Demon Red Eyes


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Looking at the world through red eyes. She tried holding back the tears. Demons don’t cry. She stood there staring at the cloth filling the suitcase. Her eyes closed. The water welled up behind her eyelids.

His touch ghosted across shoulder. She squeezed her eyes together harshly before forcing them to open. Tears fell. Tears fell from her red eyes. Demons aren’t supposed to cry.

Scream. A scream ripped up her throat. The sound filling the room. A demon girl crying and screaming. Agony. Screaming in agony, misery, pain. Her trembling hands covered her eyes as the water wouldn’t stop escaping.

Sobbing, she fell against the dresser. Her back against the hard wood as she slid onto the floor. Hulks leaving her mouth. Hulks of pain, sorrow, anger, agony. His voice. The echo of his voice hushing her, attempting to calm her.

Her head slammed back and another scream tore from her lungs. The cry of a demon. More intense than a humans. More evil, agonizing. Her red eye vision blurred. Not that she would be able to see clear anyways.

Red eyes filled with tears: Tears, the sign of pain from her heart, her blood. Pumping through her body. Too much to bear. Pain, misery, agony. So much it made a demon break. How can a man inflict someone so much suffering, let alone a demon?

He knew her red eyes like the ocean water. He knew her skin like the back of his hand. He knew her craving but never feared her. Whimpers escaped her lips. A fingernail dragged across the flesh, stinging, drawing blood. Blood as red as the girls orbs. Her mind was nothing but… hurt. A mess of every dreadful action.

Her body, blood and flesh ached. Ached with pain, suffering. Another nail drew. Blood prickled out of her skin. The skin he knew like the back of his hand. The blood as red as the eyes he knew like the ocean water.

He wouldn’t recognize her. Water staining from her eyes to her chest. Never stopping it’s assault on her vision. Another strong pump of blood coursed through her body. Agony flowing, her arms, her legs, her head, her heart.

A true demon yell. She gave everything she had, all her power. A last cry, showing her true form. Piercing humans ears. A demon cry erupting from the red eyed girl. Her arms raised towards the sky. Her vision almost gone. One last cry. For it all to end. Agony, misery, suffering, pain to vanish.

Towards heaven and hell.

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