Remember Me

Since birth Harry and Grace have been inseperable but when the turn 17 Harry and Grace audition for X factor but the judges separate them eliminating Grace and sending Harry through. Grace never forgets about Harry but Harry seems to have forgotten about Grace until Harry goes back to Holmes Chapel.


8. Gone

Graces POV

I knocked on Anne's door."I'm sorry Grace they just left something about the tour or something" Anne said sadly "but they just got here" I protested "yeah but famousness before family I guess" Anne said "do you know where they are going?" I asked "yeah something about Paris" Anne answered "thank you so much Anne" I smiled I gave her a kiss on the cheek and ran back to my house. I knew my car was broken down but I still had my college fund and I could use that to get fuel for it. 

I grabbed a small suitcase and grabbed all the clothes I could find and any other essentials I needed. I put my college money and but it in my wallet and I was on the road gone. I drove and drove where in Paris would they be. I finally got to the airport but all flights to Paris were booked so I slept in the airport that night. 
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