Remember Me

Since birth Harry and Grace have been inseperable but when the turn 17 Harry and Grace audition for X factor but the judges separate them eliminating Grace and sending Harry through. Grace never forgets about Harry but Harry seems to have forgotten about Grace until Harry goes back to Holmes Chapel.


9. Dreams

Graces POV

The flight to Paris was really nice. When I got there I hired a car and drove to the place where Harry was supposed to be there was a security guard right in my way though "excuse me sir but could I please speak to Harry Styles?" I asked batting my eyes "no ma'am I'm afraid all fans are to wait around the front" he said "but I'm defiantly not a fan I'm ugh his uhh cousin Grace" I smiled I knew for a fact Harry did have a cousin called Grace so I was safe there then the security guards walkie talkie crackled "the boys are on the move" it said now I'd missed them "where would they be heading to?" I asked the guard "America Los Angeles" the guard replied I ran off to my car and drove to the airport I booked my flight to LA and hopped on the plane this was getting annoying chasing Harry around the world. I got out my phone and checked on twitter #HarryStylesSad was trending apparently in Paris he was sad at all the signings and concerts I knew why it was all my fault. I arrived in LA just in time for a meet and greet I ran inside and there he was "Harry" I called out he looked my way he smiled and walked towards me "Harry I remember you" I smiled he gave me a hug and then he kissed me on the lips I kissed him back "who's that" a fan yelled "this is my girlfriend" Harry smiled the fans gasped a couple of them started crying "we should get out of here" Harry whispered in my ear I nodded. 
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