Remember Me

Since birth Harry and Grace have been inseperable but when the turn 17 Harry and Grace audition for X factor but the judges separate them eliminating Grace and sending Harry through. Grace never forgets about Harry but Harry seems to have forgotten about Grace until Harry goes back to Holmes Chapel.


2. Sitting Alone

Grace's POV
I walked home from work yeah I couldn't my car broke down and I can't afford to fix it. I have a horrible job at Starbucks my boss is a nutso I have terrible pay and I hate it. I sat down on the swing out the front of my house and think about stuff how I wouldn't be in this situation if I had of gotten through X factor I wouldn't be sitting alone if Harry still lived next door to me. His mum Anne still lives next door and I go over to her house for dinner every Monday Wednesday and Thursday. I wouldn't be here alone if my stupid boyfriend Ricky hadn't cheated on me with my best friend Hannah so my life is basically ruined all because of X factor. But still I sit alone I don't do anything about it I just sit and think because really what's the point.

Harry's POV
The hours pass as I'm sitting alone on my balcony thinking about some girl I used to know her name was Grace she lived next door to me we were best friends inseparable and X factor ruined it but I was going to change that I was going home to visit my mum and if Grace still lived next door I would go see her and if she didn't still live there I would track her down until I could find her and see her beautiful face again.
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