17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


18. Chapter 18


I looked over to Eva. She looked down, frowning. I don't know what is happening anymore. I'm kidnapped, my bestfriend is not my bestfriend anymore, I don't remember my past and I'm in Oslo. Where in bloddy hell is that?! I'm so messed up right now. Can it possible get any worse?! 
Harry noticed something was up, but didn't bother to ask. I walked to the door, pasted Harry and walked down the hall. I stopped in front of the exit door, wiped my tears away. 'Here we are.' I said to myself and walked down the staries of the plane. The cold air hit my right in the face. Is this Oslo or the North pole? I swear, I will find a polar bear somewhere, just wait. I looked around, there was no one there, or should I say nothing? It was in the middle of no where. It was pretty dark, I wonder how much the time is now. Out of no where, tree black cars parked right in front of me. What is it with the boys and black cars? 

Eva's POV

I wanted to tell her. I wanted to tell her how terribly sorry I was and that I love her, but I couldn't. I wanted to help her, she doesn't get that. I'm still her bestfriend, I always was and always will. I wasn't on the boys side, I was on Natalie's side. I just have to help the boys to get the box from Natalie, so all would be over. I didn't have much choice either, when Harry came to me that night.


''Yeah, mom. Yeah, I know, mom. I will, um. Okay. Love you too, mom.'' I hang up the phone and took out my keys from my purse. I'm going to be alone in the house tonight for the first time ever and my mom knew how scared I was to be alone home. Yeah, I know what you're thinking; you're 17, why would you would be scared?' 
Well, I'm not sure either, I just don't like to be alone home, and especially not nights like this and its gonna thunder tonight. I was so afarid of thunder so that was pretty much the reason. I went inside the house. Everything is alright, and seemed normal. Why wouldn't it? I checked every single door and window, made sure it was locked and turned on every single light in the house. Yeah, I'm a coward. 

Hours went and I ate dinner, did my homework and watched some telly untill I decided to take a shower and sleep. I slip out of my clothes and went straight to the shower. When I'm in the shower, I feel so safe. Yeah, I'm a weirdo, judge me peasants. I close my eyes and let the hot water flow down my skin. I didn't think about anything though, I just wanted to forget the thought that I was alone home and it worked quite well. I sang my lungs out. 


My eyes wided. What was that?! I turned off the water and listened closly. It was quiet, I didn't hear a thing. I shoke my head and started to turn on the water. A couple of minutes later I hear the sound again. This time, I'm positive that I heard something so I turn off the water, warp towel around me. I looked around something I could defend myself with.

What if it was a murderer in the house or something?! I stop. My head flowes with many thoughts. I would've locked myself in the bathroom and be there for the rest of the night, but you know me, I always to the opposite. My plan was to go straight to my room, lock myself up there, call the neighbors to come over here. That sounds like great, only if I actually be able to make it. If the killer attack me, I will do my ninja skillz. Kick him right in the balls and be on Usain Bolt mode and run. What if its a female? She has no balls, instead I will drag her hair, yeah, thats sounds legit.
I grabbed a mop and went out of the bathroom. It was dark down the hall, didn't I turn on all the lights? I hear a sound again, and this time it was quite load. 

''Hello? Is there somebody here?'' I yelled. Yeah, as if the killer will say; Yeah, in the kitchen! Want a sandwhich? 

I quickly ran down the hall and across the livingroom when I suddently heard a knock on the front door. I freaze. The killer is outside, well don't come in. I stare at the door, who is it? I really should not open it. Yeah, you know me to well, I started slowly to walk towards the door and when I was two steps away from it, I heard a knock again.

''Pizza delivery!'' I suddently heard and I was relieved. I ordered pizza before I got in the shower! Smart ass, Eva.
I opened the door and saw a young boy holding a pizza. I smiled at him and he was staring at something. I looked behind my back, but there was nothing there, but then I realized he was staring at my body, I only had a towel around me. I blush and gave him the money. I closed the door and the moment I turned around there was a young, curly haired boy right infront of me. 

'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!'' I screamed. The boy hold his ears.

''Jesus christ! Ever thoght of being a Operah singer?!'' He yelled. Um, my voice is pretty stong and loud. 

Oh! My plan! I lay my hands on his sholders and kick his balls with my knee. I failed. I kicked him right in the stomach, but he felt down in pain. 

''Or a boxer.'' he added.

''Or a cop! Who are you and what are you doing here?!'' I yelled and took up my mop.

''I'm here to talk!'' he said standing up.

''Have you heard on knocking?'' I asked him.

''Have you heard of 'stop being a Oprah singer in the shower'?' He mocked me.

''Hey, don't make fun of my singing voice, it runs in the family.'' I said.

''Anyways, lets just do what I came here for.'' He said and looked at my hand. Oh right. I lay back the mop in the kitchen and changed my cloths. I wear black shorts and a white T - shirt. When he came back, he was sitting on the couch and holding his stomach. I feel bad about it, but its not my fault he came into my house without even knocking!

''What do you want to talk about?'' I asked sitting infront of him. He had green, dreamly eyes, brown curly hair and he was wearing black jeans and a white T - shirt. He was not wet and it was still raining outside. Maybe he was in the house quite long time.

''Natalie.'' He answered. Wait, what? Natalie?

''Why? What happened to her?'' I asked and gasped. 

''Nothing happened to her, yet. Its about what is going to happen.'' He said. What does that supposed to mean?! I gave him a confuced look.

''You don't know me, do you?'' He asked and I shoke my head.

''Harry.'' He said and I froze. It was Harry. He kidnapped Natalie for 6 months ago! She told me all about it, she said that they would come back for her. No one knew about the kidnapping, exept from me and her. Everybody else thought that Natalie went lost in London that night. And now they're here. I stood up and I tried to run out the door, but he stopped me.

''Eva, look.'' He hold my sholders. How does he know my name?

''I know that you know me, and what I did to Natalie, but she needs her help.'' He said and I calmed down. I would do anything to help her. 

''All you need to do is talk to her, about the box. Convince her to give it back. What is ours, is ours. We won't hurt her. I will give you two weeks, and only two weeks to convince her. If you can't do that, we will take the lead. We may will do the things we have done to her once again.'' He said. 

What am I gonna do? I really want to help Natalie, but I don't know if this is the right thing to do.

''So what do you say?'' He asked me and I nodded.

''Great then.'' He smiled and headed to the door, but he stopped and turned around.

''Next time, close your bathrooms door.'' He said and winked. 

''Eww, get out!' I yelled at him and he laughed.


I have no idea how I'm going to tell her that I'm still her Eva. She hates me now. I sigh and look down.

''Are you okay?'' Harry asked me, but I didn't answer him.

''Don't worry, she will come around.'' He said reading my mind.

''Harry, she hates me. She can't even look at me.'' I said.

''She is just upset, thats all. Trust me, we will just get the box and everything will be normal again.'' He said and gave me a smile, whitch I returned.

''Come on. Oslo is waiting.'' He said and we walk out of the plane. We saw tree black cars and a confused Natalie standing in front of them. Niall came out of one car, Louis and Liam in the other car, and Zayn in the third. 

Oh boy. 


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