Lilly, my deadly friend...

Lilly is a sort of person that creeps people out. A cold- blooded friend of Ebony's. Ebony is very suspicious ever since Snow looked in the mirror and her face didn't appear.
Ebony is determine to find out if Lilly is a human.


1. Lilly

Lilly is my friend ever since I was three. She was really different to others. She had dead cold skin and I never see her in front of mirrors like other girls. Infact she doesn't have a mirror at her house. Lilly's biggest secret is that she is 124 years old. Then the next day she said it was a joke. Lilly always sniffs at me in a scary way. Everyday Lilly doesn't come to school, someone in our highschool dies. I have a feeling that she is a Vampire. Lilly and I are in year eight and both of us are fourteen (well Lilly could be 200 years old).

Lilly has two brothers and three sisters. Her brothers are Damien and Nosferatu. Her sisters are Tabitha, Angeline and Emma. They are so quite. Only you can hear them breathe deeply.

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