17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


26. Chapter 26

Before I start, I want to give a massive shout out to Jade! She is the only one who is reading this fanfic as far as I know and comments! AND THIS CHAPTAH IS FOR YOU BABY! :D Enjoooyyy! <3 ðŸ’›Jade💛


*Natalie's POV*

Niall let me go and we stood still. We were confused and shocked about what we just found out. I just got my memory back.

We heard footsteps coming closer and closer until we heard a knock on the door.

''Come in!'' I yelled.

The door opened and Harry came in.

''Hey, am I interrupting something?'' He asked curious.

''No, no. Whats up?'' I faked a smile.

''Eh, okay. You ready?'' He asked me and I nodded, not trusting my voice.

''Alright lets go.'' He said and I looked up to Niall. He had a worried face. I looked back to Harry and he looked confused. I don't know what to do, so I just stood there like a statue.

''Nat, you alright?'' Harry said and came to me.

''Yeah, I will just say bye to Niall, I will come down in a sec.'' I finally said, he nodded and went out.

''Niall, what am I gonna do?'' I whined.

''Okay listen, you have to go with him.'' He said.

''No, I don't want to. Please Niall, don't let me go with him.'' I begged.

''You have to, Nat. Its gonna be okay, I will be there okay? I will follow you to the beach house and I will watch over you, okay love?'' He said and put his hands on my cheek. He called me love! O M TO THE G!

''Find the box, even if he knows that the box is there or not, okay? Find it and run away, got it?'' He said and I nodded.

''Okay, got it but how am I gonna steal it when he is always by my side? There is no way I can distract him!'' I said.

He looked down.

''You're quite handy.'' He said

Wait what? Does he mean...

''Niall...'' I started.

''I know I know, its crazy but its the only way. I know Harry, one little touch and he forgets the whole world, trust me.'' He said. I can't believe he is telling me to turn on Harry.

I nodded and gave him a hug.

''I'm gonna miss you, Niall.'' I said.

''No need, I won't leave you, princess.'' He said back. We broke the hug and I went down and saw Harry waiting in front of the door. I smiled to him, but he didn't smile back. He was staring at something, I turned back and saw he was staring at Niall. Woah.

I said bye to boys and I went to the car with Harry.

We drove in silence for a while. I looked at Harry few times and he didn't look very happy. He was happy 20 minutes ago, what happened?

''So whats up?'' I asked, starting a conversation. He didn't answer my question, instead he asked me a question.

''Whats with you and Niall?'' He asked me coldly, looking straight forward on the road.

''Eh, nothing.'' I replied nervously.

''Oh come on, I'm not blind. You spend more time with him than you spend with me, I mean me and the boys.'' He said still looking at the road.

''Well, Niall didn't get in my pants.'' I said coldly back. Okay, I shouldn't have said that. He said he was sorry, and I forgave him.

He frowned and looked at me.

''I'm sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned it.'' I said looking down at my lap

''No, no. Its okay and its true. I know Niall didn't harm you and he wont either, but are you sure there is nothing going around with you?'' He asked looking curios.

''No no, nothing at all. You are worrying about nothing.'' I lied. His face lighted up in a smile.

''Good to know.'' He said sounding relieved . We chatted a bit and before we even knew it, we arrived the beach house. It was massive! More bigger than I actually remember. I went out of the car and Harry reached for my hand which I excepted. I was shocked at first, but I liked it.

We walked to the door holding hands and then walked inside

IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! If you think the outside was massive then you should've seen inside. In the middle there was huge and sofa and a little to the right there was massive stairs who lead up to the bathrooms. The kitchen who was to the left was exactly how I remembered it. I'm not sure, but I think there's three bedrooms upstairs and there's two bathroom and one kitchen. Then there's the center area, or the lounge room. The theme is cream colour mixed with light red beautiful color. It's like dream house.

''So what are we gonna do?'' I asked him.

''I don't know, I was thinking chilling out and chatting and stuff.'' He said and headed to the L shaped sofa.

''Okay.'' I said like it was the funniest thing in the world and sat on the couch beside him.


Me and Nat was now currently sitting in the couch watching film, the notebook.

Through the whole movie I would steal glances at her and watch her beautiful face. She's sooo beautiful and I love her. Yes, said love, whole last night I was up thinking about her and I finally figured my feelings toward her. Every time I touch her I feel sparks in my body, every time she stares me in the eyes I feel my stomach do flop like Olympic.

