Scarlett Robertson has moved from Australia to New York. She misses her friends, and when she lands in New York, it isn't what se expects. Until her birthday. She is given One Direction Backstage passes. That's when her life begins to change..


18. ... (dont kno a title 4 this 1)

****4 years later****

"MUMMYMUMMYMUMMY I WANT TO TALK TO DADDYDADDYDADDYDADDYDADDYDADDYMUMMYMUMMYMUMMUMMYMUMMY!!" Alexis screamed, laughing. "Alexis! No drawing on the walls again! Charlie, clean your room! ALEXIS! I SAID NO DRAWING ON WALLS! Charlie, pick up your blocks!" What tornado of children we have. "SORRY MUM!!!!" was Alexis's reply.
"SORRY MUM MY BOOKS ARE CLEAN CAN I WATCH TV?!" was Charlie's. I sat down. Niall was on tour. How dare he leave me here with these monsters, I thought. "CAN WAH CALL DADDYYYYY?!" Alexis shouted, running down the stairs. "Am I not good enough for you?" I asked. "wah haven't talked to him since LUCH MIME!!" Alexis whined.
"It's LUNCH time silly!!" shouted Charlie.
Lunch time was 12:30pm. It was 1:45pm. "No Alexis! Later!" it's was gonna be a loong 6 months.

****6 months later****
"BABYYYYY!!!! I'm hooooome!"
POUND POUND POUND POUND. Footsteps on the stairs. "DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY!!!!!!!!" screamed the twins.
"Princess! Dragonfly!" he calls Charlie Dragonfly because of his favorite toy, a dragonfly.
"WHERE'S MY BABY?!?!" Niall shouted. "In Here, sweetheart!" I said
I hugged him." I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!!" I said. "Right back at ya sweets!" I pulled away, and kissed him. "How DARE you leave me here for 6 months with the twins from hell!!!" I said. He laughed. 'I couldn't be that ba-" he was cut short by a bang. "CHARLIE! YOU TRIPPED ME!"
"wanna take that back?" I asked Niall.


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