Big Things Happen

Hannah is just another one of those regular teenagers, she has been put in a bad situation by her parents and has to make a big choice, will this choice change her life forever?


3. Time to go

I woke up to the sound of dad making breakfast, I had no clue where mum was. It was 8:15am when I looked at my watch, "Hannah wake up!" Dad yelled, still very tired I replied " yeaap Ill be down after I have a shower" I leaped out of bed and got to the shower, the warm water rushed through my hair and down onto my body, it felt so good having morning showers. As soon as i got out of the shower I quickly dried and wrapped a twol around myself, I had already put my outfit I was going to wear on my bed, Today I was only flying and checking in to our new house, and maybe a little look around the place, I had never been to Sydney before, so I decided to wear green chinos, a purple singlet with a see throught white baggy shirt that covered my shoulders, and a pear of purple vans to finish the ourfit off. Everything was already packed, so I set off down stairs carrying my two big suitcases, " Hannah your breakfast is ready, you need to eat now because you wont be getting much on the plane" "yeah alright, it smells good anyway, thank you dad", I said while breathing the geat breakky smell throught my nose. " its okay, and is Jazz and her family coming to say there goodbyes aswell Hannah?" "yeah they sure are, they will be meeting us at the airport". "okay".

Hannah's P.O.V

mmm...... Rob makes the best breakfast, espically bacon and eggs, which is what we were having this morning

We had finished our breakfast and put them in the dishes, by the time we got to the car it was already 8:45am, we were in a hurry and had to race to the airport, Dad was driving and I was in the front seat, we backed out of our driveway and off we went. "Dad, now can you tell me what happened between mum and you?" Rob sighed, yeah I dont blame him, I would hate to be in his situation, "well, your mother and I had a big argument, you see, I had been saving a lot of money in my bank account, and Tina new that, got into my bank account and spent it, and when I had to work for it, not her. My mouth opened in shock thinking my mum would never do that. "Tina and I share our bank details so we can go into whoevers account, both of us usally ask to go in to one anothers, but Tina didnt, I dont know why she took the money and spent it but she did". I couldnt believe what I was hearing, little tears came down my cheeks, "Please, there is no need for you to cry Hannah, I had to make a choice, and I believe that choice was right for both of us", "no dad its fine, I undertand, You wouldnt of put me in a situation like this if you new I wasnt going to get throught with it right dad?" dad looked at me and nodded, "hats exactly right" he smiled.

Robs P.O.V

I felt good telling Hannah the truth, she had no clue what was going on, but when I did tell her, I new she would understand.

We finally arrived at the airport, but it wasnt busy at all, Dad and I both walked into the entrance hallway and see Jazz with her family at the end,

"JAZZ!" I yelled and ran over to her to give her the biggest hug of all time, "HANNAH!" we both wrapped our arms around each other and didnt want to let go, Jazz and I were hugging so tightly words couldnt come out, except tears of sadness.

Jasmine was the best friend anyone could ever have, both of our dads were upset to, they gave each other a hug and a handshake, it was time we let go, we were running late and had to get on board “I will miss you so much, Jasmine said softly, “I no, I will miss you to,” “it wont be the same anymore.. Jazz said” I cried even more, it was the hardest I have cried in a long time. "Promise we will keep in contact Hannah?" Jazz asked, "Of coarse!, that is a promise I shall keep for a very long time" Jasmine smiled, This time we really had to get going, I waved good bye with a sad smile on my face, Jazz waved back at me, except with a sad smile on her face aswell. I felt bad for her, she will have nobody now that I m gone.

Jazz's P.O.V

now that my bestfriend had gone, I have nobody, I couldnt think what to do now, I'v never been so upset in my life.



We speed walked to the check out and a flight attendant led us to the plane, “here you go and I’ll take care of you luggage for you” “thankyou” we both said. We got our seat numbers out and sat down, we got comfortable because we new it was going to be a long flight. Dad handed me some chewy gum so our ears don’t get blocked on the way down.


 “Dad! I didn’t say my goodbyes to mum!” “Well quickly! Text her while the plane hasn’t started!” quickly I grabbed my phone out and sent her a text saying, ‘hey mum, I m on the plane now, I am sending you this because I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to you, I just want you to know how much I love you, I will miss you to bits, love Hannah’. I couldn’t believe I forgot about mum, I think it was just that there was way too much on my mind, like ,what is my new school going to be like?, what is Sydney like and loads more.


Tina’s P.O.V

I now know that Hannah and Rob have left now, I got a text from Hannah but I didn’t want to reply because I new she wouldn’t get the text now, so I thought I will send one back to her once she has settled in. I was upset and didn’t know what to do anymore, I had made a huge mistake and if I could turn back time, I would.









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