17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


23. Chapter 23


Talk to me? Just like last night...when he wanted to 'talk' to me..

The moment Niall closed the door, Harry looked straight at me.

Would he do it again?

''Listen, Natalie.'' He started to say and walked towards me, I jumped a little and he stopped.

''Natalie, I'm so sorry for what happened last night. I just was broken and mad that you forgot about what we once had, and I kinda wanted you to remember that, but I did it in a wrong way.'' He whispered the last sentence.

''You don't know how much I regret what I did, I know its hard to forgive someone who did something like that, but please Natalie. Give me a second chance, please. I will show you how much I regret and I promise, I won't lay a finger on you. Please Nat.'' He said and started to walk towards me. Should I forgive him? He regret it, I know he does, but still, it wouldn't change a thing. I was still raped, I'm still hurt, I wanted to forgive him, but I know I can't.

''In one condition.'' I said.

''Anything!'' He said a bit loud. I sighed before I answered.

''You've to let me go.'' I said and he looked sad. He knew he couldn't do it, and he knew he couldn't say no to me.

''I don't have the box, Harry. I wouldn't be much help either. If you let me go, I promise, I won't tell a soul about this, please.'' I said with a soft voice hoping he would let me go. He rub his face with his hands and he sighed.

''Fine, I will let you go.'' He said and I smiled bright.

''But, we will look after you, making sure no one comes near you.'' He added. Well, I didn't care, I won't be here anymore! Yay!

I ran up to this arms and gave him a hug. I don't know why, I just felt like it. He hugged me back and he hug me tight.

We pulled back and he just went out. 

*Harry's POV*

I can't believe she is going, I didn't want her to go of course, but I had to. I owe her that, after what I did.
I still can't believe that I still did that. I raped the girl I loved. What's wrong with me? 
I walked to the living room and saw all the boys were there, perfect. 

''Hey, guys.'' I said and they said hi back with a smile.

''I let Natalie go.'' I said and they immediately looked at me.

''What about the box?'' Liam asked.

''Well, she doesn't know where the box is, so why would we hold on her? And besides, we have some interviews and signings the beginning of the next week.'' I said not mentioning what happened last night between me and Natalie.

The boys nodded and agreed.  But, Niall didn't move, he was just staring in the empty air.

We deiced to go in the evening so we just chilled out, but I had other plans. I went back to Natalie's room, she was brushing her hair.

''Hey, Nat. I was kinda wondering if you wanted to hang out with me today, its the last day here in Norway, why not check out some stuff?'' I asked and she stopped brushing her hair and stared at the mirror.

''Where?'' She asked.

''Well, do you remember the beach house we went to last summer.'' I asked. I hope she remembers that part though.

''No, I don't, but I can check it out, maybe I will remember then.'' She said with a smile and I returned it.

''Wait, here in Norway? We went to Norway last summer?'' She asked.

''Yeah, well you did. You just went, and the day after, I came here to surprise you, so we stayed there for a while that summer.'' I explained. She mumbled a 'oh' and started to brush her hair.

''Okay, just let me get ready first.'' She said and I walked out of the room.

Its a new start for us, I thought.


*Niall's POV*

I can't believe she is leaving, I won't be able to see her again. Why did Harry let her go? I know that's the last thing he would do. Something happened last night, I'm sure, but I don't know what. I'm not ready to let her go, not yet though. I don't think  will ever be ready for that. I saw her walk out the bathroom and I stopped her.

''Nat.'' I said and she turned around and it grew a beautiful smile on her mouth. I love to think that she is the reason she smile.

''Niall.'' She said with a happy face.

''Can I ask you something?'' I asked while we were walking to her room.

''Sure.'' She said.

''Why was Harry in your room last night?'' I asked.

*Natalie's POV*

''Why was Harry in your room last night?'' He asked.

Just stop for a second and imagine a nutella chocolate bar. 

I didn't answer. I remind silence. I can't tell him? Why would I? It would cause problems and I would ruin Harry's and Niall's friendship. And besides, everything were fine now. We made a deal, if he let me go, I wouldn't tell a soul about it, so I won't tell anything. 

I looked at him and he raised his eyebrow.

''He just wanted to talk to me.'' I said, well he did, but I didn't mention the part where he raped me...

''About?'' He asked. 

''Eh, about, nothing really. We both couldn't sleep, so we just chatted.'' I lied to him. I hate lying to him. He looked down, I hope he bought that.

''You're lying.'' He suddenly said. Great, I know not good at this ''lying'' thing, but was it that obvious?

''What?'' I asked confused.

''I know you too well, Natalie. More than you actually know, and chat? with Harry? Okay, maybe you chatted, but he did more, didn't he?'' He asked. I think he knows, he just trying to see if I'm lying or not.

''Okay, okay! Yes, we had sex. Well, it was not like ''sex'' cause it was against my will, but its okay now. I will go back home tonight and its alright now. Don't worry about it.'' I said and by then I saw his jaw dropped and was in shock.

Oh, he didn't know that part.

''HE DID WHAT?!'' He yelled.



I hit my hip on a cornor and it feels like I've been shot, omg xD

I saw my crush yesterday and I was behind a door and when I saw him, he turned around and froze. I was on a Usian Bolt mode and ran out xD Thank god he regonize me, cause I was wearing a big jacket xD if he did regonize me, Im gonna jump off a cliff bye.

Comment! :D Say whatever yoooou want! ;D 


- Isa.





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