The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw

The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw
Adopted sisters Lana Beth and Emma Jane are polar opposites, but when the same strange 'tattoo' suddenly appears and winds its way up their bodies within days of each other, they soon realise there's more to their relationship than they could ever have imagined.
Sent off to London for two weeks of 'work experience', the Morgan Sisters soon find themselves being initiated into the ancient Praxos Foundation, one that protects the innocent while fighting evil, both human and supernatural.
At the same time, Lana Beth and Emma Jane must also investigate why the sweet but sometimes pesky ghost of Josiah Grimshaw just won't leave them alone.


2. Two


'I can't believe you left me at home,' said Lana, pouting outside the hospital after she'd cycled all the way there.

'You wouldn't have come anyway. I followed Dad to the beach down the cliff pathway. You know? The cliff that you're terrified of. You'd never have come down there. Besides, I had no choice... he wouldn't let me leave. It was... weird.'

'Yeah, I guess so. Do they know who he is yet?'

Emma shook her head and ran her fingers through her long brown hair. 'He's sleeping now. Are you gonna come up and see him?'

Lana grinned, 'Of course! You know how I love a mystery,' she said practically dragging her towards the entrance to the island's only hospital.

Emma smiled at her sister and shook her head as she was practically pulled through the electric door. They walked straight up to their father.

'Dad,' said Lana, 'Any news?'

Shaking his head, Patrick placed a protective hand on both his girl's shoulders. 'Afraid not girls. We don't know who the boy is, and there's still no sign of old Josiah. It's not looking good. The coastguard has been scouring around the island all morning.'

'That's so sad?'

'Dad?' asked Emma.

'Yes sweetheart, what is it?'

'Who was Mr Grimshaw looking for?'

Patrick was just about to answer when the walkie talkie he carried in his belt during working hours went off.

'Do you copy, Chief?'

Turning slightly away from his girls, Patrick held the gadget to his face, 'Ten-four, Duncan. What's going on?'

'It's Josiah Grimshaw, the Coast Guard pulled his body out of the water about a mile off the coast. He's alive but it's touch and go at the moment. Over and out.'

'Well I never... erm, Roger that, Duncan. I'm at the hospital, I'll await his arrival. Over and out.'

Placing the walkie talkie back onto his belt, he turned and smiled at the girls, 'this just might be a good day, after all. Why don't you girls go on up to our mystery boy. If he wakes up with you there, it might help to calm him. I'll be up again in a bit, after I've checked on Josiah.'

Nodding, Lana and Emma gave him a quick hug before heading to the stairs where they ran up to the second floor and tiptoed into the boy's room.

'Oh... I was expecting a kid,' whispered Lana. 'He's not much older than us. He's cute.'

'Lana... for goodness sake,' said Emma as she tried not to laugh, 'but I guess so,' she added with a half smile.


Half an hour later, a faint groan escaped his lips, making the girls jump.


'He wants you, Em. He just groaned your name,' said Lana with a smirk as she tiptoed to his bed and looked down at the handsome young stranger.

'Grow up, Lana,' she said as she shook her head.

'Em... is that you?' he muttered with his eyes closed.

'Well, come and speak to him then,' Lana demanded.

Reluctantly, Emma stood and walked slowly to his bedside, pushing Lana to one side.

'Erm, it's me. It's Emma,' she whispered.

He held out his hand towards her. Emma's eyes opened wide and she turned to look at her sister who pushed her forward. 'Go on then.'

Inching her hand forward, she gently placed it in his. He squeezed it and opened his eyes. When he saw her he smiled, 'Em, is that you? I knew you'd come back to me.'

'But... but how do you know who I am?' she asked and he smiled.

'I could never forget you. I've been looking for you for so long.'

'You have?' Emma felt her cheeks burn while Lana sniggered behind them.

'Who are you?' she asked. He looked hurt.

'You don't know who I am?'

Emma slowly shook her head and he coughed.

'Please, may I have some water?' he asked with a hoarse voice.

Lana stepped out from behind Emma and filled the small glass from the pitcher that stood on a tray at the end of the bed. She handed it to Emma, who carefully placed the straw to the young man's lips.

'Thank you. Are you sure you don't know who I am?'

Again, she shook her head, 'I'm sorry but I've never seen you before.'

'That's impossible. You're my Em,' he whispered sadly. 'I finally found you after all these years and you don't even know who I am,' he coughed again, wincing in pain.

'Are you in pain?' asked Lana. 'Shall I fetch a nurse?' she said heading for the door.

'I... I... Em?' he wheezed as a coughing fit hit him full force.

'I'm sorry, I don't know what to do,' she panicked, bringing the straw in the glass of water to his lips again but his body began convulsing and so she stepped backwards in shock.

The door opened and a doctor in a white coat, followed by quite a butch nurse rushed in.

'Please wait outside girls,' she commanded.

Lana and Emma did as they were told, watching just before the door closed in their faces.

'What the heck was all that about?' asked Lana.

Emma looked at her sister and burst into tears.

'Em? I'm sure he'll be ok, Sis. Don't worry... he'll be fine,' she said, not quite as reassuringly as she'd hoped.

Pulling her sister away from the room, the two girls found a small sofa just down the corridor opposite a large window that looked across to Carlton Point, the highest point on the island.

Patting the seat next to her, Lana smiled as Emma sat down and leaned her head on her sister's shoulder.

'I wonder why he thinks he knows you. I wish we could find out who he is,' she sighed just as Patrick appeared at the top of the stairs at the far end of the corridor. Before he noticed them, he walked into the boy's room, only to walk out moments later holding his hat close to his chest with his head lowered.

Spotting them, he smiled sadly and walked quickly towards them.

'Dad?' asked Emma.

But their father just shook his head, 'He's fallen into a coma. It's not looking good, I'm afraid.'

Emma's bottom lip quivered. Noticing, Lana took her hand in hers and squeezed.

'And Mr Grimshaw?' Lana asked.

'He keeps drifting in and out of consciousness,' he replied, shaking his head sadly, 'it's the same situation as the boy. Touch and go. I must get back to work. Are you girls going to head home?'

Emma shook her head, 'I want to stay here a while longer. I'd like to stay with him, if that's okay, Dad?'

'Course it is, sweetheart. I'm sure he'd like that. I'll see you at dinner,' he said, kissing each of them on their cheeks before placing his hat back on his head. He walked back down the corridor towards the stairs.

'I can't stay, Em. We arranged to meet Scott this morning, remember?'

'You go. I think I'd rather be on my own here anyway.'

'You sure?'

Emma nodded, 'I'll walk home later on.'

Lana said goodbye and wandered down the hallway, turning to watch her sister calmly walk back into the strange boy's room alone.




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