Ella's London Boy

It's something about Ella that makes me want her more.


2. No Way!

I checked out of my shift, pulled my apron off, hung it up and headed out the door back towards home. Just a couple of blocks down, my little house sat on the corner of Bakers Street. I scuffed my shoes on the door mat before walking into the house twisted the door Knob and walked inside up the stairs into my bedroom. One thing that could not get off my mind was that girl. For some reason i felt a connection? I don't know, it sounds stupid, but for goodness sake I barely spoke two words to her; Why is she in my head, out of all people?
" Harry are you home? "
" Yeah I am!"
"Could you come and help make dinner please?"
I Sprint down the stairs and into the Kitchen and i received the biggest fright when Everyone yelled "Happy Birthday!"
A big grin spread across my face and everyone i knew was there, Gemma, Mum, My Aunties, Uncles, Cousins and Some guys from school i hang out with, a few family friends and a family i wasn't too sure that i knew.
"Wow, Thank you everyone!"
Everyone said hello and gave me a card with 20 dollars at least in it. I was grateful for that considering I'm saving up for college.
Mum pulled me aside and gave me a big birthday hug and said i have to meet someone. She took me into the Living room and showed me to the family I didn't know.
My jaw dropped, there she was in my House.
"Harry, this is Ella, her brother Luke and Her parent Louise and James."
The expression on her face was shocked, she didn't believe it either. She was in the coffee guys house that hit on her this morning.
"Nice to meet you all, and might I say you do like better than this morning, Ella"
And she went bright red and walked off.
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