17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


14. Chapter 14


I stood up from a bed. It was big and cosy. I wonder how I got here. I walked around in wherever I'm. It was a room, it was beautiful. It was so light and many paintings. One caught my eye. It was huge and it was in the middle of the wall. As I walk closer to them, I noticed that I was in the picture, with a guy, Harry. Why was I in a picture with Harry? Is there something I'm missing here? I was about to touch the paiting when I heard..


I turned around.  


Harry's POV

She slept. Just like that. She is tired so why wouldn't she? She had been throw alot today, a little nap won't hurt. I just drove and thought about the past. Everything was so perfect, she is perfect. What happened?! Why did she stole the box from me? It was the point from the first place, I thoght. I shooked my head, I didn't want to think about it anymore. She doesn't mean anything to me, or did she?


My phone.

Yes, I like ''Keep Up'' Admit it, its very catchy. 

I took it up before it woke Natalie up.


''Hey.'' I said. 

''Hey, everything alright?'' He asked.

''Yeah, why?'' I asked. 

''Oh, nothing. Niall told me that you drove Natalie, so I just wanted to ask, and eh.'' Liam started. What? Why is everybody so UGH. Wait, that is he gonna say?

''And?'' I asked. 

''Eh, something happened with Eva..'' He said. 

''WHAT?!'' I whiper yelled. 

''She is alright, but she won't wake up.'' He said.

''What do you mean she won't wake up! Is she dead?!?!'' I whisper yelled again. She can't be dead. I can't do this to Natalie. 

''No, she is not dead. She slept first, but it had been hours and we can't wake her up. I think she fainted.'' Louis said. Oh thank god. 

''Okay, lets pull out in the next stop.'' I said and he agreed. I drove faster, I made it there in 5. 

I parked the car in a parking alot and went to Zayn and Liam's car, where Eva was. Zayn was holding her in his hands and she had a blanket over her. She seemed so cold. 

''What happened?'' I asked. 

''Well, she swam all the way back and she was alright. We came to the car and she slept, for hours. And then I tried to wake her up, but she wouldn't move. She has pulse though.'' Zayn said sad.

I went to her and touched her. She was ice cold and she had on Zayn's varsity jacket. 

''She is just cold, we need to take her in a warm place.'' I said. 

''Where?'' Louis asked. 

''The jet?'' I said. 

''Are you crazy? We can't do that. As soon as that jet is in air, the management knows it.'' Liam said. Well, he got a point. The management don't quite know about Natalie. Well, they know that the box is missing, but they don't know that its Natalie who took it. I had no plan to tell them either. 

''Well, we have back ups. Don't worry.'' I said. I know exactly what I'm doing.

''We're not far from the airport anyways, so?'' Louis said.

''I'm in.'' Zayn said. 

''Okay then, I hope what you're doing, Haz.'' Liam said and sighed. I gave him a smile, but it fainted.

''Where is Niall?'' I asked when I noticed that he wasn't here. 

''He is in the car.'' Louis said. I wanted to go to him, but Louis stopped me. 

''He's fine, just give him space.'' He said. Why was Niall acting like this? Yeah, I know that he doesn't like to do this, none of us does. I know that he had feelings for Nat, maybe he has feelings for her still? Nah. But, I don't want to ruin my friendship with Niall, that is not going to happen, espeacial over a girl. I nodded to Louis and came back to the car.

She was still sleeping. Awesome. *note the sarcasm*

I drove in silence to the airport, Natalie was still in sleep. She is so gorgues and so peaceful. I miss her. I miss us. Why did everything has to change?

 I drove in an hour and Natalie is still asleep. Maybe she is- No. She can't be. Or?

I shook her a bit and she didn't move. I stared at her, I didn't care if I'm driving or not. I started to call her name and shook her name.

''5 more minutes mom.'' She said while she slept. Oh thank god. She is a heavy sleeper. 

I drove 10 more minutes and we arrived to the airport. Thank god no one knew that we were coming or else they could've seen Natalie and we would get in so many trouble. 

I parked the car and guess what? She is still asleep. 

I didn't to wake her up, something that is impossible to do, so I lifted her like a bridal style to the jet and Zayn did the same with Eva. 

I looked over to Niall, he was looking at me, but then he looked away. I need to talk to him later, I don't want to loose my bestfriend.

I walked into the jet. 


It was bigger than I remember and prettier. I went into my room, yep, I've a room. Everyone does, the jet was quite big. I layed her in my bed and kissed her forehead. 

