Scarlett Robertson has moved from Australia to New York. She misses her friends, and when she lands in New York, it isn't what se expects. Until her birthday. She is given One Direction Backstage passes. That's when her life begins to change..


12. Love

****2 months later****
Scarlett's POV:

I'm in the bathroom. I've been feeling sick for a couple of weeks now, every morning waking up to run to the bathroom to throw up. I saw the box of pregnancy testers right there. So I tested. I sat there, waiting. It came up positive. "Niall! NIALL BABY!" I screamed. He came running. "what's up love?" he said. I showed him the test. "No way! no way! WHOO!" he screamed. He started to cry. "Wait till the boys here about this!" he called them up and they came over right away. Zayn had a bit of a cry. Louis kept hugging us, Harry kept saying congratulations, and Liam just actually couldnt stop crying. I said they could all be godparents. I called up my best friends in Adelaide. I had been updating them every week. They were so excited! Our child is going to have a lot of godparents! 8 godparents!


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