Scarlett Robertson has moved from Australia to New York. She misses her friends, and when she lands in New York, it isn't what se expects. Until her birthday. She is given One Direction Backstage passes. That's when her life begins to change..


20. Trouble

**Niall's POV**

Two days later, Alexis and Charlie were sitting on the couch, watching TV and playing their iPods. It was pouring outside, and they were complaining how bored they were. "Can we go to the MOVIES?" "Can we go SHOPPING?" "Can we do SOMETHING?!" they compained all day. So now they decided to watch TV. "Anybody home?!" I heard Scarlett call from the front hall. "In here!" I called. "Oh, Niall? Could you come into the kitchen for a minute?" I walked in. "I got a letter from Alexis's doctor today..." she said sadly. "What's wrong?!" I said, worried. "Scarlett needs a heart transplant. Remember? And we need to make a decision by Friday 24th." Friday 24th... next week?! Oh no! I thought. Next week?! "When should we tell her?" Scarlett suddenly says. "Uhm..." I say "Give it some time. Later tonight." I say, walking out the room. I grab my keys. "Kids, do you want anything from the shops?" I manage to smile. "Hot chocolate!" Alexis calls. "Hot chips!" Charlie shouts. I hop into my car and head south where the shops are. I don't remember anything apart from sitting on a park bench a few minutes later.


**Scarlett's POV**

AJ"s doctor sent us a letter informing us that we had a week to decide a heart transplanter. Niall took it hinda harshly.

Ding! My phone went off. I checked it and found a message from Niall.


To: Scarlett

From: NiallH

"hey baby wont be home till dinner need time to think."

To: NiallH

From: Scarlett

"ok honey just dont do anything stupid haha rmember my parents are coming round for dinner, we'll tell them the news"

To: Scarlett

From: NiallH

"yep wont be late x"

I sat down at the kitchen table and started to think. The doctor had a list of transplanters with the letter. It was hard. Half of them were lost family members. But the rest were randoms. "I want you to rock me, rock me.." my phone went off. The caller was Sharni. "Hey Sharni..." I picked up.

"Hey Scar! Whats wrong? You sound sad." she answered.

"Could you come round?" I replied.

"Sure, be there soon!" she hung up. A few minutes later the doorbell rang. She all of a sudden she burst into the kitchen. She ran straight to my fridge and said..... "Do you have any orange juice?" she seriously asked. "Hahaha NO." I said. "What?" she said. "We actually dont! Niall drank the last of it!" she laughed as I said it.

10 minutes later, we had sat down in my room and I had showed her the letter and told her everything. She hugged me. "It'llbe OK!" she whispered. "Louis calling.... Louis calling.... LOUIS CALLING.... LOUIS CALLING!!!" We laughed. "Hey Lou. What? Ugh, alright. Be back there soon. Love you too. Bye" she hung up "Blake painted the walls with his play paints. Well... what do you expect from a two-year-old with a juvenile father?" we laughed. She left.


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