17 year old Natalie was in a party in London when she gets kidnapped by One Direction. She manages to escape, but will they find her again? What do they want? And what happens when she fell in love with two of them?


1. Chapter 1

I ran. I ran for my life. I didn't know where I was going or what I was doing. I just ran. Just went there my feet lead me to. I looked straight forward, not to the left or right and definitely not back. I thought that if I looked somewhere else, they would catch me. After I ran a while, I ended up in a large forest. I was surrounded by high and tick trees. I sat down under a tree to rest. I looked around. There is just trees and stones. I wonder if someone lived around here, nah probably not. I mean, why would they? If they did, it was probably old couple who don't like to live around people. I looked down on my foot. It was bleeding, it must be from all the running. I looked at myself. I had dirty black jeans, white T - shirt, who obviously isn't that white anymore and I had no shoes on. I looked at my skin, it had a lot of bruises. Then I remembered what they did to me. I put my head into my hands and started to cry. I knew they would find me, I just knew. They won't stop here, my escaping just made things worse. I was breathless, cold and tired and wanted so bad to sleep, but I couldn't. The thought that they would find me held me awake. 

*Shhk shhk shhk*

I opened my eyes. It was dark, I could barely see a thing. Did I fall in sleep? No no no no no!! I couldn't have! Oh my god. Who sleeps in a situation like this? Stuuupiiidd!  I suddenly heard a sound. The sound sounded like someone stepping on a branch. I quickly stood up and looked around me. Nothing. Everything was like it was before. The sound came closer and closer, the closer it got, louder it became. I automatically thought of them. I looked after a place I could hide, maybe a big stone or something, but I didn't see anything because of the darkness. I saw flashlights and people yelling. Without thinking, I climbed on a big tree. The people came closer and closer. Oh, its them. They've found me. But, how? I ran like a mile away from them! But, that doesn't matter, they've found me now and they will catch me and bring me to their house and abuse me all over again! The thought made me cry. The room, the knives, belt, everything. What did they want? I didn't do anything to them. I felt the pain in my foot, I couldn't hold on anymore. I tried to move myself a bit, but it was to late. They were here. Right under me. I closed my eyes tightly and was quiet as a mouse. I could hear my heartbeat beating double as fast. Then everything got silence. 

ELLO THERE :D So, this is my story. I actually wrote it like 2 years ago or something, and I thought I would upload it for you guys! :) I hope you liked it and sorry for its short, promise to make it longer next time! Tell me what you think and I will upload chapter 2 tomorrow! xx 

- Iqbal.

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