We come to the cheesy part in the beach and I suddenly feel her hand I'm my thighs. I look at her surprised , but she just smirks and watches the movie.

Her hand goes up and up until she stops in my V-line. She makes circles and it took all my strange not to moan loudly. This girl is making me crazy. Suddenly she brushes her hand in my crotch and I had enough and couldn't hold the moan. She just smirkes wider and her face is still attached to the movie, acting innocent.

I had enough of this teasing so I grab her arm and pull her towards me. I grab her face with both of my hands and kiss her like I never kissed.

She first freezes but she kisses back passionately. My heart is pumping into my chest and I think may fly out.

I lick her lower lip asking her for entrance, but she teases me and keeps her lips shut. I grab her butt squeezing it hard, she gasps and parts her lips.

I smirk and this may go very long.

I grabbed her waist while her legs were around mine. I liftet her up and headed to the bedroom. I gently lay her down my bed and got the top of her. I slowly started to take off my cloths and she does the same

Now I was on my boxer and she was on her lacy red bra and thong.

I was about to take her bra off, but she freezes

''Anything wrong babe?'' I asked. She didn't answer, she didn't have too. I already knew what was going on.

''I'm sorry love, I forgot.'' I said and got off her.

''No, no. I want it. Just be gentle, please.'' She said.

Wait, did I hear right? Does she wanna do it? I didn't think twice before I took off her bra and thong throwing it across the room  


*Warning: dirty scene*

Now she was completely naked and I couldn't stop staring at her. God she was beautiful. I didn't waste any time and I attacked her lips, kissing them hard. I went from her lips to her neck and found her sweet spot, she moaned lightly and it just turned me on even more.

Her hand travelled from my chest to my stomach down to my V-line. Her small hand grasped my crotch cupping it and I moaned into her mouth.

"I want you now." She whispered into my lips. I nodded simply and took off my boxers. Then positioned in her entrance, but not before using protection.

I slowly entered her carefully; not wanting to hurt her then I already did. Suddenly I remembered what I did to her and I tensed a little, I can't believe I did that to her.

"Harry, it's okay, don't think about it." She took my hand and understanding what I was thinking about. I nodded and slowly as I can rocked back and forth. She moaned and mumbled something like "faster" and I did what she wanted and went faster.

After 5 minutes of moaning and panting we reached our climax and I landed beside her panting heavily.

Long short story, it was the best night of my life.

*Natalie's POV*




Did I just have sex with Harry? Harry Styles?

Well, it wasn't the first time though, I'm sure we did it before when we were dating. I still can't believe I dated Harry. Its so unbelievable how can I forget that I dated HARRY STYLES?!

And the other time was rape, or what should I call it?

But this time it was all real, I enjoyed every single minute of it.

Wait, what am I saying?! I'm not suppose to thing like that! I'm together with Niall. Or? We didn't actually confirm it, but it is quite obvious that we love each other right? Love. Do I really love Niall?

I froze.


He is here! He is watching over me! That means that he knows about my sex scene with Harry! Oh boy..

I looked over Harry who was sleeping peacefully beside me in bed. His curly hair was messed up, he is so hot.


Then I remembered the reason I'm here for.....the box.

I quickly and quietly stood off the bed and took up my clothes and ran to the bathroom. I took on my clothes and washed my face.

''Okay, Natalie. Think now, where did you put that damn thing!'' I said to myself. I started to go around the house and looking for the damn thing. I went to the kitchen and opened every closet I saw.

Still nothing.

I even went to the basement, I didn't find it. I saw down and sighed, I can't find it. How am I gonna do this? I looked up on the ceiling.


I ran up to the attic and I opened the door and up the stairs who lead me to the attic. I walk to the corner of the room and sat on my knees to open the closet. I opened the closet and .... nothing.

Absolutely nothing. Its empty. I swear I put it there unless...

''Looking for something?'' A raspy voice said behind me. I quickly turned around and saw Harry with crossed arms looking angry as ever.


Isa doesnt have WiFi :( so she told me to publish this! Just pretend Im Isa! Haha.

Heeeyyy, guess what?! Im going to Oslo, Norway tomomorrow and maybe I will meet Natalie and 1D xD haha, stupid :S  


You all know that dedicate this chapter for my sexy Bara cause she has helped me alot in this fanfic and especially the dirty scenes, I seriously can't write them as good as her. 

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