17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


19. Chapter 19


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*Natalie's POV*

I turned around and saw Eva and Harry walking down the plane stairs and the boys getting out of the car.

I don't know if I'm angry, sad or scared, probably all of them. 

'Okay, just like last time, Eva, you go with Zayn, Liam you go with Louis and Niall goes with Natalie.'' He said and everybody went to their cars.

Why wouldn't he go with me? I mean, I'm the victim here. Not that I'm complaining, I feel safe with Niall than I do with the other boys. I started to walk towards Niall's car and he opened the door for me. I went in and he did as well.

We drove in silence for a while, it was actually comfortable. I look outside of the window and see the beautiful sight. I've never heard of Oslo, but it was the most beautiful place I've ever seen. The mountains and the big trees, the air, the road, everything actually. I didn't see any signs, well I did, but it was in another language so I didn't understand much.

''Niall.'' I whispered.

''Yeah, love?'' He said looking at me.

''Where are we going?'' I asked and looked at him. God dammit, those blue eyes! 

''Well, we're heading to a cabin right now.'' He answered and I immaturely frowned and looked down on my lap.

''No, no, its not going to happen, Nat. Don't worry, I won't let that happen, it wont happen.'' He said and layed his hand on my lap and I gave him a little smile.

''Thanks, Niall.'' I said and he smiled.

''No problem, love. Now take a little nap, its dawn already.'' He said and it didn't take a minute before I fall in sleep.


*Niall's POV*

Wow, that was fast. She slept like a stone. I kept on driving and about 20 minutes, we arrived to the cabin. I was the last one to drive, so that meant the others are inside already. Since Natalie just fell asleep, so I just lifted her up like a bridal style and went inside the cabin. I layed her in my bed, this is the second time its happening today, but it was Harry the first time. I went to the living room finding Liam talking trough the phone and Louis and Harry looking worried. Well, Harry kinda glanced at me for some odd reason.

''Yeah, I know. Of course. Alright, okay. I understand. We will, okay bye, Paul.'' Liam said and hang up the phone. Paul? Shit.

''That was Paul and we're in deep trouble.'' Liam said.

''Why?'' I asked.

''Well, the management wants the box in the end of the week and if not, they'll take the girls right in front of us, and we can't do anything about it.'' He said.

''And, we have a coming up shows. We can't quite forget we're world wide famous'' He added. He's right, we're still One Direction, just that we kidnapped two girls.

''We will do what we need to do.'' Harry suddenly said. I looked at him meeting his eyes.

''And that is?'' I said coldly. No one is touching the girls, no one.

''Getting the box, duuh.'' Harry said and raised this hands in the air like it was the most obvious thing in the world. 

''We will get the box as soon as possible and then we will see what happens.'' Harry said.

''What do you mean with 'we will see what happens?'' Liam asked.

''We're going to let them go, right?'' Louis said and everyone looked at Harry.

''We'll see. Goodnight guys.'' Harry said and walked away. 

I hate this, I wish it never happened at all. I wanted to meet Natalie in a normal way and chat with her, not like this. 

I sighed and went to my room and slept.

Its gonna be a long day tomorrow.


*Natalie's POV*

I slowly opened my eyes and it didn't take a second before I realized where I was. I sat up and saw around the room, a kind sized bed, long contains, white walls, just like a princess room. I went off the bed and walked around the room before I noticed that I was wearing different clothes. Over sized white T - shirt and a black shorts and my hair was messy. I opened the door and looked down the hall. No one, great. I walked straight forward and it lead me to the living room.




Was this a cabin or villa?!


It was so luxury.


''Good morning, love.''  I suddenly heard behind me. I jump a little and turn around. 


''Zayn.'' I said.

''Natalie?'' He said, with a question voice and raised his eye brows. 

''What are you doing here? I mean, why aren't you asleep?'' I asked.

''I'm looking after you tonight, making sure you won't escape, and I couldn't sleep. You?'' He asked.

''Not me either.'' I answered looking down. 

''Want warm choco?' He asked and my eyes got wide. Why would he be nice? 

''Don't worry, I won't do anything to it. I just want to talk.'' He said calmly. 

''I will be watching you, bad boy.'' I said and he smiled. 

''Come on.'' He said and we walked to the kitchen and made warm choco. When we were done, we walked back the living room and I sat beside him.

''Look, Natalie. I just wanted you to know that, we are truly sorry what we did to you. We had no choice, we just need the box, that's all. We never wanted this to happen, believe us and we regret every moment of it. I know its a lot to ask, but please forgive us? Or not tell anyone about it?'' He asked.

Wow, deep. 

''I don't know..'' I started to say. I really wanted to forgive them, but I can't. They hurt me mentally and psychically and I'm still kidnapped.

''Please, Nat. We will do anything.'' He said.

''Okay, then let me go.'' I said.

''Besides that.'' He said. Ugh.

''Why not? I just want to go back home, Zayn. I promise, I won't tell a soul about this.'' I said. He was quiet a bit.

''I really want, Nat. I want to let you go, live your life and be happy, but we can't. We need the box, lead us the the box and I promise, we will let you go the second the box is in our hands.'' Zayn explained. If they only knew that I don't have the damn box. 

''Alright.'' I said instead. Maybe if I pretend to be nice, they will start to like me and trust me then I can escape. Sounds legit.

''But, in the mean while, I want to get to know you. You seem like a nice girl and I'm pretty sure you're one too.'' He said and smiled. We started to talk about yourselves and it was fun. Zayn is really nice guy.

