17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


21. Chapter 21

They didn't believe that, did they?

''Natalie...'' Liam started to say.

''No, I mean it! I seriously have no clue! I don't know what you guys want! And if there is something I'm suppose to know, I don't!'' I cut him. 


''Listen-' Louis started to say, but I also cut him off. 


''No, you listen! I don't have what you need, so you don't need me! Let me go.'' I yelled. 


''We unders-'' Zayn added. 


''This is so wrong in so many ways! Don't you see that?! You've got the wrong person here and, wait. You understand?'' I said calmly. 


''Yeah.'' Louis said and the others nodded. Well, Harry didn't. He was still shocked. It became quiet for a while. 


''So, you don't remember anything? At all?'' He said with a sad voice. I know what he meant, he was talking about our relationship, Niall talked about. I still can't believe I used to date him. I shock my head and he looked down. 


''You can't forget it. Its impossible! I will make you remember.'' He said coldly and left the room.

Everybody has to stop leaving me.


I looked over to the other boys for an answer.


''Don't worry, he will come around.'' Liam said, I nodded. This went better than I thought. I thought that they would do something to me or force me. But, instead they believed in me.


''What are we gonna do now?'' I asked them.


''I don't know, we have to get it in the end of the week. Being in Norway won't help us much. We probably have to go back to England.'' Zayn answered me.


''Does that mean that you will let me go?'' I said hopefully.


''No, we can't.'' Liam said sadly. 


''But, why? I don't know where it is, I won't be any help! Just let me go, please?'' I said quietly. The boys look at each other and sighed.


''Its up to Harry. If it was up to us, I would gladly let you go, you deserve to live your life.'' Louis said. Ugh, great! Harry would never let me go, if it was up to him! He is already pissed at me. Then everybody went to their business  Zayn watched TV, Louis was on this phone and Liam sat beside them and did nothing, he was probably thinking. 

I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Well, I finally made it clear that I don't have the box, but I didn't reach my goal, which was to go back home. 

I wonder where Niall was, I need to apologize to him later. He was right, he was there for me, but I didn't see that. I'm so dumb!

Wait, where was Eva? Now the curiosity was killing me, did they do something to her?!


''Guys?'' I said and they looked at me.


''Where is Eva?'' I asked and they looked at each other.


''She is out.'' Zayn said and they continued with what they were doing.

I won't let them out of this.

''Out where?'' I said sounding annoying.

''Nat, don't worry about it.'' Louis said.

''I said, OUT WHERE?!'' I said the two last words harshly and the boys looked shocked at me.

''Answer me!'' I said out loud. 

''She went back to England.'' Liam finally answered me. Wait what? England?! Without me...

''Why?'' I asked. Okay, now I must be annoying them. Zayn sighed before he answered me.

''She got seriously sick and she needed to go back, don't worry about it now.'' He said.

''She is gonna be okay, trust me.'' Liam said.

I didn't know what to do, so I just ran into my room and jumped in bed.

Even if our friendship was fake, I still care about her. I loved her, even though she didn't feel the same way. 
I changed my clothes to undies and a little top. 

I just want to sleep and forget anything...for a while.

*Harry's POV*

She can't forget what we once had, it was the best time of my life, her life, our life.

I have to make her remember, I don't care about the box anymore, fuck that. All I care about now is Natalie, and our past.

Now, I know what I'm gonna do! I'm going to do it tonight, in her room.


*Natalie's POV*


I woke up by the sound of closing door and I opened my eyes looking around the room. It was pitch dark here and I searched the wall looking for a contact. I found it and pressed it down, the room immediately come white and suddenly I spotted a person in the middle of the room.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhh! What the fuck Harry!! You scared the shit out of me!" I screamed and clutched my heart. Omg.

"Good" He smirked at me and started walking towards me.

"Ehh, Harry, what are u doing. Get out so I can change. I have just undies" I said confused to him.

"Good" He said again and continued walking.

Now, I became scared.

"Natalie, I want to talk to you" He said while sitting at the bed. I looked at him with questioning look and he took a deep breath.

"Nat, I love you! the moment let my eyes on you I fell in love. I always did and I always will." He blurted out and I froze.


Oh my god.

I was speechless. He love me?? Wait, we used to date, ah. 

"I-..." I started but he cut me off.

"You what? Do you love me back?" He asked almost desperate.

I moved in my bed uncomfortable, I can't lie to him! My heart is already stolen... to Niall.

" I-I can't" I stuttered looking at my lab, fiddling with the hem of the cover.

"WHY?? Is it because of that Niall?! That fucking bastard , he always takes my things, but not you! You're all MINE" He yelled at my faces and with that he took my arm and pressed me against the wall.

"Harry, listen.." I began but I was cut off by a pain from my right cheek. I gasped, couldn't believe what just happened.

"No! you listen! You're mine!! only mine and now you're gonna make love with me" He yelled at me and whispered sudectivly the last part in my ear.

Tears welled up in my eyes and I was shaking because was scared and partly because of what was going to happen now.

"Please Harry....." I began but once again I was but off by him and this time he kissed me roughly. I tried to escape from his kiss but he was too strong and I was locked between his arms and pressed in the wall.

His hand was touching me everywhere and I was helpless. All I could do was stand there, helpless and weak. 

He stopped kissing me in the lips and kissed down my neck. He stopped kissing and lifted me up and throwing me in bed.

I hold my hands infront of my face begging him to stop, but he just smirked evilly and climbed top of me.

Tears was streaming down my face and you wonder why I didn't scream for help. I could barely think. Everything happened so fast

He took of my undies and now I was naked. He looked at my body and his eyes was dark of lust while he was licking his lips.

I was sobbing hard now and couldn't believe what was happening. I never though that I was going to be raped.

Harry himself undressed him and he spreaded my legs poisoning him self in my entrance.

I closed my eyes and though "Goodbye virginity" He suddenly burst into me and I winced in pain. More tears come and it was sooo painfull!

He went deeper and faster and it become more painful for me, I don't know how to walk tomorrow.

This painful went in 3 hours straight. The 3 most horrible and painful in my life.

"If you ever tell anyone, you're gonna be punished more and you cannot be together with Niall! You're only mine, Is that clear?" He said coldly while he was dressing. I nodded weakly while tears continued pouring down.

"Good" and with that he went leaving me alone, cold, naked and hurt. 


Who ever reads this....I LOOOOOVEEE YOOOOU! :D 

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- Isa.



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