Remember Me

Since birth Harry and Grace have been inseperable but when the turn 17 Harry and Grace audition for X factor but the judges separate them eliminating Grace and sending Harry through. Grace never forgets about Harry but Harry seems to have forgotten about Grace until Harry goes back to Holmes Chapel.


7. Decisions

Graces POV

I heard a knock at my door I threw on a little dress and some vans  I put on make up and did my hair. I ran down the stairs and went to the door this was it I opened the door there stood five very gorgeous boys "Hello  can I help you?" I asked "uh Grace Smith" Harry smiled  "who's asking" I said "it's me Harry Styles remember me"  random thoughts were running through my mind should I say that I remembered him or not "no I'm afraid I don't remember you" I replied I felt so bad after I said that he looked like I'd shot him but he'd hurt me a lot and so I closed the door and walked inside. I couldn't help but feel like balling my eyes out I didn't even know why. So that's what I did I sat in the corner of my kitchen floor and cried and cried and cried until I had no more tears left that was it I was going to tell him I remembered him. I got up washed my face and cleaned myself up and I sort of marched over to Anne's house. 
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