Ella's London Boy

It's something about Ella that makes me want her more.


1. Running Late

I was working when i first saw her. Making coffee's for each costumer who cam rushing through the door late for work. Until she came bustling through. Her hair was mangled in knots pajamas pants still on, under her tight red dress and one high heel pushed on her foot.
"Can I please a have one mocha, no sugar and one regular two sugars, to go pronto" she ordered
"Sure Miss, and might i say you are looking fine today" i said turning to the coffee machine
"Excuse me?"
"I was just saying how your outfit could win fashion week" i sarcastically turned around with a cheeky smirk across my face.
"I'm sorry but this is no time for hitting on me, you're meant to be making the coffee"
I turned back around and laughed quietly, I could hear her foot tapping on the floor, I don't think my sarcastic comments helped either. "Which one coffee is yours miss?" I asked her in a more cheery tone.
"The coffee, two sugars"
I pulled a vivid out and scratched 2 sugars across the mould and handed over the coffee and she ran out the door.
"Shes a fine girl isn't she? Hard working, you can tell but did you see her ass"
"Louis, it's something more than that"
"Dude, you just met her. Barely spoke two words to her"
"I know that but man i'd be happy to be hers"
"Harry, she is taken you know?"
"To who?"
"Some rich guy who lives uptown"
"Oh she's into those guys"
"I don't know but you could get her any day" he winks
"You think"
"Any woman as fine as her would be attracted to you and your four nipples"
"Hahaha, just go clear the tables Louis"
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