17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


17. Chapter 17


Oh my god, she is awake! She heard everything I talked about and now she knows that I lied about the box. She is going to tell Harry! 

''Eva, I-' I started to say, but she cut me off.

''Natalie, I know I know. You don't know where the box is, you've told us that all the time. But, you do know where it is, you just don't remember, thats all.'' She said. Wait what? What is she talking about? I have a quick look at Niall who quietly nodded. Oh, she don't really know about the lying part. She was about to fall so she probably didn't hear what I said to Harry. 

''Wait, where am I?'' She asked when she finally noticed that she was somewhere else. 

''You're in a plane.'' Niall answered her.

''Oh, what happened?'' She asked confused.

''Long story short, you fell out the bridge.'' Niall said looking down. Ehh, no. She didn't ''fall'' She was TRHOWEN off the bridge by HARRY. Thats what happened, I thought to myself.

''Oh.'' She whispered and it became silence for a while. I stared at her. Her hair was messy and dry. She had on a large  black hoody which I assume that its Zayn's. I feel bad for her right now. I don't know why though, its was all a fake. Our friendship was all fake, but something tells me that deep inside, she loves me and care about me.

''Why?'' I asked her. She gave me a confused look.

''Why would you betray me like that, Eve?'' I asked her while I stared her right in her eye. 

''I guess I will just leave you two alone.'' Niall said and walked out the door.

''I didn't betray you, Nat. I'm helping you.'' She answered. 

''By being in my enemies side? You know what happened to me, you know how they treated me. But still you're on their side.'' I said and my eyes began to water.

''I'm helping you from not letting it happen again. They are helping you, Nat.'' She said. I can't believe her at all. Tears came faster and faster.

''So it was just a lie, wasn't it? Our friendship? I'm so stupid for have fallen for that. But, it won't happen again, because the minute I get out of here, you mean nothing to me. You will get out of my life for good.'' I said standing up and so did Eva.

''Natalie, wait. No, it was true, all of it. You really matter to me. I just want to help yo-'' She started to say and I liftet my hand and made her stop talking.

''Spare it, Eve.'' I said and the moment I turned, Harry opened the door.

''We're here.'' He said.


It feels so wired omg.

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