, they are deaf.   

The room was a mess! It was dark too, well it was almost midnight after all.  

They started chocking each other.  

Thats it! Im going to stop this!  

I ran to them and tried to come between them, but all they just did was to push me away.  I stood up and tried again, this time I pushed Micheal as hard as I could, he fell back wards. He hit his head every hard and he started to bleed. I thought he was going to pass out or just sit, but nooooo.

He took something under the table and pointed at me.  

I froze.  

''Now you take me seriously.'' He said and pointed the gun at Harry.  

I looked over to Harry who was shocked like I was.

''I'm not telling you this again.'' Micheal said. We didn't answer, seriously, what doesn't he understand?! WE DON'T HAVE IT!  

''You know what, I'm sick and tired of this shit.'' Micheal said and pointed the gun back at me.

 ''Bye baby.'' He said and fired the gun.   

I closed my eyes and expecting the pain, but it never came.

 I slowly opened my eyes and someone who was standing right in front of me, someone that got shot, someone that took the bullet for me.    

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