Im Your Angel Baby

I'm your angel baby to watch over you. To keep you safe from all harm. To hold you up when your down.


1. Im Your Angel Baby

From the start I loved you

You said I was your angel baby

It was so good

Too good to last, so I thought


We did it all

Had love so tender

Kisses sweeter then wine

Passion so strong


Our desire was hot

Our love was strong

Then you started staying out

No reason at all


No more sharing

I'm your angel baby

What happened?

You have changed


I never saw it coming

It is breaking my heart into

I'm shattered

Your angel baby


Is lost and lonely

I'm true to you

Wait for you only

I'm here for you


I won't leave

Won;t make you cry

Your my heart

I need you so


Your angel baby

Need's you around

I want to hold you

Kiss your lips


Im your angel baby

Your my destiny

My one and only love

From now to forever

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