Ella's London Boy

It's something about Ella that makes me want her more.


3. Big Suprise

"Have you two already met?" Mum questions me.
"We had a run in this morning at the cafe" I laugh
Ella just blushes even more. "Ella come back and say hello please, this is Anne Harry's mother and his sister Gemma" James tells her sternly
She trudges back over and speaks, this time in a softer, nicer voice than this morning "Hi Anne, Hi Gemma, Hello Harry"
"Mum, how exactly do we know Louise and James? I ask
"Don't be rude Harry, I knew them from High school, and we decided we needed a catch up, and why not a be a better time than have one here at your 18th birthday? I think it was about time you met my best friend from Essex"
"Oh, of course, i have lots about you" Gemma Says, "Nice to Finally meet you Louise"
"And you too Gemma"
"How old are your kids Louise? Mum questioned
"Well Luke is 19 and Ella is 17"
"It's been too long Anne"
And they went off chatting with wine in their hands.
I went over to Luke and we got along, Ella was standing there quietly.
"Sorry about her, she's in a funny mood today" Luke apologized "You know how sisters can be sometimes."
I laughed "Yeah i guess you're right"
The party didn't really start till Louis got here. He came later and he and Luke got on really well. I was looking around around to find Ella. Long brown hair, loose curls that had fallen down her back, brown eyes, about 5,7 but i couldn't find her anywhere. i was looking around the house and her parents were obviously still here. So I Went and sat out on the porch swing outside while i watched the rain fall onto the pavement. I loved the sound of rain, i found it soothing, as i was looking around I noticed her sitting in the back seat of the car. So I grabbed an umbrella and walked towards her car. I tapped on the window of the car and I accidentally startled her. The wind had suddenly picked up and took the umbrella and i was left standing out side in the rain. She opened the car door and i slid in to the back seat.
"Hi Ella"
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