I'm so sick of it.

Bella has a dark past. But now, she wants to start her life afresh. But will Bella ever forget her own past misery? Or will love brings happiness back to Bella? Or will Bella face her own fear back?


1. Prologue

Bella, Bella Edwards. 18. 5 years ago, I ran away from home. Why? My parents well..let's say they abuse me. My dad..abuses me. And my mom..take drugs. And at the end, they both..abuse me. But the best thing is, I don't get emotional talking about it.

But I don't care about the past 'nymore. That was 5 years ago. Now I am at my new apartment. I can forget and start a new life here, right?

Anyway, I also have a best friend staying here with me. She knows everything about me and my past. She's greaaat! Her name's Danielle. She's a dancer. She has a boyfriend though. But she NEVER talk about him.


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