I'm so sick of it.

Bella has a dark past. But now, she wants to start her life afresh. But will Bella ever forget her own past misery? Or will love brings happiness back to Bella? Or will Bella face her own fear back?


2. At last

Yesterday, Danielle said she wanted me to meet her boyfriend, Liam. She said he's from a big boy band. What, NSync? LOL.

I wore a cute pink tank top and and a pair of black short skirts. And tied my hair into a messy bun.

Once we're done, Danielle drove us to Starbucks and waited for them. Then some random girl shouted 'OMG ONE DIRECTION!!'

One Direction? That boy band? That band? I never know their names. But I like their songs. What are they doing here, anyway?

Then Danielle waved at some random guy with his 4 friends. I guess that's One Direction. Pfft. Liam is from One Direction? Goodness.

They sat in front of us and I just sat there, awkwardly. Then this guy with suspenders started to say.

'Hey what do we have here? Danielle, is this pretty lady your friend?' He said. I blushed a little. Did he say I'm pretty? Most likely. Haha.

'Yes, this pretty lady, named Bella is my girl friend.' Danielle said. And again, I blushed.

'Hey, I'm Bella.' I said, at last. He offered me his hand 'Nice to meet you Bella! I'm Louis!' I gladly shook his hand. And then a blonde hair guy, quite adorable said, 'I'm Niall!' I smiled at him. Then a curly hair with fabulous green eyes guy said, 'I'm Harry. The cheeky one.' I giggled. The next guy beside him said, 'Zayn. The most handsome one.' I giggled, again. Then Danielle said, 'And my boyfriend, Liam.'

So we ordered some food and coffee. And we chatted.

'Bella can we talk?' Louis asked. Alright this is weird. I followed him to the back of the shop.

'Umm.. there's a garage sale at my friend's house this Saturday. Umm.. and none of the boys wanted to go with me. So do you want to..?' He asked.

WHAAT? A super-popular-cute-gorgeous guy like him asked me out?!

'Yes. I'll go!' I said, controlling my coolness.

'Yes!' He said like he just won the lottery. Am I that big of deal? I don't think I am. Pfft.

When we're done, me and Danielle went back to her car when she said, 'What did Louis say?'

'What?' I asked, pretending like I don't know anything. 'You know what I mean, Bel-arr.'

At last I gave up, 'He's taking me to his friend's garage sale.'

She fangirled a little. 'He's gonna take you out on a daaate!' She said, expressing the a's.

This is going to be an exciting week. Yeah?

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