Simple Complications

The world famous pop sensations Niall Horan and Zayn Malik's lifes are about to be turned upside down, as two girls from different worlds walk straight into their perfect life's. Nana, who's an average 16 years old girl, makes Niall fall head over heels in love with her - but what if Nana's not ready for the commitment yet? And what about the Emily, that Zayn helped out one night, and now lives on his couch?
But most important, what happens when they get into some ''simple complications'' ?


3. That kind of feeling - Nina

Nana’s P.O.V  

“Oh, Nana sweetheart, look how you’re growing! Feels like it’s been a lifetime!” my great aunt greeted me with open arms. As I felt her warm embrace, she made sure to touch my hair a little, taking my face in her hands and squeezing my cheeks. “Well, today it’s actually exactly a year ago since you flied over Europe” I made her remember as I couldn’t help but smile big. Since my dad passed away, my family has gotten really close. They are the people I turn to, these are the people I know for a fact always will be there to support me, whether my heart’s broken ‘cause of a jerk, or if I’m confused about my plans for the future.

The last bit of sunshine that was painted on the now dark blue sky when I came, had already disappeared. It was last in November and the snow would soon begin to fall. The winter, or as I like to call it, Hoodie-hot-chocolate-and-cuddle season, my favorite! My mum’s light footsteps went across the wooden floor and she decided to join in. “Nana’s going to Washington D.C for about 6 month soon! Can you actually believe it?” she bragged about me. “You’ve got to be joking! Really? I’m so proud of you!” Debby gasped surprised.

I shyly stroke a tuft of my hair behind my ear with my index finger which was still a bit nail polish red. I sighed to myself, shaking my head in shame - the flashback of myself, spilling nail polish on my new clothes, including my hand also, just before leaving for the party today.

I woke up from my thoughts, hearing my family still talking about me. Don’t misunderstand, I love them all to death, but my mum couldn’t shut her mouth about me. In fact, I haven’t even ordered the tickets yet. Much can happen in a short period of time, maybe I’d change my mind. Maybe I would start second guessing about taking off to D.C, when it was about time. Who knows? Exactly. No-one.

“She’s gonna be the greatest journalist ever seen on the screen before, I’m totally convinced!” my old sister interrupted. I blushed, making movements in the air with my pale hands “Stop! Enough about me!” I took a sip of my champagne, trying not to act awkward (like that’s even possible). An expensive taste of peach and mango swam down my throat before I dragged the attention away from myself. “So Debby!” I improvised “- how was Island?” I asked kindly, tilting my head an inch to one side, looking interested. My auntie’s story got cut off by my world of thoughts as he walked into the room. It was ridiculous how he couldn’t be here, at our family ‘get together’s anymore without getting all the attention. This was hosted for Debby to welcome her home, this is no One Direction meet and greet. Now don’t get me wrong, he hasn’t changed since X-Factor and since the fame started to control his life. Not a single bit, actually! He’s still my dear friend I’ve known my whole life, after all. No more, though. No less.   


Niall’s P.O.V

I peeked out from the circle of family members and gently started to let my glance dance around in the hall, finally founding her among the many people. I locked my eyes on her green ones, as I still tried to pay attention to Uncle John who was asking to my relationship status. 

“Don’t worry son, there’s plenty of lovely ladies free on the market!” he assured me. He was funny to believe I didn’t know. My lips turned into a crocked smile and I pulled my new ironed shirt into place for the occasion. “As a wise man once told me though,” I smirked, referring to John him-self “All that you want’s right under the tip of your nose!”. I winked, caught Nana’s attention even from the distance, nodded at her and waved my arm slightly back and forth up in the air, smiling big at her. Up rolled her eyes, as she couldn’t help but giggle. “Don’t worry” I was mouth signaling to her, letting her in the believe that it wasn’t her, but my hair dresser – which she thought I was crushing on – I was talking about. “Oh boy” Uncle John sighed and fully aware of she couldn’t hear him, he leaned in on me. “Break Nana’s heart and we’ll kick you out of the family, you know” he cracked a joke. “Well, practically I’m just a friend of this family. Which means I actually am allowed to brea--“ I got cut off by an pumped fist which met my upper arm and I immediately let out a whimper. “Auch Uncle J! I was only joking, man”. 

I turned smiling and faced cousin Sue. I complimented her beautifully done make up and as we were just about to get a conversation going, all of us guests got told to take a seat. No shame, though – I was starving!  


