17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


15. Chapter 15


''Wait, why?'' I asked her. 

''Because, Eva was going to die and I needed to think of something fast, so I lied.'' She said quietly. I would actually do the same thing if I was in her place, but it doesn't make things easier though. Harry will eventually know about this, and he will not be happy. 

''I don't really know anything about it.'' She contuined and sat on the bed. 

''What about us? I mean, me and the boys. Don't you remember us?'' I asked her. She can't forget, what we had is unforgetable!

''To be honest? No. I don't.'' I swear my heart just jumped out of my chest. How can she forget? There are many things that happened, too much to forget. 

''What do you know about us then?'' I mumble.

''Eh, hm. That you kidnapped me, twice. I remember the first time very well.'' She said and tears started to stream down her face. I sat down in the bed with her and wiped her tears. 

''Don't cry, its gonna be alright.'' I said, trying to comfort her. I don't wanna see her like this, not ever.

''Will it happen again? Like all those nights?'' She asked me. I frowned. Those nightes was the worst thing I ever seen. 

''Never.'' I answered. No one will ever touch her again, not Harry, not no one.

''Promise?'' She asked.

''Promise.'' I said and she gave me a little smile.

''But, I somehow remember this picture, some memory. I know that I used to know you guys, but I don't know how.'' She said.  

''Don't worry, you'll remember eventually.'' I said and gave her a little smile, which I got in return.

''Help me remember?'' She asked.

''What do you wanna know?'' I asked her. I don't know if I should tell her everything or not, but I don't care about the box anymore, I just want her.

''How did we met?'' She asked. 

''Well, you first met Harry when you were in a hurry, you where in a rush or something.'' I started telling the story.


(Harry's POV on flashback)

''Please Harry?'' Zayn whined. 

''No.'' I answered.

''Pretty please, Hazza?'' Liam whined too.

''You guys, stop. He can't buy 7 starbucks! Poor guy! Haz, make it 10.'' Louis said.

Yes, they're begging me to buy 10 starbucks coffies to them, its like raining a ocean outside!!

''Why can't Niall do it?'' I asked.

''Because he is not here.''  Louis answered.

''Great! Call him and tell him to buy it on his way home!'' I said.

''He is not coming soon and come on Haz. Its only 10 minutes from here. Please?'' Liam said with his puppy face and then Zayn and Louis gave me one too. 

Its not working on me.

Its not..


''Okay for god sake!'' I said and they cheered.

I grabbed my car keys and drove to starbucks. I had a black hoddy, I don't wanna be mobbed right now, so yeah.

When I finally reached Starbucks, it was full. Like really full. There was no place to even stand. I sighed and drove to the other starbucks in the end of the city. 

This one wasn't that full, thank god.

I orded the coffies and when I was about I bumped into somebody. I felt a something hot on my chest. Oh great, I spilt the coffie all over me!

''Oh my god! I'm so terribly sorry!'' I heard a voice say. I looked up and saw the most beautiful girl ever. Her eyes were big and brown, no hazel brown. 

''You okay, sir?'' She asked. Sir? She called me a sir!!

I smiled like a idiot. 

''I guess you're fine?'' She said with a smile.

''Yes, its nothing. I will just order a new one.'' I said and stood up.

''Harry.'' I said.

''Natalie.'' She said and shook my hand. 

''Nice to meet you, Harry. But, I've to go. Sorry again!'' She said and ran off. 

''No, wait.'' I yelled after her, but she didn't listen to me.

I bought a new coffie and all I could think of was Natalie. She was so beautiful and so, I don't know, down to earth? She didn't seem to recognize me, thats a good thing, I guess.

I have to see her again, I need to see her again.


(Niall's POV)

''Oh.'' She said.

''Yeah.'' I said back. 

''What happened after that?'' She asked.

''Well, you guys met again and you two got close friends and before we knew anything about it, you were dating.'' I told.

''Oh, but what about the box?'' She asked.

''Long story short, you stole it and Harry found it out. I know you didn't steal it, but the others thinks that.'' I said.

''Why are you believing me? I mean, the others don't, why do you?'' She asked. BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, THATS WHY!! 

''Hm, I don't know. I guess I know you more than you think I know.'' I said and she smiled.

''Thank you.'' She said and I nodded slowly.

''But, how did I meet you?'' She asked.

''Eh, I actually knew you before, but you didn't know me. I just saw you a couple of times, but thats all. We became friends when you started seeing Harry.'' I admited. She whispered a ''oh'' and looked down. We were quiet for a moment, not a awkward moment though, it was actually nice one.

''Please don't tell Harry?'' She said. Before I could answer her, someone cutted me.

''Don't tell Harry what?'' I heard a voice say behind me. 



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