''So, Eva..'' I started and he suddenly turned his whole attention to me.

''What about her?'' He asked.

''Oh, come on, Zaynie! I know you've feelings for her. Don't worry, she has feelings for you too.'' I said and winked. He totally blushed.

''Really?'' He asked.

''Yeah.'' I answered before I saw the rest of the boys walked to the room.

''Good morning!'' Liam said and I said the same. 

The boys made breakfast while I just sat in the couch. 

I stood up and walked down the hall trying to find Niall's room. 

I opened a door and saw shirtless Niall in front of me. The moment I turned around he noticed me.

''Natalie!'' He said and I turned around.

''Hi.'' I said quiet and he smiled.

''Come in.'' He said and I did what he said and closed the door behind me. Gosh, that chest. Natalie, stop staring.

Fortunately and unfortunately, he took his red polo on. 

''So what's up?'' He asked.

''Um, I was just wondering, what are we going to do with the box? I still don't know where it is.'' I whispered.

''Well, try to remember. I'm sure you will have a flashback or something.'' He said.

''Wait, you really think I stole it?'' I raised my voice a bit.

''No, no. I meant like you will at least remember the part where Harry actually told you about the box and those parts where you dated him.'' He said the last part quietly. 

''Oh, okay. I will try.'' I said.

''Good.'' He said and smiled.

''Now lets go.'' He added.

''Wait, one more thing.'' I said and he raised this eye brow. 

''What am I going to wear? I can't go around with this, its weird.'' I said and he laughed. 

''Didn't you open your closet?'' He asked.

''What closet?'' I asked and we walked back to my room and I opened a big closet. I swear, it was like a shop in there!

Jeans, shoes, dresses, make up, yeah you name it! 

''Wow.'' I said and then smiled from ear to ear

''Okay, I will leave you and your happiness alone.'' He said laughing and went out of the room. 

I took on black jeans and a brown sweater, it was a bit windy today. I went out of the room and went to the kitchen where everybody was eating. 

''There you're.'' Louis said smiling. I remembered my plan of being nice so I smiled back and I sat beside him.

We started small chats about nothing while we ate, I didn't need to pretend, they were actually very nice.

When we were finished, I helped them with the dishes and we sat in the couch. 

Then I realized, Harry wasn't there, neither was Eva.

I was wondering where they were, but I didn't ask. 

''Hey, Natalie.'' A familiar voice said. I turned my head and saw Harry.

''Yeah?'' I asked.

''We're heading to the studio now. I want you to stay here while we're gone, is that clear?'' He said coldly. Woah. 

I was jumping of joy inside of me, and I looked I didn't give a damn about it.

''Where is Eva?'' I asked.

''She is still sleeping.'' Liam answered me.

''Don't you think of escaping, I mean it.'' He said and he looked that he meant it too. I simply nodded.

They grabbed their things and got out of the door.

Should I escape? Its my chance now, but the thought that I'm in Oslo isn't helping me much to decide. 

Well, I'm Natalie, bitches.

I tip - toed by Eva's room and saw she was still asleep. I went back to the front door and tried to open it. 

Guess what, ITS LOCKED.


I sighed and walked back to my room and tried to open the window....failed.


I walked to every single room and it didn't work. 

Wait a minute. The balcony! I ran to the balcony without making any noise.

I looked down the balcony and it was pretty far.

'Well, here goes nothing.' I say to myself before I close my eyes jump.

Did I fall yet?

I stood there like two seconds before I realized someone was holding me. 

I opened my eyes and the person who was holding me let me down.

Of course, Harry.


''What the hell is wrong with you?!'' He yelled at me. 

''Weren't you supposed to be in the studio?'' I asked.

''We lied, we were going to see if we could trust you. We obviously can't.'' He said.

''Well, sorry for being kidnapped by 5 idiotic boys and I'm stuck in the middle of no where!'' I yell back and walk pass him. 

He yell after me, but I ignored it.

I went straight to my room and cried in my bed.

Why me? Why do I deserve this? My mom died one month ago, my father ran away and I live with my brother who is never home. And now? I ended up being kidnapped and in a whole other country! 

I heard a knock on the door. 

I ignored it, but it knocked again.

''Go away!'' I yell and the door opens.

''I said go a-'' I say and I saw Niall.

''Oh, hi.'' I said looking down.

''Hey.'' He said and walked towards me and saw beside me. There was something about Niall, I don't know what, but since the first time I saw him, he was different. He understood me and he was always there for me, even though he is on Harry's side. He was kinda in my side too.

''Are you okay?'' He asked.

''No. How can I be okay? Everything is so messed up! I don't even know whats going on anymore! I can't believe this happened just in one day! One day, Niall! I can't do this anymore! I don't even know what I'm doing! I don-'' I started to say before I felt lips into mine. 

Is this real?

Am I kissing Niall?

Niall Horan?


Well, it felt good. So right, but so wrong. Wait what? Why? 

I pulled back.

''Did you hear that?'' I asked him starring at the door.

''Heard what?'' He asked and looked at my direction.

''No, never mind.'' I said, but I was so sure I heard something.


*Harry's POV*

They kissed. They kissed right in front of my two eyes. I was going to apologize to her, but when I reached her door, she was kissing, Niall. The girl of my dreams was kissing my best mate. I felt something hot inside of my chest. I couldn't watch this anymore so I walked away and made some noises, but I don't care. 


No one is taking my girl, I don't care what I damage. 

She is mine.



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