17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


27. Chapter 27

''Ehh..'' was all I could say. I looked down and Harry un - crossed his arms and started to come towards me.
I'm gonna die right now, see you all in heaven folks! 

''I know, and Im terribly sorry! I just got my memory back and I remember almost everything! I never thought it would turn out this way, and it was against my will, Harry. I swear! Please don't kill me.'' I said trying to catch my breath.

''Shh, calm down, Natalie. What are you talking about?! I won't kill you!'' He said and laid his hands on my shoulders. Wait, he doesn't know?!

''You will when I tell you this.'' I said. 

''What?'' He asked confused. I took a deep breath and was ready to be attacked by his curls the second I tell him this. 

''I stole the box. I know I denied it many times, but it was true, I just didn't remember it. I lost my memory and now I remember it, I'm so sorry, Harry. I really am, but please don't kill me.'' I said. I felt tears streaming down my face. I don't know why I am crying, but I felt like I hurt him some how.

I looked up to him and he just stared at me.

''I know.'' was all he said. He knew?! But how?

''What? You did? How?'' I asked confused.

''I got the part that you lost your memory, but I always knew it was you. I just didn't knew the reason, or where it was.'' He said calmly. 

''So you're not mad?'' I asked.

''Ooohh, I'm bad. I'm beyond mad, I'm pissed!'' He said and pushed me against the wall and he held my wrist above my shoulders. His body was against mine and I could feel his strong chest. I wasn't afraid like I was every time he was near me, I just closed my eyes and prepared  was going to happen.

''But, not at you.'' He finished his sentence. I slowly opened my eyes. He let me go.

''So you knew all this time?'' I asked.

''Yeah.'' He replied.

''Why didn't you do anything?!'' I yelled. He looked at me confused.

''What?'' He asked.

''If you knew about Micheal, why didn't you help me?! Or did something about it? He was about to kill me, Harry! And you knew about this!'' I said crying. He still had a confused look on, is he for real?!

''WHAT THE HELL?!'' He stood up and yelled. 

''Care to explain who the bastard is?'' He said angry.

''Um.'' I started. ''Remember the scars and bruises on my body?'' I asked.

''Yes, you always said that you were clumsy and you hurt yourself at school.'' He said.

''That's right, and did you remember my uncle, Micheal?'' I asked. 

''Well, he is not really my uncle.'' I said.

''Okaaaay? What does it has to do with your scars?'' He asked. I looked down. It didn't took a second before he understood that it was Micheal who costed it.

''I will cut his balls!'' He said and tried to walk away, but I stopped him.

''Harry wait!'' I yelled.

''No, you wait! I'm sick of this, Natalie. I really am!'' He yelled.

''Yeah, I know. So am I!! But, listen Harry, please?'' I said. He sighed and nodded slowly. Then I told him everything about the box and Micheal and he became more angry. I won't blame him though.

''NOW I'M GOING TO CUT HIS BALLS OFF!'' He yelled and went down the stairs. I didn't follow him. I sighed and started crying. This is so messed up! For one moment, I thought that everything was alright and the sex and all. I smiled thinking about sex. It was so good!

Wait what?!

I can't think like that! I'm with Niall! Or?

Well, we didn't actually confirme it, but its kinda obvious we both have feelings for each other, right?

I sighed once again and I realized how quiet it was, actually too quiet. Did Harry leave? 

I stood up from the sofa and walked down the stairs. I walked down the hall and I heard noises in the living room.

''Harry is that you?'' I yelled out, but no answer. I became a bit scared.

I went quietly to the living room. There was no one there, I turned around to check upstairs, but the moment I turned around, I saw a man figure right in front of me.




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