17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


22. Chapter 22



I was raped. Raped... I can't still believe it. I was still in bed crying, with no clothes. I am in position he left me. I couldn't move, scared of what will happen. 

Before I even realized, it was already morning. I didn't sleep at all.

My mind couldn't concentrate. it is just one thing flying in my head. I just got raped.

"Natalie!" Suddenly someone yelled and I automatically began to shake. I got scared, thinking that he come back to hurt me. But I relaxed when the person yelled again.


It was Louis. I automatically relaxed and told myself to stand up and pretend like nothing. He said I must pretend like nothing happened or I was going to be punished. I don't wanna get hurt anymore so it was best to listen him.

I managed to stand and winced in pain. It hurts like hell down their and plus my hips and wrists have bruises from his grip.

I made to the toilet and every step was painful. I stepped into the shower and lot the warm water wash my hurt body. The water was red first and then pink till it turned to normal water.

I stepped out of the shower and felt alot more better or my head feel better but not my hard or a place I don't want to say.

I looked at the mirror and turned away quickly. I felt disgusting and dirty. Then something come in my mind and I got almost heart attack.


How will he react about this? How can I be able to tell him such a thing?

I went to the closet and grabbed long sleeved shirt and some random black fit sweatpans cause I wasn't able to walk in jeans. I wore the long sleeve shirt because I want to hide the bruises in my wrist.

My hair looked like a bird nest and didn't want to deal with it so I grabbed a little scarf from the closet and wrapped it around my head.

I went down staries and saw all the boys were there there. The first I sat my eyes on was Niall, I smiled bright. But then I saw Harry, and got suddently scared and frowned. How could he? I know Harry, he might be mean to me, but rape someone? No, he wasn't like that.

I wasn't scared of Harry, I was scared off what he could do to me.  

''So Nat, we have to go back to England since there is nothing to do here.'' Liam spoke up happliy.

YES! I could finally go home!

''But, we will not let you go.'' Liam added sadly. 

WHAT?! I don't understand why I can't go home when they know that I don't have the box.

''We know that you don't have to box, but we still can't let you go. You are actually the only person beside us who knows about it. We have to get your memory back and try to find the box, together.'' Zayn said the last word with hope.

I didn't answer, I just looked down. I had no idea what I could say, so I just nodded. 

''Good.'' Louis and smiled. ''Now, lets start packing.'' He added. 

I turned around and went staright to my room. It still hurts to walk so I sat back on my bed and start thinking about what happened and what I should do.

Well, I can't tell anyone, thats for sure. 

I can pretend!

I can pretend to be good, happy and go well with them. Just like my plan, but a bit different. This time, I will flirt with Harry. Make him on my side.


I sigh. 

I heard a knock on my door. I froze.

''Natalie?'' I heard a voice say. It was Irish accent.

Why was Niall here? What did he want?

''Come in.'' I said and he came in. He slowly walked to my bed and sat beside me. Last time someone did that to me was last night, when I got raped...

''I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be harsh to you, I just, I don't know.'' He started and then sighed.

''I can't explain how I feel about you, Nat. But, I know that you don't feel the same way. So, lets just be friends, like before.'' He said and looked at me.


I just hugged him tight and we stayed like that for a while.

And then we pulled back and smiled.

We started chatting and we desiced to pack, but when I stood up I fell. I was still weak.


''Where have you been? I missed you.'' I said. It was the first thing I said today.

''Here actually. I came back right away. I was in the attic the whole time. I wouldn't leave you alone, Nat.'' He said and I smiled. He really cared about me. I slowly looked down and frowned. He doesn't deserve this, I can't lie to him about my feelings. He suddently noticed that I frowned and came to me.


''Are you okay?'' He asked running towards me and help me up.

''Yeah, my feet are a bit wired today.'' I say with a laugh and he smiled.

''Let me pack for you.'' He said. He started packing and we continued chatting over random stuff. 

''Why so sad?'' He asked.

''Nah, nothing. I just missed you that's all.'' I lied and he noticed. 

''Nat, I was just gone one day not one year Not that I'm complaining that you missed me or anything, but I can see that there is something that is bothing you, please tell me.'' He said with a worried voice. I want to tell him, but I can't. 

''Its okay, you don't need to tell me, just know that I'm here for you, okay?'' He said and I have him a hug. Why is he so nice, I feel so guilty!

''But, last night when I came down to eat, I saw Harry walking into your room. What did he want?'' He asked. 

He stared me right in my eyes. He seriously has to stop doing that. We both knew that I couldn't lie to him, so I didn't. 

''He-'' I started but somebody knocked on my door and the last one I wanted to see, came in my door.

''Hey, Niall. Mind if I talk to Natalie for a sec?'' He asked nicely. 

''In praivate?'' He added. 

''Sure.'' Niall said and left me and Harry alone in my room.

Vodka ;)

I was writing this chapter like 3 hours or something cause I get distracted many times. I checked twittah and tumblah like every single minute and I started reading my friend fanfic :S sorry

I dedicate this chapter to my wonderful and sexy friend, Bara. I love her so much and she helped me alot :) 

Now a days, I started to say; Hey, I'm russian, give me some vodka.'' xD 

And when I'm in class or something, all I say is vodka. My father heard me say vodka, and he said; what did you say? and I was like; I didn't say anything, you have some hearing problem, dad. Sign that you're getting old dude. and left lol

Aaaaannyyywaaaysss, my crush is a total bastard because he never talks....like never....always sit in a cornor with his phone doing God knows what. But he is sooooo hot and he is the reason for global warming :P haha

Love ya and have a amaaazzaaaaynnn day, night or morning .... :D

- Isa x

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