Supernatural Fan fiction

Fan fiction of the show Supernatural

I <3 Dean (Jesen Ackles)
I <3 Castiel (Misha Collins)


2. Dean

“Stop planning and just go get her!” I yell.

“I can’t.” Cas replies.

“Why not?”

“Zachariah has minions.”

“That’s never stopped us before.” I exclaim.

“This is Zachariah we’re talking about Dean. We can’t just waltz in there all guns blazing and expect to walk out alive. Let alone with her.” Sam says.

“We’ve beat him before haven’t we? We can do it again.” Cas twitches nervously.

“Dean, when Sam said we can’t expect to walk out alive, he meant Laura. Not us.” Cas explains.

“You go get her then. It’s not like he can angel-proof the place or anything. He is an angel after all.” Sam and Cas look up from their plans.

“Ready Cas?” Sam asks.

“Very ready.” Cas replies.

“Are you ready Dean?” Sam says.

“I’d be ready if you told me what was going on?” I snap.

“Cas is going to take us as far as he can manage then he’s going to distract Zach and we’re going to find Laura. She’s not gonna like the escape plan too much.”

“Why?” I ask out loud.

“It involves Cas, Balthazar and perhaps Crowley.” Sam sighs.

“She’d rather stay in.” Sam shrugs. Cas stretches out his hands and taps us both. We appear in the middle of an abandoned hospital. “Too abandoned. There isn’t an angel in sight.”

“You’re right.” Cas replies. “I’m going to distract Zachariah. Go and find Laura.”

“Wait, before you go, she’s telekinetic right?” Cas nods at me. “If we tell her we’re looking for her maybe she can brain message us where she is.” Sam nods, obviously impressed.

“Let’s do it.” Sam says as Cas runs off in the opposite direction. We run down the corridor, passing door after door. There’s no one around at all. It’s empty. Climbing up the fifth flight of stairs my head starts spinning. I stumble as Sam helps me sit down.

“Dizzy.” I say.

“Isn’t that how people fee when they pass you a message? You know, telekinetically.” Sam says. I nod. Basement. Zachariah gone to roof. Don’t try to help. Building is bomb. Leave now. Sam clicks his fingers in front of my face. I lean forward. “Dude, what did she say?”

“Basement. Zachariah gone to roof. Don’t try to help. Building is bomb. Leave now.” I repeat to Sam.

“Great. The building’s a giant bomb.” Sam says sarcastically.

“Laura is in the basement, I don’t know about you but I want to save her before the building explodes.” I stumble backwards again. You brought Cas? Zach is going to kill you guys. Sam looks at me, expectantly. “You brought Cas? Zach is going to kill you guys.” I repeat. Sam grins.

“Which way?” Sam asks. I spot a sign. “That way I guess.” Sam says running off the way the sign pointed. “Dean you go the other way!” Sam yells running off. I roll my eyes and head off in the opposite direction. I turn the corner, my headache comes back. There’s no words. Just screaming. I concentrate harder. Zach....Basement...Castiel...Run... I get up.

“You’re right Laura.” I say to myself. “I should run.” I run down all the stairs. I don’t notice I’m on the bottom floor until I run into the basement door. I stumble backwards, rub my cheek and shove the door open.

“Aww isn’t that sweet Laura. They’re here trying to save you. Shame about Castiel, he’s quite a good little soldier. And Sam? He’ll get here soon. Dean, welcome, come on in.” I hear Zachariah call. I hear screaming. I walk down the concrete steps. There’s blood everywhere. Knives, guns, the works. It’s all lined up. I look to my right; Cas is trapped in the holy oil circle. Zachariah walks towards me. A quick glance at the ceiling tells me no demon can leave this room. I see an arm restraint. I step forwards to try and see Laura. “You wish to see her? She doesn’t look very nice.” I glare at him. “Very well.” He steps to the side. She’s all cut up. Bloodied. How are you still alive? I subconsciously think. I walk over to her side. She opens her eyes, looks at me. “Dean, she still hears Lucifer, you know. When Cas took it away from Sam. Then in secret Laura took it from Cas. She’s quite good at handling it to be honest. Maybe it’s all the time she’s spent in Hell. Or all the time she’s spent in purgatory?” Zach grins. An angel blade flies through the air and cuts into Zach’s arm. Sam runs down the steps, chucks his jacket on the flames and joins me. Zach screams. Cas walks over.

“I can heal her physically. But not mentally. Right now she needs the physical pain so she can bypass the mental pain.” Cas explains.

“You’re saying we just leave her like this?” I ask. Zach... Knife... Cas... quick... I look at Zach, he’s about to stab Cas. “Cas look out!” I shout pulling him out the way. Zach falls over. Sam grabs the knife and stabs him with it. I untie Laura. I pull off my jacket and wrap it round her. She’s wearing clothes but they’re so ripped and torn up, she might as well not be.

“Dean.” She says, trying to stay upright. I pick her up.

“Hang in there.” I say. “We need Crowley. If this building’s gonna blow we need out of here and last I checked Cas, you couldn’t take us all at once.” Cas nods shoving Zachariah’s body into the holy oil circle and relighting it. Just in case. I think. “Sam, you up for summoning him?”

“Sure, why not.” Sam runs about grabbing what he needs and does the spell. Don’t... Crowley... I look straight at Laura.

“I promise nothing will happen.” Crowley appears.

“I was in the middle of making a very important deal. What do you want?” Crowley snaps.

“Keep your pants on, we only need you to get us out of here. Cas can take Sam and Laura. I need you to get me out of here. Alive Crowley.”

“Laura can zap herself out.” I move out of the way, Crowley looks straight at Laura. “Well, well. What happened to you? Cas finally snapped?” Sam lunges forward but I grab his collar.


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