Simple Complications

The world famous pop sensations Niall Horan and Zayn Malik's lifes are about to be turned upside down, as two girls from different worlds walk straight into their perfect life's. Nana, who's an average 16 years old girl, makes Niall fall head over heels in love with her - but what if Nana's not ready for the commitment yet? And what about the Emily, that Zayn helped out one night, and now lives on his couch?
But most important, what happens when they get into some ''simple complications'' ?


7. Acting kinda strange - Nina


Niall’s P.O.V

”I’ll just go with the pasta,” Nana smiled politely up at the waitress. I felt so attached to Nana, I don’t know how she did it. But somehow she managed to make my stomach feel like a fucking zoo and I started studying her. Her blonde, short, slightly wavy hair fell just to the start of her shoulders and framed her face. Her green eyes went from the waitress to me, and mine to her red lips. Oh, those lip- "Niall, you're there?" Nana flicked and woke me up. “Sorry, I-I um” I shook my head a little and quickly ordered the usual "Peri peri chicken, please" and I could hear Nana grin while I was at it. I handed the waitress the menu cards, not removing my eyes from Nana. I rested my arms at the table. "Daydreaming about your sexy hairdresser, Horan?" she still giggled. She was such a tease.  

I just smiled half-hearted to myself, looking down at my feet feeling quite awkward. She pinched her eyes together, lifted her eyebrows, acting sexy and shit. "So tell me, Ni" she whispered seductively. I couldn’t help but feel a little turned on, and it was embarrassing how I began to blush, when she wasn’t more than joking. "How do you want me to cut your hair today?" she titled her head a little. "I can style it just as you'd like to, baby" she said with a sweet as sugar voice. "Juuust as you'd like to" she let her tongue wet her lips and she played her role well. My laughter filled the whole restaurant and I earned a few looks – not sure if it was ‘cause I was, well, me, or they just thought we were a little too aloud.

"For fucks sake Nana, stop it already!” I laughed uncontrollably, cutting her of as she was about to continue. “Enough!" Nana giggled hard and I after minutes of tear brining laughter drowned in my sea of thoughts once again.

This subject really was hard to talk about, when our whole conversation was based on a lie pretty much. My smile vanished. I kept thinking of how badly I wanted to find her hands, take them in mine, squeezing them slightly as I looked her in the eyes. How bad I needed to let her know this was how I didn't feel for anyone but her. That it was her I thought about every night before falling asleep, whether I was in my own bed or lay in another hotel room. She was who crossed my mind, when a smile crossed my lips. Not my damn hairdresser, but her - Nana.

"Woah, you must really like her Niall, your lips really are sealed!" her tone telling how she hadn’t seen it come. She shrugged and smiled at me kindly before taking a sip of her cola. I bit my lip nervously. "Ahah, well actually, I umm" I started off, clearing my throat first. My hands were now lying in my lap, I couldn't really look her in the eyes without blushing even harder. I couldn't just throw it all at the table, like, telling her how I felt, right here right now. The timing just wasn't right and how in hell was I even supposed to continuing talking about my non-existing crush on my hairdresser, with her who I truly had those feelings for? "You know, eh" I couldn't believe my luck as the food arrived, rescuing me. "Holy mother of Nando's I love this place" I pointed at my plate coming my way, smiling. I could already smell the delicious chicken.


Nana’s P.O.V

I slipped on my jacket and scarf as Niall fixed the paying. He really was a gentleman, and his future girlfriend would be lucky I thought, and a smile danced on my lips as I in my head imagined what his princess would look like when she eventually would come around. Niall rose from the chair as he had paid the waitress and asked if I were ready to leave. He offered me his muscular arm and I rested my hand on his forearm without any doubt, and together we walked side by side like they always do in old movies. He escorted me to the car while we couldn’t help ourselves but goof around like teenagers -which we in fact both were still! He kept cracking jokes and I wouldn’t let him believe he was the one with good humour around, so on our way we had a short joke battle. Like in the old days when talking to granny got boring at our family conventions. Oh, our young days.

Niall’s laugh suddenly vanished and his eyes darkened. He looked over his shoulder more than once and seemed quite distant. I understood why, when I saw a paparazzi run like it was for his life as Niall told him to let us two alone on his day off. It didn’t bother me but I got where he came from, of course. “I think he got a couple of shots anyway” he sounded a little bit annoyed, looking around to see if any other pap was near. “That’s the price of being famous, Ni” I told kindly as he held the car door open for me. I slipped in as elegant as possible and Niall closed the door, walked around the car and seated himself in the driver’s seat.

As we both were settled we heated for home. Or, my home, of course. We chatted a little on the way back but he seemed quite thoughtful. "The pictures are going to be all over the news tomorrow, you know right" Niall brought the subject back up. "Yeah, and then what, Niall?” I asked calmly and Niall just rolled his eyes at me. “Sorry mate, I just don't see the problem” I sighed, looking out the toned window as we drove through the city. "If people starts asking me about you," he said, mostly to himself I believed.

"Niall, it's not the first time this happens. The media is used to see us together" I pointed out, confused why he was making such a big deal out of this. “But what am I supposed to answer if they ask-“ he begun again. What a minute, what? What he was supposed to say? "Bloody hell Ni, how about the truth as usual? That we're friend and nothing more" I unintentionally snapped. It wasn't on purpose but at the same time I found it strange how he even considered this situation as a problem, you know. Nothing has changed, why was this so important now.

He took in a deep breath and kept his eyes on the road. "You're one of my best friends and I'm one of yours, that's what you can tell" I continued, still confused. Within a few seconds he parked outside my house but didn’t move an inch. Niall leaned his head back against the leader seat and sighed before facing me again, almost staring. "Yeah, best friends.." he repeated with a small voice, sticking on a smile.

Feeling guilty for in some way ruining Niall’s good mood, I tried to lighten up the atmosphere again. "But it was nice seeing you again, Niall. We should hang more often" And by saying that I was telling the truth. "If Niall Superstar Horan even got time in his busy life to see me" I added jokingly, making him giggle and I decided to laugh along.  "On a serious note though," he took in a deep breath, looking loving at me. "I've always got time for you, N" he smiled, looking me directly in the eyes.

I felt flattered by the compliment, but also slightly uncomfortable as none of us had said something for seconds or so. I kind of felt trapped in an awkward situation. "But hey, call me when you're home safe, okay?" I broke the tension, smiling. "Of course. I guess I'll see you around!" he winked cheekily and I grinned while slipping out of the machine.

"Yes, I guess you will!" These was my last words before I slammed the door close and waved goodbye before finding my keys. I turned it around and home I was, ready for my homework to be done.

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