I went out of the room and sat on my seat. 

 ''So, whats next?'' Louis asked. 

''We stick to the plan.'' Liam said. 

''Yeah. We're going to Norway and get the box.'' Zayn said.

''What about the girls? After we get the box.'' I asked. 

''Well, we'll let them go.'' Louis answerd. No, what! I can't Natalie go. 

''But, if they like, tell somebody about us?'' I said. I know they won't, but same shit.

''Well, we'll make sure they won't.'' Louis answered me again. Niall came in the room. I gave him a little smile,  he didn't even look at me.

''How is the girl?'' Niall asked Zayn.

''She is alright, she is just unconscious.'' He answerd looking down and sighed. 

''She will be alright.'' Niall said and laid his hand over Zayn's shoulder. After that, we became quiet. We were thinking about the sitoastion. I mean, who wouldn't? Kidnapp a girl and her friend is unconscious. It was not as hard as we thought it would be. The only thing who is hard about this is my feelings for Natalie. I can't hide it anymore and at the same time, I can't tell her my feelings. Ugh. I'm not the only one who likes Niall, though. I'm pretty sure Niall likes her too. 

Suddently Niall sighed and stood up and went out of the room. 

Where is he going?

Niall's POV

I need to talk to her. I want her to know that I won't hurt her, and I never will. I want her to trust me, I want her. 

I knocked at the door, but when someone didn't answer, I opened the slowly opened it. 

There she was, beautiful as always.

She was staring at a picture, the one with her and Harry. 

I faked a cough. She quickly turned around. Is that? Is that a smile on her face? Well, I smiled back.

''Hey.'' I said.

''Hi.'' She said back. 

''How are you feeling?'' I asked. That sounded lame, but what else would I ask her?

''I'm fine, thanks.'' She said and I nodded.

''Why didn't you tell me?'' She asked.

''Huh?'' I said not sure what she was talking about.

''About what happened. To Eva.'' She said. Wait, how does she know about what happened to Eva? Did Harry tell her?

''She is okay, she is just unconscious, thats all. She will be awake soon as possible.'' I said and her eyes wide opened. Did I say something wrong? 

''SHE IS WHAT?!'' She yelled. Oh, she didn't know.

''Nothing.'' I replied.

''Niall!'' She yelled worried. Oh my god, she said my name.

Don't blush.

Don't blush.


To late.

''Why are you blushing?'' She asked.

''I'm not.'' I said looking away.

''Anyways, where is she?'' She asked.

''Um, in Zayn's room.'' I said and she walked pass me.

''Nat, wait.'' I said and held her arm.

''Where are you going?'' I asked her.

''Seeing my bestfriend who is possibly gonna die soon.'' She said and walked out of the door. 

Well, at least I talked to her. Sigh. I went out of the room and went to Zayn's room. She wasn't there. Only Zayn was.

''Hey, Zayn. Have you seen Natalie?'' I asked.

''No, why?'' He asked back.

''Nah, just wondring.'' I said and walked out. Where did she go? Maybe she got lost? In a plane, haha.

Maybe she is with Harry. Ugh, I hated that thought. I don't know why, its just Harry, right? 

I checked every room and looked everywhere, but I didn't find her. I decided to go back to my room, to my suprise, she was in there.

She sat on my bed and had a picture on her hand. Great, she really likes pictures, lets buy her a foto album! 

Okay, that was lame.

Move on with the story.

''Nat.'' I started and walked towards her.

''I remember this.'' She said quitly. I looked at my picture. It was by the beach in the summer, with me.

It was actually the only picture I had of her. Harry had tons of her, of course, he dated her.

''But, at the same time, I don't.'' She said.

''What do you mean?'' I asked her and sat beside her.

''I remember this picture, but I don't know how I know you guys and the box.'' She said. 


She doesn't remember us? Not me? Not Harry? NOT ANYTHING THAT HAPPENED ?!

We're in some deep shit.

But, wait. What does she mean about the box? She knows where it is, right?

''Wait, what do you mean about you don't know about the box?'' I asked her. She looked down and bite her under lip.

''Natalie..'' I started.

''Okay, okay! I don't know where it is! I never did!'' She said and stood up.

Okay, shit got real.


School started so I'm trying to keep myself alive :P

So I will post once/twice a week? Sounds good, aye? :)

And oh, who do you ship? Natalie + Niall or Natalie + Harry?

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