Simple Complications

The world famous pop sensations Niall Horan and Zayn Malik's lifes are about to be turned upside down, as two girls from different worlds walk straight into their perfect life's. Nana, who's an average 16 years old girl, makes Niall fall head over heels in love with her - but what if Nana's not ready for the commitment yet? And what about the Emily, that Zayn helped out one night, and now lives on his couch?
But most important, what happens when they get into some ''simple complications'' ?


5. I'm unsure - Nina

Nana's P.O.V

The early Sunday sun weren't even warming me a tiny bit, so I zipped up my jacket completely and took a deep breath, pressing my thumb against the play button. The pleasant sound of Frank Ocean filled my ears and I started stretch out right away. I began with my arms, leaning them in over my head from side to side in pace with the music. The snow had fallen last night I observed, and about a centimeter or two lay on the sidewalks. I loved winter, so it didn't quite bother me. I liked how it was just lying there peacefully,totally completing the landscape. I took a glance at my watch - 5 minutes down, 25 more to go!


Niall's P.O.V

"That must be just about it" Liam's voice sounded, and I nodded without paying any kind of attention, still hanging with my head down my phone. "You seem so distant, what's going on?" he slammed down the tailgate. "She doesn't answer my texts Liam, why doesn't she answer my texts!?!" My voice got louder in frustration, avoiding his question. "And for God's sake, look!" I pointed to the stain of spilt sauce at my pants. "I can't go, looking like this!" I sighed. I shook my head, breathed in fresh air and crossed my arms, trying to warm them up a bit - wearing only a T-shirt wasn't as smart after all. I thanked Liam, watched him put in the last two boxes in the back of my car.

The ride felt like a lifetime, and so was the waiting of a text back from her. I hopelessly threw my phone in the leather seat next to mine, grabbed my Ray Bans and turned up the radio. While singing along with Katy Perry on “Part of me” I carefully watched the morning sun beautifully peak out from the otherwise cloudy sky. It shone up the little bit of sticking snow, and I still tried to keep an eye on the traffic. I turned the key, parked besides their new painted, white fence and slipped out of my car. Before getting a hold on the many boxes, I fixed my hair in the reflection of the car window. Then carried it all to the door and finally rang the bell. Up went the door, and my eyes were greeted by a sweaty, tired teenager. Even when she was wearing sweats and a messy bun my eyes couldn't help but light up at the sight of her. "Hey sweetie" I smiled softly, grinning.

Nana raised her eyebrows in a giggle with confused eyes and after a second of thoughts she leaned in and wrapped her arms around me. "H-hi Niall!". Caused these damn boxes between us I couldn't lock my arms around her as I wanted to, and prevent her from ever letting go. Though I enjoyed every second of our close contact and inhale the sweet scent of hers.

"W-what exactly are you doing here, N?" She eventually let go of me, now resting her head in her palm, the elbow pressed against the doorframe. “Well well well, look who we have here,” her mum came to view, finding me. No doubt where Nana’s natural blond – not to mention outstanding - hair color came from. “Mrs. Reynolds” I nodded in her direction. My big smile vanished a little, and I sighed as the mountain of boxes in my hands got heavier and heavier every other second.  "Oh so rude I am, sorry my dear, let me help you with those," she rescued me and took the boxes out of my hands. We both followed her mum to the kitchen where she found a scissor to open up the boxes. I massaged my sore palms and Nana still looked like a big question mark.

Her mum and I had for a couple of days ago to the family get-together, talked about the cutlery I had in my flat. Since the family Reynolds cutlery still was the one that Nana's grandmother had inherited from her own mother, I guess it was safe to say they needed to replace it. We even came to talk about the wine- and champagne glass I don't use either. And then it hit me; I thought if I made the effort and were willing to take the three quarters trip from mine home to theirs in the outskirt of London with the glasses, cutlery and so on, I had an excuse to see her. Her who slowly but safe was stealing my heart - text by text, call by call, day by day. I explained it to Nana’s breathtaking face. Apart from the last bit, of course!

She seated herself on the kitchen counter and I leaned my weigh against the fridge. She asked me politely to hand her one of the green apples lying in the bowl with the others. "Think fast" I threw it to her and to my surprise she grabbed it. “Why didn’t you mention this on the phone last night?” she took a bite, dangling her feet. It didn’t seem to bother her talking about our late night phone call when her mum was around, packing out her new waitress. "Ahh, let me see.. Hmm” Acting wise, stroking my chin. “Maybe I was too busy helping a certain someone with their homework!?!”. She grinned to herself, knowing it was a dumb question she had asked.


Nana’s P.O.V

Niall and I had chilled on the sofa, watched TV for about an hour now, before my mum flicked at us from behind the couch, dragging our attention away from South Park to her. Her earrings hung loosely and her red lipstick seemed almost dark against her white skin tone. She had changed her outfit and looked kind of more presentable now. “I have to go meet Annie and Helle, money’s on the table for you two’s lunch. It’s only 1am!”. “Thanks mum” “Thanks!” Niall and I both said at once. “See you hunny!” she sent me an air kiss and waved to Niall.

As soon as the door shot our eyes met in a smirk and he lifted his brows. “Nando’s?”. “You bet” I rose up from the sofa. “Though I’ll need to take a quick shower first, I took a run this morning” I looked down at myself and comfortable though not very pretty outfit. “That explains the clothes” Niall said, smirking still. I rolled my eyes, running up the stairs “You’re such a jerk!” I shouted.

Soon I felt the warm water rinse down my body and my wonders of what I’d like to order today kept me company.


Niall’s P.O.V

A quick nap wouldn’t hurt I thought, but Nana was quicker than expected and I didn’t wake up to the still empty living room as I expected to on the couch. “Good morning sleepy” She winked, holding up two of her favorite shirts in front of her almost half naked body. “This one, or that?” she asked, lifting up first the one in her left hand, then the right. “I-I um” I sat up, rubbing my eyes.

“Erh, I umm” my cheeks were burning and I found it hard to act normal. I unintentionally stared at her just covered breasts, bare stomach and her well fitted jeans. “Theee, um, the” I trailed off, pointing at the plaid Abercrombie shirt, trying to remove my eyes from her body. Silently swallowing a lump in my dry throat. “Niall, are yooou.. ok?”. I woke up from the stare, desperately trying to find another place to look at. “For God’s sake Niall,” she took her head in her hands, walking around in the living room. “You’re blushing?” she growled. I didn’t know what to say. Your crush decides unexpectedly show up in underwear and jeans only, and you’re supposed not to stare? God, what this girl was doing to me I asked myself, growing redder if even possible.

“This shouldn’t mean a thing Niall, I’m just your friend, it’s just a bra.” She calmed down a little, still shocked that I reacted like I saw her as more than a friend. “I-I’m sor- I didn’t mean to!” I tried to lie with an unsure voice. I’d just woken up and I was still surprised of the sight. “Whatever!” she pulled on her shirt buttoned it, trying to hide the pinch of irritation and confusedness in her voice. Hadn’t she got my hints? “Let’s go” Nana quickly brushed her hair through, and I picked up the money on my way to the door. As the gentleman I after all was, I held the door for her. “Thanks” she smiled, shaking her head at me. I tried to hold in a little giggle.

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