17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


25. Chapter 25



She remembers! Should I feel happy about it? Or?


''And? Do you remember where the box is?'' I asked her and she looked up.


''I had too.'' She said.


''What? I asked you about the box.'' I said.


''I was forced to, Niall. I swear I didn't want to be in that way.'' She said crying. Wait, what is happening? 


''Natalie, wait. What's going on? Who forced you?'' I asked and held her shoulders.


''Micheal.'' She whispered. I stopped. I couldn't even blink. Did she just say Micheal?


The one who beat up Natalie? Threaten her life? Made her his slave? Tried to kill her twice? That Micheal? 




I drove to Natalie's flat to give back her phone. Natalie lives in London most of the time so she had her own flat her in London. She was at my place with the lads when she got a call and she said she had to go, but forgot her cell. Harry and Louis were to drunk, Zayn was asleep and Liam had to look after them. Me, surprisingly was sober. I was only chatting with Natalie all night, so I forgot the beer. And besides, I wouldn't say no to see Natalie anytime. When I got to her flat, I knocked on. She didn't open it, I realized that the door was open, but I didn't go in. I just waited for her.


''No, please don't!'' I hear a voice scream, not any voice, Natalie's voice. I quickly went in and followed the voice. It lead me to Natalie's room and I saw her half naked in the corner, I towards her.


''Niall, behind you!'' She yelled and before I could even blink, someone hit me right in the head. I fell down, but I didn't pass out. Instead, I pretend to. I just laid there. 


''Niall! Oh my god!'' I hear Natalie scream. I wanted to keep her safe and hug her, but I have a bastard to take care off.


I quickly stood up and kicked the man figure in front of me. He fell backwards and hit his head. For a minute, I thought he died, but I walked towards him to check if he had any pulse, but he dragged my leg so I fell down. He got the top on me and started to beat me up. I heard Natalie crying and I turned him around and it was my turn to beat him. He started to bleed and I stopped. He stood up and ran off, simple as that. I turned to Natalie who was crying in the corner hiding. I tried calm her down. 


''We will be back, Niall.'' She said crying and she said it over and over again. She finally told me anything. He abuse her and she is his slave. 


''Please don't tell Harry?'' She said and she stared at me with her teary eyes.


''I won't.'' I said and I spend the night with her.




''He - he, came called me and threaten me. He said he will end my life if I didn't steal the box. I had to do it, Niall. I remember it now.'' She said crying. 


''Why didn't you tell me, Natalie? We could have helped you!'' I yelled.


''And ruin your singing career? No.'' She said. Well, she got a point there, but I'm right too. If she could have told us, non of this would've happened. 


''Okay, we both have a point, so lets stop fighting and start talking about what Harry is up too.'' I said and she nodded.

''Okay, so where is the box now? Do you know?'' I asked.

''Yes, it is in..'' She stopped.

''Natalie? What?'' I asked worried.

''The beach house. The box is in the beach house!'' Natalie yelled and her eyes wide.


Okay, I know you would bash me if I stopped there, so I will add more :3


''The day I stole the box from Harry, I went there to Norway and hide it away from Micheal. And since I sayed in the beach house, I hid it there. When we came back to England, I got very ill and got in the hospital, remember? Well, I must have been really bad cause I lost a part of my memory, that's why I didn't remember anything.'' Natalie explained.

''But, what I don't get is why Harry would take you to the beach house unless he...'' I stopped myself. 

''Does he?'' She asked me. He doesn't know, does he? I mean, its kinda obvouis that he does. He's brining Natalie, alone, to the beach house, where the box is. I'm not quite sure, but I know he is up to something. I couldn't bare looking at her right now. It hurts me so much to look at her scared. 

''Maybe, maybe not. But, he won't hurt you, Nat. Trust me, I will not leave your side.'' I whispered to her ear. I put my arms on her cheeks and wipe the tears away. I looked in her eyes, golden brown eyes, they were scared, lost. I leand to her and kissed her softly on her mouth. I kissed her many times and I went down to her neck and start kissing it. She let out a moan and I smikret to myself. I was about to make out with her, but we got interupptet...

''Natalie! Are you ready?'' We heard a voice yell and someone walking up the staries. 

Hit me, I can handle it, come on.

You call it Valentines day, I call it Thursday, lol. HAPPY VALENTINE EVERYONE <3 

And oh, if this chapter was confusing, please tell me. I confused myself while writing it xD


- Isa.


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