17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


3. Chapter 3

Harry. The name who hunted me every night in my nightmares, the name I'm scared to live, the name who who belonged the the boy who changed my whole life. Harry. They've found me. Once again. They're here. They told me, that they would find me and now they've. 5. 5 boys who call themselves for One Direction. Yep, the boy band who stole of girls heart. Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. Liam Payne. He has brown hair and eyes, everybody says that he is the sweetest and all, he is everything, but that. I swear, behind that cute puppy face, its a pitbull face.Zayn Malik. Yea, he looks pretty scary, but he never talks, and when he does, you just wish he never did. He has black hair, light brown eyes and olive skin tone. Louis Tomlinson. That sassy respiration is all true, he is the sass king, but it is waaaaay not funny. Brown hair and light blue eyes, beautiful? Well, not inside though. Niall Horan. Made in Ireland. Although all of them are evil, I liked Niall best. He really didn't do anything bad to me, he barely spoke to me. Blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. I seriously loved those eyes, but he is one of them, so that doesn't really matter. Last, but not least, Harry Styles. He was kind of the ''boss'' must I say. He is behind all of this, that green eyes isn't innocent like it looks like. I swear, behind that brown curls he has horns. You probably wondering why I hate them so much. Well, for 6 months ago they kidnapped me, and you still wonder why? Well, I do too. They didn't really tell me. I live in Leicester, England. They visited never visited here, as long as I know. But, they seemed really cool guys in the TV and magazines but obviously I was wrong. I still remember that night. When I was kidnapped them. Everything was going well. I was in London at my friends party and having a blast. 


''Oh, Naty, can't you stay a bit more?'' My friend, Alice begged me. I really want to stay, but I can't. I had to go home and study. I had big test tomorrow and partying all night wouldn't help me much.

''I'm sorry, Al, but I really can't stay. Thanks for inviting me and see you tomorrow!'' I smile and gave her a hug. I went to my car and I stopped right infront of it to look my keys in my purse. 

''Beautiful night, tonight, aye?'' I heard a heavy British voice say. I looked up and saw a boy with black blazer, black jeans and with brown curly hair and his hands in his pocket. I know him. Not know-know him, but I saw him at the party tonight. He with his lads. I didn't give him much attention.

''Yeah, it is.'' I say with a smile and continued looking after my keys. 

''Harry. Harry Styles.'' He say with a smile and took out his hand from his pocket and I took his hand and shake it.

''Natalie Haville.'' I say and once again trying to find my keys, where the heck are they?

''Well, Natalie. You know you're a very beautiful girl.'' He said with a cheeky smile. I blushed. Is he trying to flirt with me? No, he probably isn't.

''Well, thank you.'' I say looking down.

''And beautiful girls shouldn't be outside like night like this.'' He say. Huh? What does he mean? I didn't care and started to look after my keys again. But, for goodness sake, where are they?!

''Are you looking for something?'' He ask.

''Yeah, my car keys. They must be here somewhere. I know, I put it here.'' I say.

''Oh, you mean this?'' He say and took out my keys out of his pocket. Where did he get that from? I got surprised and just looked at him. He was just smiling. 

''Where did you get that from?'' I ask.

''Like I said, Nat. Its a beautiful night.'' He say and before I got to say something, someone came and sprayed something at my face and everything became black.

*Flashback over*

They brought me to their cabin, well, it looked more like a house, but it was in the middle of the no where. they tortured me. For 3 days they beat me up, hanging my arms up in a chain and cut me. I fortunately managed to escape from them, all these 6 months I hid from them, and now they found me. Its happening all over again. Now they won't let me escape, they've learned their mistake from last time, they won't let this happen once again. My phone beeped and brought me back from my thoughts. I had 2 messages. One from Eva and one from a unknown number. I decided to read the unknown number first.

Go, get far away as you can and don't look back. Go now!  

No names, no number, no nothing. Is it someone who is warning me from something? Maybe is Niall. No, it can't be. Why would he say something like that when his friends is going to get me? Maybe they're here. Now. Looking at me and as soon as I step out of this school, they will take me. Bring me back to that cabin. I started to have a lot of awful thoughts and forgot that I'm in class. My teacher saw me and she came and took my phone away from me. I look at Eva, she is giving me a; What the hell are you is wrong with you' looks. I turn away and a tear started to stream down my face. One after one. I put my head down to my book and close my eyes. 

Then suddenly I hear someone knock at the door. Is them? No, of course not. It can't be, they can't just come at school and just take me, right? Or maybe they could. 

I stared at the door. It slowly opened and my eyes got big and my biggest nightmare became to life. One Direction right infront of me. No one said a word. They were quiet and pretended that they weren't even here. Harry, in the other hand came to me. I tried to move, scream, talk, anything, but I somehow couldn't.

''Hey, babe. I missed you. I said I'm going to find you, right?'' He whispered into my ear. He was saying the same thing he messaged me. I looked across the room. I looked at Eva, she was looking at the blackboard  like everybody else. I also looked at the blackboard, the teacher was teaching. How in the world could they not notice that One Direction was here?! I looked at the door, the other guys was standing there and stared at me. I looked at Niall, I felt butterflies in my stomach. Oh, wait WHAT?! Butterflies?! You can't get butterflies for him and especially not now! Oh my god, what's wrong with me?

I looked away from him and looked back at Harry. How could I be so calm? He was still talking.

''And I'll do whatever it takes to get it back, including kidnapping you.'' He said and the boys came and lifted me up and I screamed and screamed for help. But, no one heard me.

''Nat, Nat, its me. Relax.'' I heard Eva say. I opened my eyes and saw the whole class staring at me. Oh. Its a dream. Ahh! I was so relief and smiled like a idiot.

''Are you okay, hun? You were screaming for help.'' My teacher said.

''Yeah, I'm fine.'' I say, still smiling like a idiot. 

School was over and I stood my my closet with Eva. She didn't really talk much since that thing happened in class. That is not like her, she talks non - stop, like a radio. Maybe I freaked her out?

''Are you okay?'' She finally asked me.

''Yeah, I'm fine, why?'' I said and smiled.

''Eh, just wondering. You really scared me in there.'' She said and looking for a explanation. 

''Nah, it was nothing. I just slept and had a nightmare, that's all. No need to worry about it.'' I say. I told her the truth. She knows about them, I told her everything. She was always there to support me trough it all. And I'm really thankful for that.

She automatically knew what I was talking about and nodded.

I closed my closet and was about to go when my phone beeped. A unknown number.

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