17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


20. Chapter 20

*Niall's POV*


What am I doing?! 


You're kissing her, mate.


Yeah, I know that, brain. But, why?


Ehh, dude, you love her, thats why, duuuh!


Ugh, shut up.


I'm you, so shut yourself up.


Okay, I really have to stop talking to myself.


But, seriously now. I'm kissing her, I'm kissing Natalie!


I don't know if its wrong or right, but I kinda liked it. Who am I kidding?!

I LOVED IT! and I love her. I hope she sees how much I care about her.


She pulled back.


''Did you hear that?'' She asked me staring at the door. I looked at it and listened close, but I didn't hear a thing.


''Hear what?'' I said.


''No, never mind.'' She said and looked at me again. Her beautiful golden brown eyes look straight at my eyes.


''Niall, I-'' She started to say before he heard a door slam. 


What's happening? 


We stood up and walked down to the living room where Liam  was. 


''What was that?'' I asked.


''Harry. He was mad and he went out of the door.''  


''Why?'' I asked again. 


''I don't know. I tried to ask him, but he said something with 'he will not lose her again'' Liam answered. 

What does he mean?! What is going on? Natalie slowly walked away and I noticed she became sad. I walked behind her and when we reached the hall way, I grabbed her hand.


''Hey, Nat, wait.'' I said and she turned around.

''What if he saw us?'' She asked me with a worried, scared face. 

''He probably didn't.'' I answered her.

''But, what if?'' She asked me again. 

''So? It doesn't matter if he saw us or not.'' I said and lay my hands on her cheeks. Why was she afraid if Harry saw us kissing or not? I came closer to her.

''It actually does.'' She whispered.

I stopped. 

I looked into her eyes. She still loves him? Of course she does! She always was!

I leaned closer until my lips was on hers. I pulled her closer and held her by the waist and before we knew anything, we were in a full make - out session.

''Niall, stop.'' She whispered and I pulled back.

''I can't do this.'' She said shaking her head.

''Why not, Natalie? You know its right, you just won't admit it for yourself.'' I said a bit loud.

''Niall, I really can't.'' She said again.

''Its Harry, isn't it?'' I said with a quiet and sad voice. She didn't answer.

''I was there for you. I didn't lay a hand on you while he was torturing you and hurting you. I was here, the whole time. But, still, I don't mean anything to you.'' I said staring her right in her eyes. She felt guilty though and sad.

''Niall, no! Its not about Harry. I just can't do this.'' She said. 

''Can't do what? Being together with me? Well, if that's wrong thing to do, do the opposite then. Bye, Natalie.'' I said and walked pass her. She didn't even call after me.
I grab my car keys and went right out of the door. I don't know where I'm going, I just want to get out of here.

*Natalie's POV

I sat on my bed and thought about what happened today. What did really happen today?

First I had a really nice talk with Zayn this morning, who made me feel safe, but then I tried to escape. I had a little fight with Harry, I kissed NiallHarry went out of the house, I kissed Niall again, had a little fight with him and he also ended up walking out of the house. 

Hours passed and before I even noticed, it was 10 pm already.

Non of the boys came back. I knew it was my fault, I'm so sure Harry saw us kissing.

I'm so damn confused right now. Its so messed up! 

I sigh. 

Its not something new though, I'm used to this. I'm always hoping for the best, but expecting for the worst. (sorry, I just love that lyrics haha)

I wonder where Eva was, I didn't see her the whole day. She couldn't have been sleeping all day, could she? Well, I don't care anymore. I don't care about anyone. I've to stop thinking about the others, I've to think about myself. How am I going to escape and screw my plan! I'm done. I'm done with Harry, Eva, Niall and...


I hurt him, I know I did. It wasn't the meaning though. Everything he said was true, he knows it, I know it, even you know it. A part of me wanted to keep kissing me, but the other part was telling me to stop. He is my kidnapper after all. I mean, he didn't really hurt me or anything, I'm thankful for that, but he is still one of them. He has to choose his friends or my side, and for me, he chose his friends. Its nothing wrong with choosing his friends, but he lost me.


I heard someone talking, it was a bit loud. It wasn't yelling though. I walked closer to the door to listen close.


''Are you sure?'' I heard a voice say, Louis.

''Yeah, we have to do it, and we have to do it now.'' A raspy voice said, was that Harry? Did he come back?

''And I will go with her.'' Harry added. Her? Who?

''Okay, fine. Lets call her.'' Another voice said, Liam.


''Natalie!!'' Liam called me. Oh great, another freakings scene is going to happen. I took a deep breath and walked out of the room. When I reached the living room, the boys were there, but no sight of Horan. I frowned even more.

I didn't feel safe at all without Niall. 


''We're going, get dressed.'' Harry said coldly. 

''Going where?'' I asked confused. 

''We're going to get the box, now hurry.'' He answered.

Holy shit.

Okay, lets do it.

''I don't have it.'' 

''I never did either. I'm speaking the truth, I've no clue where the box is, or what it is.'' I said and the boys eyes went wide and their mouth dropped 5 inches. 





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