When Its Cold Outside

When it's cold outside bundle up nice and warm. Enjoy your day and play.


1. When Its Cold Outside

When it's cold outside

Lot's of snow and hail

Watch it blow

See the gleam


The snow cover's the grass

The mountain's are full

Look at the valley's below

You can barely see


The light is so bright

It is like a picture

So beautiful to see

Watch the skies


The children are playing

Laughter everywhere

Smile's can be seen

When it's cold outside


Dogs are walking with care

Have to be careful

Where you step

Bundle up tight


When it's cold outside

The bird's are gone

Everything is quiet

Most are inside


The light's are dim

Music playing slow

We dance and sway

It's cold outside


You take me by the hand

Kiss me long

Give me a warm embrace

When it's cold outside



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