17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


11. Chapter 11


''STOP!'' I yelled. Oh great, what am I doing?! He looked at me, still holding Eva.

''I - I-' I whispered. I had no idea what Im going to say to stop him.

''You what?'' He asked. No, Natalie. Don't do it!

''I - I have it. I have the box.'' I lied. No, what?! Are you trying to get yourself killed?! I can imagine the headline in the paper tomorrow. 

''Where?'' He asked, still holding Eva's hands.

''Eh, em, O..sl..o?.'' I lied again. If that place even exist. I just made up some random place...made things worse.

''In Norway?'' He asked. Oh, it exist after all. 

''Eh, yes.'' I said. Where the heck is Norway?

''You're lying.'' He said. Oh crap..

''No, I'm not! I'll lead you there! Just let her go!'' I yelled at him.

''Okay.'' He said and actually let her go. I screamed and saw that Eva actually fall down this time into the water. I started to cry and I slapped Harry's face. I was pissed, no, I was beyond pissed. How could he?! 

''What? You said I should let her go.'' He said. 

''I didn't mean in that way!'' I yelled back.

''What did you mean then?'' He said.

 ''You knew! Oh my god!'' I said and looked into the water again, hoping I could see her, but I didn't. Oh my god.

''Don't worry.'' He said calm. No, why would I even be worried?! Its not like my bestfriend is drowning and dying! 

''How can I be calm?! My bestfriend just died!'' I yelled. The thought hit me right in my heart when I said that.

Eva is dead.

And its my fault. Its my fault that Eva died. 

I started to cry.

''Aww, baby don't cry. Its not your fault, oh wait, it was.'' He said. I swaer, if I had something near me right now, I would throw it at his face!

''So now that you know that I'm taking this serious, lead us to the box.'' He said.

Is he for real now?!

''What?! My bestfriend just died! And you killed her!'' I yelled. I'm wondring what the others are thinking. They knew this would happen. Niall knew this was going to happen! Why didn't he warn me or something, ugh. I trusted him!

''So?'' He said. He just keep suprising me.

''So what?! Do you really think that I would help you to find your toy?!'' I yelled. 

''Well, yeah. If not, you know what is gonna happen.'' He said.

''And who are you gonna kill this time?'' I said. I don't even know what is happining anymore. I can die now, I don't even care.

''Well, I don't know, I heard that you had a cat, shame if something would happen to her or something.'' He started. I swear, if he touch my cat, I will touch him! Okay, that wasn't good enough. 

''But, thats to lame, so if you try to screw things up again..well, you remember the last time, don't you?'' He said. Does he mean that? Of couse he does! 

''Yeah, I thought so. Lets go.'' He said and Niall came towards me. He tried to hold me, but I stepped back and went to the car by myself.

Harry's POV

I hate this! It kills me! I hate doing this to her, I really do. So you ask yourself why I do this to her? Well, I have to, even though I don't want to. She hates me, I mean, why wouldn't she?

It doesn't seem like I love her, yeah I know. But, I love her more than anything, yep, I said ''love'' like now.

It can never be like before, like it used to be. She used to be happy, she loved me, now? She can't even see the sight of me! 

Only if she didn't steal the box, everything would be alright. 

The box..

I felt anger in me. She stole it. She used me to get it, she never loved me. I'm not doing anything wrong, I'm right. 

''What the hell?!'' A voice yelled behind me.


''Not in a mood, Niall.'' I said.

''What was that all about?!'' He yelled. Woah.

''Niall..'' I started to say, but he cut me off.

''No! We all agreed that we wouldn't do anything to her, I won't let you do it, Haz. I won't.'' He said shooking his head a bit.

''I won't, I promise. I've got this. We will get the box and then leave her.'' I said to calm him down.

''You said that before! Don't you dare lay a finger on her, Haz. I mean it.'' He said. What was that all about?!

''Calm down, Horan. I won't, chill.'' I said.

''You love her, don't you?'' He asked. Okay, I wasn't expecting that at all. What it that obvoius?! Oh gosh. It doesn't matter, I don't love her anymore.

 ''Psh, what? Why would you say that?'' I said hoping he would stop talking about this topic. But, no, of course not.

''Oh? Prove it then.'' He said. How can I prove that I don't like a person?! 

''Drive her.'' He said. What?! Is he shitting with me right now?! Thats seriously the last thing I want to do. I can't face her again, not after what I did now.

''That doesn't explian anything, Niall.'' I said. 

''Yes it does. Wasn't it the reason in the first place anyways?'' He said and raised his eyebow.

Well, yeah. 

''So?'' I said. I didn't have anything else to say, really.

''So, you're still love with her.'' He said.

''No, I don't.'' I said.

''Yes, you do.'' He said.

''No!'' I said.

''Then prove it.'' He said and handed me his cars keys. Actually, my car keys. He was only driving my car. I don't want Niall to think that I'm in love with her, which I'm not, and I don't wanna drive with her. I took the keys and went to the car.

''Here goes nothing.'' I whispered to myself while opening the car door. 


Okay, so I never get what I want -.- but, Gracie.V_loves_1D_ and Caetlin_Jade wanted a new chapter and so I posted a new chapter! Woohoo! :D Thanks babes.

Okay, so I will try another thing....if I get 6 fans, when I will post chapter 12, yeah? Okay :)

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