Simple Complications

The world famous pop sensations Niall Horan and Zayn Malik's lifes are about to be turned upside down, as two girls from different worlds walk straight into their perfect life's. Nana, who's an average 16 years old girl, makes Niall fall head over heels in love with her - but what if Nana's not ready for the commitment yet? And what about the Emily, that Zayn helped out one night, and now lives on his couch?
But most important, what happens when they get into some ''simple complications'' ?


4. A safer place - Zaily


I held the door into my flat open for her, but she didn't step in. She looked up at me, like she was asking for my permission. She seemed scared of the power I had over her. How I could choose how her story should end. "You can go in," I mumbled, and forced a small little smile. She fast looked away from me, ashamed of her behaviour. I pressed my lips together to a thin line, and tried to keep the feeling of regret away from me. After some seconds of hesitation she stepped inside, probably overwhelmed by the smell that was far from bad. The slight smell of perfume, and the smell of me (that I couldn't smell, because you can never smell the smell in your own home). She stepped a few more steps inside, just to be sure that she wasn't blocking my way. Her hair was long and dark brown. It was wavy, not curly, not straight. Wavy - like the ocean. I walked inside, closed the door behind me, and locked it. Then I walked by her, to hang my jacket on one of the hooks in the wall. I could feel her watching me, but I tried not to look at her, as I kicked my shoes off, and kicked them up to the wall. When I looked at her, she was looking down at her shoes. Wondering if she should take them off, if she was allowed to. Maybe she wasn't such a big problem after all. Until now she had been quiet, and done everything I had told her to do. 
"You can just place them by my shoes," I said, and she looked away from her shoes, and up at me. She nodded, but didn't smile, didn't say a thing. I remembered how her voice had sounded earlier. She had sounded so little and fragile. I wondered if she always sounded like that, but I was not going to ask her to speak. She could be quiet if she wanted to, as long as she didn't bring me any trouble. I left her in the hall, and walked into the big living room, where I turned the light in the roof on, and breathed the air in my flat in deeply. It felt good to be back here, though I had missed Bradford. 
I could hear her gently place her shoes in the hall, and then her light footsteps as she followed me. Soon I could see her silhouette in the corner of my eye. "You can sleep on the couch, is that okay?" I asked her, without turning my head in her direction. I knew that she clearly was surprised by the size of my flat, it was big, it was beautiful. "Is it okay?" I repeated myself, and this time I looked to my left, where she stood a few steps away from me. She nodded, while looking around in the room with wide-open eyes. "Maybe you should take a shower, and then you can sleep in one of my shirts," I said, hoping that she would answer me. But she just turned to look at me, no sound left her lips. 
It was like she had lost her voice. "Okay, you can just leave your blanket here on the floor, and your bag and shoes as well," I said, and helped her taking the bag, as she slowly placed the blanket on the floor, after she hopelessly had been trying to fold it. I put the plastic bag on top of the blanket, and her shoes beside it. "Let me show you the bathroom,” I said, and started walking across the room. I could hear her behind me. I turned left into a little hall, where the bathrooms door was in the end. There were no other doors in the mini hall. I also held this door open for her. She stepped in, once again amazed about the size and the beauty.


Emily’s P.O.V:


“I guess that you’ll be fine?” He asked me, from his place in the door. I turned my eyes to him, and nodded. I didn’t know what to say, I mean, everything was so overwhelming. I didn’t dare to say anything, afraid to say something wrong. It was typically me to mess up. I had been trying to hide the dizziness that was over me, another reason why I didn’t speak. He had said that he didn’t tolerate drugs, but I hadn’t thought about the fact that I would get extremely ill tomorrow if I didn’t get my daily potion of cocaine, and other drugs. I had been addicted since I was sixteen. Since I ran away from the orphanage. Escaped right away, and never looked back. I guess that it was my own fault, but before I left I had been addicted to sneaking out with older guys, smoking weed in the smaller streets, drinking Jack D, and sleeping with them every now and then. I used to think that it was the way that my life was supposed to be, but when I turned seventeen I had realised that I was stuck in a dangerous game. But I had never been able to break free, and I was still playing it. He ripped me out of my memories, “the towels,” He said, and pointed at a shelf where white towels lay, looking so soft that I just wanted to bury myself in them already. “The shampoo, soap and stuff is in the shower, on a shelf,” He kept telling me where things were. I was relieved that I had shaved the same morning, so that when I walked around in his t-shirt, I wouldn’t have any hair. I just nodded as he kept on telling me where to find things. “I’ll leave a shirt for you on the couch, and… Yeah, okay. Take as long as you want,” He seemed nicer than I had thought he would be, but the fact that he had rejected my offer about sex, still surprised me. Not that I was upset about it, I felt relieved. I didn’t enjoy my job - I hated it. I could spend hours crying over it, cursing at my life, but I didn’t have a choice. When he left he closed the door as well, and left me alone in the big bathroom. The shower curtains were not curtains, it was glass walls, and nice lamps were hanging on the walls inside of the shower. The water came out from the ceiling, from mini holes, that only were visible because I concentrated on them.
I undressed, slid my skirt down, and kicked it away. Then my top fell to the ground, and I kicked it away as well. I was only left in my bra and my undies. Before I took them off I took a second to thank the guy and his kindness, of course only in my thoughts. Then I unclasped my bra, let it fall to the ground, and slid my undies down my legs, and kicked them off my ankles. 


Some seconds later hot water was streaming down over my tense body. I had bruises weird places, one on my hip, and another on my right shoulder blade on the back - another reason why I hated my job. Some of the costumers were really abusive, others nicer, but where I was from, people usually didn’t know the word ‘Humanity’. I washed every part of myself so clean that if I had been a cartoon person I would’ve been shining. I even watched my hair two times. When I was done, I stayed in the bathroom until my hair almost was dry. I ran my fingers through it, feeling the softness of clean hair. It felt so amazing. I didn’t remember the last time that I had been as clean as I was at that moment.
I took a look in the mirror, and found myself looking better than I had the past weeks. I removed the makeup under my eyes, and tried to force a smile, but it didn’t work out. Maybe I just needed a little time, a little safety.
I wrapped a towel around my body, grabbed my clothes under my arm, and then I sneaked out of the room, being careful not to make any noise.
Like he had said there was a t-shirt on the couch, a big grey one.
My eyes wandered around the room, and up the stairs, to be sure that he wasn’t there. Then I put my dirty clothes on the couch, and grabbed the t-shirt. As I pulled my hands up in the air, to put on the t-shirt, the towel loosened, and fell down around my ankles. I got terrified that he might was somewhere, and I just didn’t know. So I fast slipped the t-shirt on.

Just when I had slipped it over whole my body, I could hear the stairs behind me crack. I turned my head, and saw him walk down. His bedroom was probably up the stairs.
Our eyes met, and I bit my lips, while fast looking away.


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