Remember Me

Since birth Harry and Grace have been inseperable but when the turn 17 Harry and Grace audition for X factor but the judges separate them eliminating Grace and sending Harry through. Grace never forgets about Harry but Harry seems to have forgotten about Grace until Harry goes back to Holmes Chapel.


3. Coming Home

Zayn's POV
I didn't see why we had to go all the way to Holmes Chapel to visit some girl that has probably forgotten about Harry by now. We were just weeks say from getting home and seeing my girlfriend perrie but no we had to stop the tour to go see Harrys long list girlfriend.

Harry's POV
I was finally going home I hadn't been home in ages. I was excited but scared what if she didn't remember me but she would have to wouldn't she. "hey mum guess what I'm coming home" I told my mum when I called her "wow Harry I can't wait to see you" she replied. After I hung up I saw Zayn looking pretty upset "Zayn bro what's the matter?" I asked "nothing I miss Perrie" Zayn answered "hey don't worry bro I miss El but there officially is only 45 days left until we see them so stop moping" Louis called "Louis right bro" I said "you bet I am" Louis interrupted I laughed "just think of the positive stuff" I smiled.
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