Scarlett Robertson has moved from Australia to New York. She misses her friends, and when she lands in New York, it isn't what se expects. Until her birthday. She is given One Direction Backstage passes. That's when her life begins to change..


16. Surgery

Nialls POV:
I gasped and hugged Scarlett. We just found out Alexis was born with half a heart. Scarlett cried into my shoulder. I believed the doctors almost 100% that we weren't going to lose Alexis. I had faith. But news like this was hard to take in. They wheeled Alexis out in the clear box they put her in, saying she was undergoing surgery again. They wouldn't tell us why. I sunk into the bed with Scar, I wiped her years away, kissed her forehead and rocked her until we both fell asleep....

****3 hours later****

Scarlett's POV:

"Scarlett, sweetie! Wake up! ALEXIS!!!" he yelled to wake me up. I laughed. "Alexis underwent surgery to receive half a heart from a little baby I'm so happy but sad as well at the moment Sweetums here hold her Sweetums hey hey hey hey baby she's here!" I laughed and cried at the same time. I was like Niall. That poor little baby! "Who was the baby?!" I asked. "His name was Ben, and he died at birth. (i cried) "How did they get the heart working again?!" I asked. "They didn't. Alexis only need just half of a heart to survive. If one part of the heart is working, then that's all. But when she is 11/12 she will need to get a heart transplant. A new heart. I nodded. No more tears, I thought.


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