Nana’s P.O.V

Dinner went by so fast, and so did the hours. I enjoyed spending my time like this, with my big and caring family. "Could you please pass me the soda, Nana?" the voice of my 8 years old nephew sounded. It was often when we met I would tell him about how I still remember him as the newborn little baby boy, I once was holding in my arms at the hospital. I strengthened my arm out in its full length, leaned in over the table with the lovely pastel pink tablecloth and grabbed the Fanta Exotic. His eyes automatically lightened up as he got the bottle in his hands, this was just like Christmas for him I bet. "You're very welcome" a smile came across my lips, just the moment before i filled my mouth with a piece of cupcake. 

Feeling completely full, I looked around studying all the seated family members at the head of the table. Adam, my godfather, and his wife. I also watched Niall stealing a bit of Sally’s sweets when their daughter looked away. I smiled to myself at the sight. ‘Niall would be an absolutely amazing father, when the time would be right’ I agreed with myself, and continued. Awh, Granny sat over there, too. I found her with a huge smile on her face, which revealed how her teeth was effected by her addiction of smoking and drinking coffee. I first didn't notice how she was laughing because of Niall, before I realized how that whole part of the table let out giggles, grins and laughs. Come on, how could Niall possibly cause this? He had always been bad at telling jokes, for as long as I can remember. I watched him laying a light hand on Granny Rose’s shoulder, telling her to pay attention when he was about to crack his third and just as ridicules joke. 

"Hey N," he yelled from his seat, across the room and then to the end of the table where I calmly sat, innocently playing with my hands in my lap. I looked up from my white, high-waisted skirt, into sky-blue eyes, and a face full of excitement. "'Sup Niall, which bad joke are you trying to seduce my Grandmother with, this time?" I raised an eyebrow, daring. The room wasn't containing just as many sounds of voices chatting, as before. People started to find our conversation interesting, though it didn’t change how we bantered at each other. Niall and I continued shouting to each other - only in the good way, of course. In the meanwhile he hadn't even finished his steak yet. "Ok, ok, Harry made this one up, I got this" he started off confident, chewing finish. My mum rolled her eyes at us teenagers, and every other around the table was ready to laugh their butt off. "Where do you find a one legged dog?". I gave him the ‘just-tell-me-already’ look, and he couldn't hold it in anymore. "- Where you left it!" He almost shouted in laughter, and I covered my mouth, giggling my heart out just like all the others.  


Niall's P.O.V

Her glossy lips quickly lifted from one side of her face to the other in a laugh, and not just my stomach but my whole body was filled with butterflies. She lifted her one hand and covered up her smile, "Okay,'Nialler' as they call you" she teased making a silly face expression. "You'll get that one" she admitted in a normal tone, no longer shouting. I smiled, partly to myself but at her as well, pleasant to know I was the reason behind her toothpaste-white teeth showing in a grin. She turned her head and started chatting with her niece and her boyfriend. Unbelievable how Nana was only half a year older than her. I wasn’t falling for a 16 year old, I just wasn’t. I mean, I couldn’t! I shook the thought out of my head, or, I tried to, just as the sound of metal against glass met my ears and 'Auntie Debby' rose up from her chair. 

After a few hushes the assembly finally got quiet and Debby cleared her throat. "First of all, I wanna thank the lovely ladies, Aria and Sarah for the absolutely fantastic food". We all nodded in agreement and gave the chef's and applause. They both thanked, and soon Debby continued "A year on Island was amazing, but so is it to be back again" she warmly smiled, trying to get eye contact with each and every one seated. "I hope you've missed me as much as I've missed you, and” I kept up exchanging glances with Nana, as the speech got longer and longer and us two more and more distant. 

The opportunity of getting to talk to her tonight before leaving, finally arose as Debby’s choice of words caught my attention. Smirking, my hands were within 0.5 seconds in the air, after she has asked if two young lovebirds would mind staying a bit longer, helping out with the dishes. “I can assure you, Debby, that Nana and I would love to” I broke the silence, and the tickling feeling in my stomach appeared, once again. I watched Nana’s eyes widen as we all just waited for her to confirm it was ok. In the corner of my eye I noticed how Uncle John couldn’t help himself but smile. 

“Oh well,“ she sighed, lifting on her shoulders lightly; “Why not“ she smiled big, and so did I. “Now, take that hand down” she giggled, nodding at my hand still desperately hanging in the air. Goddammit, she was playing with me. And apart from that, she was cute as heck too

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